44 Replies to “Reduce Lags | PUBG Mobile | Tencent Gaming Buddy | FPS Drop on All NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Card”

  1. Owen Singh says:

    TGB PUBG Mobile Ultra Fix Potato Graphics Latest: https://youtu.be/AeLAl317qUM

  2. Infernal Gamer says:

    Bro i have same gpu as you so is direct x good for rendering or direct x +

  3. Robert Raafat says:

    Awesome it works Keep going bro

  4. Z phihung Z says:

    pls help need setting high Fps
    Laptop DELL
    4GB DDR4
    AMD (TM) R5 M330
    windows Pro 10 64 bit

  5. TROXx says:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu brooooooo its awesooooooooome


    Wow thanks bro its work!!!!

  7. Adeel Yaqoob Janjua says:

    Once you have set "My performance emphasizing" to Balanced then NVIDIA won't use other two options. Why misguideness?

  8. Damith Dilan says:

    thank you


    Dual core
    Asus GT 610
    4 GB ram
    2.50 GHz
    Will pubg emulator work on my PC plzz tell bro

  10. Infernal Gamer says:

    Hey bro help me i want to know something i have a changed a setting in power option let me tell u what!
    Power Options > Advanced Power Settings > Processor Power Management > Minimum Processor State > On Battery i changed from 5 to 100% and Plugged in also i changed from 5 to 100%! Is that fine i think it is but tell me because u have same gpu as mine! I got to know from somewhere that it helps cpu to be active everytime

  11. Infernal Gamer says:

    Oh gosh you have the same graphics as me

  12. Insane Plays says:

    WTF every youtuber have their own settings!!!!!

  13. Dewat Thapa1 says:

    Bro my emulator crashes in all engine type it only works on smart mode now which gives only 25 fps with frame drops

  14. Mamta kumari Mahto says:

    Bhai mara mai white screen a raha h plzz help

  15. BiLaL says:

    Bro CC cleaner use karna zaruri hai???????

  16. frenn fren says:

    Mate why are you disabling svchost superfetch that's a system service, it doesn't slow down your game whatsoever; in fact it makes applications load faster by the use of cache methods.

  17. Sameer says:

    I am from nepal and I have
    4 gb ram
    Intel hd graphic
    Core i3
    What should I do?

  18. afan arif says:

    Meri lagg kerto ty ab sai ha Ty Bro ❤

  19. Hashtag Tv says:

    is it works on 920mx graphic card?

  20. Different Entertainment says:

    Intel i3
    DDR3 8gb Ram
    Nvidia GT 1030

    Does it worka for me

  21. Houssem Ghabarou says:

    Bro do u have discor my specs are 8 ram ddr 4 and i5 6200u and gtx950 2gb version and stil i got 30 to 40 fps with shitty drops

  22. Silky says:

    <3 love you bro

  23. Namalum Shaqs says:

    bro i have 4 gb ram core duo 2 without graphics card.. can i play pubg?

  24. Preeti Tyagi says:

    I cannot find superfetch

  25. Gagan Deep says:

    bro frames suddenly goes to 60 to 1 what can i do

  26. Rizip pokharel says:

    I have AMD radeon HD 7670
    IT's lagging and display driver stopped working while playing games after 15-20 minutes!!

  27. abhay sharma says:

    i5 8th gen mx150 2 gb 8gb ram Acer a515 51g do these specs meet the requirements for running emulator on 60fps or even 40 fps will work for me 😪

  28. Preeti Tyagi says:

    i have gtx 1050ti i52320 but it give lag but when i was using gtx610 then it give 45fps in balanced pls help

  29. KJ Subodh says:

    Which GPU do you have?

  30. KENN0RD says:

    I cant find avctp service in the services Help me:(

  31. MIXA says:

    name music

  32. Raza Plays says:

    keep it up bro !

  33. Nakulesh Senthil says:

    Except opengl+ In tencent gaming buddy others are showing white screen what to do

  34. kunal sagar says:

    ye hui asli video kuch nice job bro worked really well

  35. Kumaran S says:

    can i use smart mode instead of DirectX.. ? what is the difference and what us OpenGL .pls explain bro

  36. God'sAnkur says:

    bro mera spec core 2quad q6600 and gt1030 2gb grafic and 4 gb ram ut lag problem

  37. Šam Karwal says:

    background sound sound name 😕

  38. Lunatic Gamers says:

    in Nvidia settings select program i cant fin tencent gaming buddy to run on graphics processor i tried add program but it says not eligible for this program

  39. Bam says:

    Omg thx bro I got 59 fps

  40. Armor Bellamy says:

    Pubg pc gives me 50to 60 fps on 720p in my laptop
    But tencent gaming buddy gives 20 to 30 fps tried each and every thing nothing works fps sometimes go to 40 when enemies come it drops to 20 22 25 etc sometiee game freezes as well…
    What settings are best for my laptop i noticed the game runs significantly better on 1920 * 1080 p at resolution in tencent compared to other resoultions
    My laptop specs are
    Core i7 2.8ghz 4 core
    Ram 8 gb
    Nvidia Gtx 1050 4gb
    Please must reply .. iam so sad i cannot play this game smoothly on tencent

  41. Hỗ Trợ Bạn Hữu says:

    Đã sud like xem , nhớ ghé ủng hộ mình nha

  42. abhilash jena says:

    you just earned a sub man. This process works for my laptop. But I have a doubt regarding FPS. What FPS you're getting in your laptop because you have same config as mine. I'm getting not more than 42( which is very good for me), still I want to know

  43. BlaZe says:

    How Your Crosshair Moved Even When You Look At Different Place?..

  44. Vinicius Shima says:

    thank you very much. It really helped. +1 sub
    Muito obrigado, ajudou muito mesmo!

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