Return to the Labyrinth – A video

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18 Replies to “Return to the Labyrinth – A video”

  1. Alrica Neshama says:

    I WISH this were real!

  2. Selin1787 says:

    My most favorite Labyrinth fan video! After watching some Jareth/Sarah clips come back here and remind myself about this really fantastic work 🙂

  3. Deborah F. says:

    Fantastic!!!! I simply loved it!! 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Debbie Martin says:

    Who is the singer or group performing this song? And name please..Thanks

  5. marlene morales says:

    hola alguien que tenga mi idioma por favor como en cuentro la pelicula labyrinth2

  6. Mihael Keehl says:

    Let get it straight is she going on drugs because she's with the goblin king or cause she wishes she was with him?

  7. Abnormal Experience says:

    well that made no sense whatsoever

  8. Rosa Cisneros says:

    Hola… como encuentro la película?

  9. SnotRockets55 says:

    I'm starting to think we're all wayyyy too into this movie.

  10. Carla.Andrea777 says:

    beautiful clip, thanks!!!

  11. Kate Harker says:

    The Painting one is from "Look Back in Anger" and the other one is from "Survive" You can get them both on the Best of Bowie two disk DVD. It's a Fantastic Investment!

  12. adrenalinejunkiegurl says:

    oh haha i still dont know where the painting/bowie clip is from still haha.

  13. adrenalinejunkiegurl says:

    thanks a lot! i did some bowie-snooping and figured out where the clip was from- its from his mv Survive :3 and this video is amazing btw- the song and how you compiled the clips- I love it!

  14. adrenalinejunkiegurl says:

    somebody tell me the song!! and wat are the clips of bowie with the painting and the floating potato??

  15. nimaroo says:

    Wow, this was great!

  16. Ellaine Godoy says:

    does the labyrinth 2 really existed? i really want to watch this movie…

  17. HellGS says:

    Very nice. What`s the song?

  18. bigexpress says:

    wow the effects are more effective..thought it was really good well done!!!!

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