Redmi Note 8 Pro Is Coming!!!

July 27, 2019 posted by

last year we saw the redmi note 5 proficient from shaumyan that was an amazing phone and just after seven months there was this note 6 bro another 5 months and we got the note 7 pro yeah xiaomi likes to refresh and change things quite often now the surprising news is xiaomi has not started teasing the next redmi smartphone which is likely denoted pro this information is coming from several news media platforms and also from huge Weibo profiles the Chinese social media website that this one is the next iteration of the redmi note series ok now the first official teaser showcases is 64 megapixel cameras sample they're using samsung's bright gw1 sensor which Samsung is gonna use to the galaxy s7 TS also so that's impressive and note 7 pro use a 48 megapixel sensor so that won't be a chakra at all that we are getting a 64 megapixel one in the node 8 pro the exciting part is with that sensor you can shoot Full HD videos at 480 frames per second also enables a real-time SGR that's exciting and surprising part is it shoots images of 20 megabytes that's insane in case you're not aware of 14 megapixel shoots up to 16 megabytes images so that's a difference of 4 megabytes but quality is just amazing in at last this Cesar says gift for wonderful world see you soon that means it is coming really soon so all in all you are getting a 64 megapixel camera for the noted pro or whatever they will call it again the naming is not confirmed yet I'll update you guys as soon as I get more information on this and now comes the design xiaomi just filed a few patents this one shows quad camera design means 4 cameras only back with a full-screen panel and this sliding mechanism is just like the mimics 3 so this could be the mimic so i am not saying it's the note 8 and this design ii design shows three cameras on the back panel and front design you have never seen before it's selling a sort of notch with curves looks amazing in my opinion there are no fingerprint sensor on the back panel so both of these phones are having the in a split finger paint sensor that's great yeah Xiaomi is gonna use the later I design for the no date Pro let's see not confirmed again so right now we are the real me X with the Snapdragon 710 full screen Super AMOLED panel and all the latest and the greatest features just add 220 US dollars that 17 K INR next we have the honor 9x with akhirin 810 associates better than the Snapdragon 730 in terms of the performance and all price 205 US dollars at 14000 Indian rupees and the note 7 pro strains nowhere with that hideous design and specifications so guys I think it's time get ready the noted pro is coming really soon and I'm expecting a full screen Super AMOLED panel on front Snapdragon 7th well SOC 64 megapixel camera is confirmed 6/8 gigs of ram 4 gigs of ram is gone and 64 / 128 gigs of internal storage seventh generation and display fingerprint sensor and a glass panel would be great hania's all the greatest and the latest features that i enough to compete against real me X and Jana 9 X and honor 9 X is just amazing phone at that price it's also coming to global markets really soon yeah that's all thanks for watching this video I'll meet you guys in the next one like subscribe for more information peace out you

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