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Hi. Hello. !!! This is the Rift Hud. Our first system that does not have any attacks. Rift has one focus. Getting you or someone else from point A to B. Rift has multiple themes you can select. These themes are designed after Void’s other systems. The selected theme will change the HUD’s effects. Lets take a look at how Rift handles a basic teleport within the same region. You have 3 destination options: 1) To a saved location 2) To another avatar’s position
3) To your current camera position !!!! Again, to a saved location this time. :D! The region you are in does not allow rez AND it has a landing zone? Rift has a JUMP function. This function only requires script rights to run and it will get you to your destination. Jump can be used by moving your ALT-CAM to your destination. OR you can just aim and click in mouselook. All these fancy teleports.. It would be a shame if they only worked for the user right? Lets take a look at Group TP 🙂 Set up is identical to a basic teleport. Button>Destination. Wait til your friends sit on the ring… Click GO to launch. Rift also allows you to offer single use teleporters to other avatars. You can send teleporters to people and have these teleporters lead to a destination you select. Sending test subject 1 to Dalliance arrival point. annnd test subject 2 to the telehub. Destination options work with offered teleporters too. Saved, camera or another avatar’s position. On top of all this, Rift has functions that can teleport you from sim to sim. You can save locations in other sims and teleport to them using the HUD. I tried to include functions that can go around a sim’s permission limitations. sim is no rez? you have quick teleport. Sim is no rez AND has a landing zone? You have the jump. Thanks for watching and hope you liked it!


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  1. RJ How To's says:

    Omg, I got to get this

  2. Chroma Slip says:

    How much is it I need it

  3. MMDGLaDOS Gaming says:

    ok yeah i see something im gonna buy XD GJ Emu

  4. DigiCube4 says:

    This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hotLanta says:

    . nice work and the new music box sent to the group today was beautiful 👍

  6. cmb 4Jesus says:

    Okay, this is awesome! Would it be possible to slow down the speed during jump, so that we could drag our friends like a vehicle?

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