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(dramatic music) – [Spider-Man] You’re friendly
neighborhood Spider-Man here. Things have been crazy lately. Taking down all your not-so-friendly
neighborhood baddies, plus studying at Horizon High, and trying to have some
sort of social life. What can I say? A spider’s work is never done. But even though the team from Horizon has yet to win the Stark Expo, the Spidey life does have some perks. Like meeting my all time hero, – [Announcer] Tony Stark! (crowd cheering) – [Spider-Man] Tony gave
me some great advice, – Kid, never show up to the
first half of your own party. – [Spider-Man] Okay, that
part’s not relevant here. But he also said to keep good records of everything you’ve
learned to reference later. I forget the exact words, because I was kind of blown away that the Tony Stark was talking to me. So at the advice of my
good friend Ironman, I’m consolidating all my knowledge about one of the biggest baddies ever. I’m talking about the Venom Symbiote. Where it come from, what we know about it, and how to take it down. And since sourcing your work
is important in science, I’m relying on info
from Mr. Stark himself, Horizon High headmaster Max Modell, my own scientific observations, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Who are they? They’re a rugged group of, I guess it’s fair to call them heroes? Who frequently manage to save
the galaxy despite themselves. Symbiotes have been inhabiting
the galaxy for ages. Bonding with various aliens to create symbiotic relationships. At some point Thanos came along. Of course Thanos was up to no good. He experimented on his
own daughter, Gamora, in an attempt to weaponize the Symbiotes. Testing Symbiotes on his daughter was a terrible thing to do. But terrible things are kind
of, well, Thanos’ thing. Gamora escaped Thanos and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Hoping her Symbiote encounters
were far behind her. But then the Guardians
came across Symbiotes on Groot’s abandoned home planet. Like, a whole army of them. Turns out that was the site
of Thanos’ awful experiments. The Guardians were all like, “We’ve gotta blow up this planet.” and Groot was like, “I am Groot.” ‘Cause that’s all he ever says, but, but what he meant was, that he agreed they had no choice but to destroy his planet
to stop the Symbiotes. Even Peter Quill, who
jokes about everything, couldn’t come up with anything
funny to say about that. Even though the planet was blown up, a fragment of it still
infested with Symbiotes, was shot into space. Actually this may be a great
time for a Science Sidebar. What exactly are the scientific
properties of a Symbiote? It’s lighter than plastic
but stronger than steel. It can take the form of anything. And is almost indestructible. Stay tuned for their
weaknesses, by the way. Symbiotes also try to bond with whatever they come in contact with, or at least most do anyway. They can read their host’s mind. Learn, adapt, and even take
over the host completely. And, as Miles learned the hard way, – Venom doesn’t trigger our spider-sense! (Venom snarling) – Ah, ugh! Message received by all
the bones in my body. Got all that? Here’s where I entered the picture. Some how the space administration had a sample of the Symbiote. How they got it is classified, but if they had any idea
how dangerous it was, they probably wouldn’t have
donated it to a high school. Even one with a super high-tech
lab like Horizon High. The headmaster, Max Modell, worked to stabilize the mystery substance, which we called V-252. Hoping to add it to the
periodic table as a new element. My friends and I helped him study it. And yeah, it broke out. Even without knowing that
Symbiotes were all about chaos, we probably should have
seen that one coming. The Symbiote could have
bonded with anyone. But of course it chose me. There’s that old Parker luck again. When people saw the new
Spider-Man, they were concerned. But at first I loved being
bonded with the V-252. You know what? Now would be a good chance
for another Science Sidebar. what were the Symbiotes
effects on me, Spider-Man, when we bonded? The Symbiote morphed over my body. I had unlimited organic webs. I was faster and stronger. And it changed my personality. For the worse. Becoming harder and harder
to control this rage. So, except for the emo
part, all good, right? But I started to suspect that
the V-252 was a living thing. An alien life form, and then I couldn’t get rid of it. I finally got it off with
Norman Osborne’s help. If you can believe that. And put it in a containment
unit for safe keeping. Oh, and remember the
Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, here’s where our paths merge. The Guardians received a
distress call from Ant-Man. He and Ironman were attacked by a Symbiote that was hiding in Thanos’
sanctuary asteroid. You can imagine their surprise, because the Avengers had
been studying the asteroid for a while before the
