Review, Demo and Set Up of the Huion Kamvas GT 191 Graphics Pen Display Monitor – Artists Tablet

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hey everyone today I’m going to be showing my thoughts on the hue on canvas GT 1:9 one graphics pen display this is a drawing tablet monitor and I think it’s a very good introduction into these sorts of drawing tablets so first of all I’m going to unbox the monitor looking at what comes in the box taking you through how to set it up and then I will look at its features and then work on a speed painting and discuss some of my thoughts on the tablet so before I begin I just want to say a big thank you to hurry on for allowing me to make this video and for sending me the monitor to review and as always guys even though I was sentenced to review my thoughts and opinions on my own hurry on was just very generous and offered me this chance to test out their product and I also want to briefly mention that I have used Hui on products before in the past I actually owned one of their light pads and it’s really great so when this opportunity came up I was very excited to do this video but I also felt very comfortable as I already knew that he will makes high quality products so anyway with that with that out of the way let’s get on with the review the tablet comes really well packaged there are a couple of light pieces of wood and slide the box plus padding and everything is really compact and well wrapped up inside the box so apart from the monitor there were quite a lot of other bits that come so you get the setup disc the Quick Start Guide a thank you card the warranty information then there’s a drawing glove and this really helps your hand to glide across the screen and it also helps to keep the screen from getting dirty and it keeps you know the oils on your hands off the screen there’s also a cleaning cloth as well then we have the pen holder and the replacement nibs inside the pen holder you just have to unscrew the bottom and then the replacement nibs are inside the box then comes with two stylus pens they are slightly tapered and they have two little Express buttons or keys on the side the tablet comes with lots of familiar cables mine had two power cables one for the UK and then one for the rest of Europe when you buy you can pick the cable that’s right for where you live then there’s the power adapter and this connects to the power this connects the power cable to the monitor the two fit together a VGA cable was also included if you need it and an HDMI cable and that’s what I use to the monitor to my computer there’s also a USB cable this also connects the computer to the tablet and then there’s the pen charging cable which connects to the computer and allows you to charge your pen and there was also a screwdriver and some screws included in the box as well I felt that the package and the contents were really well thought out and that someone had considered what people would need the inclusion of the screwdriver shows that I’ve never seen a screwdriver in a box like this before normally companies would just assume you have a screwdriver in the house but I thought it was nice that Hue own included it in their box as there are four small screws that you need to screw into the back of the monitor to attach the stand the cleaning cloth and the glove will also both really useful the glove especially and I’ll talk more about that later on once everything was out of the box we attached the stand to the back of the monitor with the fall with the four little screws and the screwdriver it was very simple and took less than a couple of minutes to assemble the stand is really easy to adjust there’s a little gray tab that you can pull to move the stand up and down and that way you can adjust the screen to tilt at the angle you’re most comfortable when drawing after that I plugged in all the cables and there are a lot of cables for the monitor but that’s how it is because the monitor is basically going to duplicate to the screen of your laptop or computer so I plugged in the power cable the HDMI cable the USB one the USB and the HDMI get plugged in to your laptop or computer and a quick word of warning here if you have an all-in-one computer you may not have an HDMI slot so you won’t be able to plug the monitor in it in with your all-in-one I actually have an all-in-one and I didn’t have an HDMI slot so I had to connect my tablet to my laptop and work that way and it did work great but if you have an all-in-one then please check first before buying one of these monitors check that you have an HDMI slot I set the monitor up on my art death so I could practice and get used to using it and the screen came with a screen protector on it and when I’m filming these clips I kept it on because it lessened the glare from the lights and it made the screen less reflective but normally when I’m working on the monitor I take the screen protector off because I find that the colors are better withered off and I find that my hand glides smoother and I just have a bed of experience overall with it off but that’s personal preference so to install the monitor on your computer you just pop the installation disk in follow the on the on-screen instructions and it installs within about 20 seconds it’s super fast and very easy the pen comes with lots of different options and you can adjust the sent these pressure sensitivity levels and play around with the settings and then you can always click reset to default afterwards to go back to where you started if you don’t like what you’ve done the pressure sensitivity on the pen is really good you do need to get the hang of using it and applying the pressure I had to adjust to using the stylus but once you do you can see here just how great the line variation is I’m using the pen on default settings there are 8,192 levels levels of pressure sensitivity and the screen resolution for the monitor is nine twenty by ten eighty I found that the screen was a little less sharp than the one on my laptop but that didn’t bother me and it didn’t affect what I was doing LCD screen is nineteen point five inches on the diagonal I used one of the default Photoshop brushes and I created these practice pages I think in order to get used to how much pressure you need to apply and how to vary it just practice with making swirls and lines and just to get used to using a pen I did lots of these pages and I found it really helpful the monitor itself also has some different settings and some options on the right-hand side down at the bottom there’s a power button a menu button and some other setting buttons and using those you can adjust the brightness and the contrast and things like that so you can adjust the monitor to suit however you like working I didn’t play too much around with that at the time