Reduction Printmaking with Foam Plates Part 3

July 26, 2019 posted by

now I'm going to talk about the final color printing for the final reduction so we have the second reduction plate here where we took away the background and we inked the detailed part of the plate and we printed it on the original print now it's has two colors awesome right now we are going to talk about printing the final color the third color and we are going to be choosing a feature of the animal that's gonna be like the highlighted color and I'm gonna pick the horns because you know the Elks horns are kind of important so I am going to choose them as a highlight maybe you might choose an eye or maybe your animal has a beak or animal has a cool tail you're gonna have to make that artistic choice so you're gonna do that by taking a pair of scissors and you're going to carefully remove or reduce that part of your plate there we go now it kinda looks like a wolf cute and I'm gonna put that to side because I don't really need it right now and I didn't wash my plate so the pink is still on there and I'm it's fine I'm just gonna go with it I'm gonna roll neon yellow on top of this plate so that I can do my final color print on my original hair so I have the brayer already inked up ink is nice and evenly spread onto the wheel of the brayer and I'm going to have to be very careful when I go to ink this piece because it's very fragile right now and if I am too rough with it it's probably gonna tear and I really don't want that at this stage because I'm almost done so I'm gonna carefully keep my hand on one edge and ink one side on the other okay there we go looks good alrighty so I have my entire antler set covered in neon yellow put my brayer down move it to the side so it's out of my printing way and I am going to now print and you can see I have ink right here on the table or for my purpose I'm just gonna put my original print there okay now I have to register or line up this printing part of the plate onto the paper to reprint I'm going to take my time not to tear it and I have to make it match up like a puzzle line up and press there we go looks pretty good and then it the same thing as you did before you're gonna carefully with your hands kind of press it down stamp it down print it by putting pressure on your printing plate again be careful cuz you don't want to rip it or damage it right now cuz you need it okay feels good I feel like I got starting at the top working my way down I feel like I press and notice I'm not like touching the rest of my print with my inky hands and I pretty much wipe them off but you want to be careful that – that you're not touching your print with inky hands okay alright let's see take a little sneak peek press that it can and I'm printing yellow on pink so I'm guessing like that color combinations gonna make it look a little orange but we'll find out oh yeah that's cool I'm into it okay I love it once I've done this then my printing plates I mean you can take these home you can wash them and take them home you could toss them into the garbage can I would keep them if I were you I mean you could always print again at home if you have ink and this goes back on the drying rack to dry make sure your name is on it good luck


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  1. Not Nerd says:

    I love this video lol

  2. Heloneida says:

    The best video on the subject here Youtube. Thank you.

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