Symbiote made it’s appearance. The Guardians tracked the
Symbiote with their scanners to a subway tunnel where they found me, and the first time we
met it didn’t go so well. But once we started working together and discovered we had the same name, we got along okay, and we found something
none of us had seen before. A red Symbiote. We didn’t know much about it. For instance, why wasn’t it
trying to bond with any of us. Well, that was because it
already had a host in mind. And that host was Thanos. He was all, – This Symbiote is merely a shell, I will turn this entire city into a Symbiote army that I control. Should you survive, you will
have the honor of joining them. – [Spider-Man] Or something like that. You get the idea. It’s just a very on-brand
terrible Thanos plan. To complete said terrible plan, he had to track down the V-252. Which was still at Horizon High. I couldn’t let Thanos destroy a school, especially my school and
certainly not on taco day. So, yeah, I ended up
bonding with the V-252 again to keep it away from Thanos. More accurately, I was forced
to bond with it by Rocket. I guess it was the right thing to do, but really gotta let a guy make
these decisions on his own. And the thing with Symbiotes, it’s always a matter of who’s in control. This time the person controlling the V-252 was Thanos with me attached. Luckily Rocket’s also a science wiz and figured out how to turn
the red Symbiote into a solid, get the V-252 off me, and capture Thanos. So, we’re done right? End of Symbiote problem, finished, finito, totally taken care of, except, of course not. Remember what we’re dealing with here. See the V-252 is still on Earth. Not knowing it was alive, Max was working with it. Thinking he could stabilize
it for the Stark Expo. And I guess it was a good thing
the V-252 was still there, because Ghost, a baddie
who can disable tech, attacked Tony’s Arc Reactor. The Symbiote was the only
non-tech thing at the expo, so I might have bonded
with it just a little. I know, I know, I should
have learned my lesson, but when Tony Stark’s life’s
at stake what are you gonna do? After that, Tony, who was alive thanks to
me just for the record, decided the V-252 was best
kept at Avengers compound. Before he left he paid
me a little compliment. – Mr. Parker it was a
pleasure to meet you, Max tells me you’re the most brilliant
and handsome scientist he’s ever met in his entire life ever, and that Horizon High should
be renamed Peter Parker High. – Or something like that. Some days being me isn’t so bad. But of course that’s not
where the story ends. The V-252 escaped the
Stark containment unit and I finally gave the
not so little guy a name. From that wet gnarly grin
I’d say V stood for Venom. Venom merged with Flash Thompson. So the Symbiote didn’t have
much brain power to work with. But he was strong. You know what? This might be a good time
for a final Science Sidebar. How to defeat a Symbiote. They really hate being blasted
by heat or electricity, like Thor’s lightening. – Feel the wrath of mine hammer! – I mean who wouldn’t? But Symbiotes react
particularly badly to it. And then Max discovered that sound waves disrupt the Symbiotes structure. So we could take him down. But the Space Administration’s tests desensitized him to sonic attacks. So we had to up the volume. (air-horn blaring) Class dismissed. After I separated Venom from Flash, the Symbiote was safely contained at the Space Administration. Emphasis on was. Note to self, maybe invent some Symbiote-proof glass for next year’s Stark Expo. Anyway, it bonded with my rival photographer
at the Bugle, Eddie Brock. And this time it wasn’t
so easy to get them apart. – [Venom] The fun has just begun Parker. – But Miles invented a blaster using equipment from
the Space Administration that put the Symbiote in a coma state. And it worked. For a while at least. But Venom just won’t leave me alone. – The spider is near. – [Spider-Man] Obsessed much? I was thinking I knew
how to defeat a Symbiote. Done it before, easy-peasy. But this time Venom had
something up his sleeve. Or rather, nothing up his sleeve. Because he upgraded to
no longer needing a host. – What? There’s no host in there? – They experiment, I evolve. – [Spider-Man] I realized
I had to bond with Venom. Yes, again, in order to
get overloaded with energy, and get rid of him for good. So I teamed up with some friends and we went a little Thor on him. – One overload coming up, yah! – Argh! What? Argh! What is this? I will… – [Spider-Man] So, that’s
where things stand now. Basically, the TL;DR version
is the Symbiotes are dangerous, and really really good
at making a break for it. And Venom in particular has it out for me. Pretty sure we haven’t
seen the last of him. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that just when you think
your enemies are defeated. They’re already plotting a comeback. (Venom growls) (dramatic music)

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