I was focusing much more on getting to use the pen but it is definitely something that I will look into calibrating in the future to adjust to whatever project and colors that I’m working from because it’s quite important that you adjust the color settings otherwise I was finding that my laptop had different color settings to the monitor and I just need to adjust them both to look the same as for price monitor displays like this more expensive that’s just how it is they’re big pieces of expensive equipment this one retails for about 499 dollars which is a very reasonable entry point into graphic monitors like this the monitor that I have here doesn’t have express keys down the side but who Aeon does make other models that do have that function if it’s important to you I found the size of the monitor to be really good for me I don’t have a lot of death space so I fit fitted on to my table without being over large and I was also able to have plenty of space to move my hand and arm comfortably across the screen also the glove I really want to mention the glove because it was so useful and I found that my lines were so much smoother and I was able to glide my hand really easy easily across the screen with the glove on I’ve been using it all the time and I’m very pleased with it let it came in the box and so yes the glove was very useful so for the drawing here I’m using Photoshop cs6 default brushes default setting on the monitor no line straightening software or anything so nothing fancy in other words I’ve just got Photoshop and the pen and I’m just going on from there I basically worked in layers sketching lining coloring and I approached the coloring and the shading exactly how I would work with markers and I used like an airbrush brush in Photoshop that put the opacity down and I was really pleased with how closely the coloring ended up resembling my marker work I found that using that airbrush I could get very it just looked exactly like the the Copic markers so I was very pleased with that and I like how that turned out I want to start off this second portion of the video by talking a bit about where I’m starting from and what I personally want to get out of using a tablet like this I think this sort of information is useful to the review because it helps it’s helpful for you guys to know where I’m coming from and how I’m reviewing the product and how I’m viewing it so even though I work mostly with traditional supplies I’m also quite comfortable working digitally I design digital stamps I’ve recently completed a coloring book that was all drawn digitally in black and white in Illustrator so up to now I’ve worked mostly in black and white and I a very small little wangkong tablet those tiny little square ones the introductory ones that suited me very well but recently I’ve been wanting to up my game and experiment much more with coloring digitally and working on digital Commission’s that have been projects that I need to color digitally and basically I knew in order to work with a lot more ease or on the computer than I was at the moment I would need to upgrade my tablet so I’m not an expert at digital art by any means but I’m not a beginner either so that’s where I’m starting from and I’m not approaching this tablet as a person already having used a Cintiq or anything like that but just as a person wanting to take my digital art to the next level I’ve been playing around with the monitor for several days straight and I’m completely in love with it it does everything I want and need it too so if you’re in a similar position to me where you’re comfortable with digital art and you know your way around the programs but you want to upgrade from a you know a normal drawing tablet to a drawing monitor then I think this tablet is a great option it’s definitely working it’s definitely working for me I know that I can move forward much easier using this than what I was using before now I’m not saying you have to have a monitor in order to improve of course not but I know for me it’s a big help especially as I’m working on a lot of digital stuff for clients it’s also a big time saver I find that I’m drawing much quicker I’m rubbing out and erasing a lot less using the monitor I also feel much more comfortable and the pressure sensitivity is wonderful to work with and that’s something I didn’t have with the little tablet I was using before another thing I wanted to mention is a troubleshooting tip that I ran into this happens when I first unboxed the monitor my friend who was helping me was playing around with the settings and I don’t know quite what happened but the pen just stopped working properly and so I went into the monitor settings panel and I just reset all the levels to two default configuration and that seemed to fix whatever was the problem and it the pen works perfectly fine again after that I’m not a computer expert so I know how to make things work but I don’t know quite why things go wrong when they do anyway and also when I was drawing I think I double clicked on something and some odd things happened again but we set the pen to default and everything went back to normal so that’s just a tip if you’re playing around with the settings or you double click on something something happens the Pens not acting right go to the settings panel and reset it to default configuration and that should fix it as with any piece of equipment it takes a little bit of time getting used to I definitely had to adjust and this join that you’re seeing here is not my first it’s actually the fourth full illustration I’ve completed using the tablet and it looks so much better than the first one I did I think it’s important to give yourself time to get used to the equipment how it works its strengths and weaknesses all equipment has little quirks and you just have to get to know it I hope you found this review helpful I’m going through making a few digital art tutorials soon using the monitor and I thought of some fun projects to share if you all these videos will be coming up along with lots of traditional art videos as well I’ll leave links to who Ian’s website down below in the description box and you can go there and see the range of monitor tablets they have some a solar some are larger some have expressed keys down the side they also sell the smaller tablets they also have light boxes which I have already and they’re great the light boxes are very good as well and you can see the range of options they have and the tablets also available on Amazon if you’re more comfortable buying a family so there’ll be links to all that in the description box so that’s about it from me today feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them have a great day everyone and I will see you next time


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