Redmi K20 Review – Best Smartphone Under Rs. 25,000 Right Now?

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this is the xiaomi redmi k20a slightly underpowered version of the redmi k20 pro but still a fairly powerful phone in its own regard starting at 20 1999 rupees there let me clear – in the office a nautilus AMOLED display gorgeous design triple-layer cameras and a large battery with 18 watt fast charging support and did we mention that me UI unread make a 20 will show fewer ads yes xiaomi has finally heard the user complaints and has promised to tone down its added strategy this new xiaomi phone has an upper hand against its rivals in terms of his specifications but does it perform well enough let's find out in our review but before we go ahead do subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and press the bell icon to know when we post a new video the red Nikkei Twenties design is one of his biggest attractions the flame inspired gradient pattern on the rear panel of our glacier blue review unit looks i catching a black strip in the middle contrasts with the pattern on the sides as far as the ergonomics go the curved glass panel and show us a comfortable grip but the red knee k20 is quite slippery and the rear panel also gets smudged quickly thankfully the retail package includes a hard protective case that has a matte finish and provides a more reassuring grip the food is Gorilla Glass 5 on the front as well as the rear the volume and the power buttons are comfortably positioned on the right side and both provide a good tactile feedback when pressed the power button has a red accent and stands out from the rest of the body the camera model at the back protrude slightly but this is not enough to make the food wobble by lying flat the pop-up front camera module has LED lights that glow when it is raised in dark surroundings it also has a small ring at the top that lights up and acts as the forced notification light but it is hard to see most of the time when the phone is lying flat the in display fingerprint sensor on the phone is quite quick and accurate and unlock the redmi k20 within a second during the course of her usage well face recognition works fine to unlock the phone and good light it does struggle in low-light the redneck k20 comes in two variants a base model with 6 GB of RAM and 64gb of internal storage and and configuration the 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage unfortunately there is no micro SD card slot for storage expansion the read Mackay 26.3 9 inch AMOLED displays great and that is especially evident when dui's dark mode is enabled colors simply pop and viewing angles are good too the display offers a peak brightness of 600 nits but you didn't feel the need to crank the brightness up past the 80% mark even under daylight however we noticed that the automatic brightness most a little erratic sometimes prompting us to adjust it manually the full screen display looks great and is also good for watching content without any camera hole or not coming in the way the red meteor 20s display is as they are certified but it is currently missing from the list of phones that support as they are content on Netflix however we were able to watch SDR videos on YouTube users can set the brightness and temperature of the night mode independently and there is a reading mode as well coming to the force performance the Snapdragon 730 associate truly blurs the line between flagships and mid-range models we did not come across any lag or instances of freezing while using the phone even with 10 to 15 apps running in the background switching between them was a smooth the red McKay 20 had no trouble with high-end games either we played pubsey mobile at high graphic settings and did not see any noticeable frame drops or stuttering Xiaomi has implemented some neat features and claims to boost the speed with its game turbo 2.0 2e in pub G mobile for example players can adjust the touch response and sensitivity of the screen to repeated taps you can also reduce the sensitivity around the edges of the screen to avoid triggering a navigation gesture by mistake the first thing that struck us about the red nikkei twenties UI was the presence of an ad draw something that has been the same from e UI for quite long the other major attraction is a system-wide dock mode the rest of the interface is typical new UI with plenty of customization options and useful features that admit a 20 unsurprisingly comes with a lot of pre-installed third-party and in-house below such as Amazon Facebook and WPS office among others all the third-party apps can be installed but Xiaomi zone apps such as me video and me music can't some of the native apps such as me video and me music pestered us with notifications prompting us to revoke the notification permission the me video app in particular was the main culprit and even showed a lot of content in the fashion and beauty categories that we would describe as unflattering and not safe for work a major sigh of relief with me you eye on the red McGee 20 was the lower frequency of ads Xiaomi made it very clear at the launch event that people will see fewer acts on the red Nikkei 20 and the catering D Pro than they are used to seeing on other Xiaomi phones there are some small quirks scattered throughout the UI the swipe gesture to switch to the last use app doesn't always work also for apps that have slide-out menus to the left the gesture simply can't be performed from the left edge because the apps interface is prioritized over the navigation gesture there are three rear cameras a forty eight megapixel Sony IMX 582 sensor and eight megapixel secondary camera with the telephoto lens and a 13 megapixel camera with an ultra wide-angle lens selfie is a hundred by a pop-up 20 megapixel camera with an F 2.2 aperture the lens is protected by sapphire glass when the module itself is automatically retracted than the phone detects that it is falling the camera setup of the red Nikkei 20 and the k20 pro is identical but there's a small difference the 48 megapixel sensor on the red mckay 20 Pro uses the Sony IMX 586 sensor which can do 4k videos at 60fps however the 48 megapixel sensor on the red Makia 20 employers the sony IMX 582 which can only record 4k videos at 30fps the image is captured by the main sensor are crisp and contain a lot of detail the dynamic range is good to me notice that the red Nikkei 20 captures images at high ISO levels by default in daylight and some of our shots turned out to be a bit oversaturated in close-ups gradients are reproduced in vivid detail with nice contrast but the edges of objects appear a little soft and highlights around the bright objects are overblown the telephoto camera is used for portrait shots and does a good job of separating subjects from the backgrounds edge detection is also on point portrait shorts captured in daylight look great but those captured in doe are under low light tend to exhibit a grainy texture when zoomed in the wide-angle camera takes pleasing photos and thanks to the distortion correction feature we did not notice any unnatural wrapping in the shots one area in which the red nikkei 20 leaves a lot to be desired is low-light photography the low-light shots we took had a lot of noise and pure color rendition the dedicated night mode helps with noise reduction and increases brightness but details and colors are still missing the night mode simply enhances the ISO and does little to sharpen objects in the frame still compared to the regular mode the night mode does a decent job low-light photos captured by the wide-angle camera are also underwhelming with weak exposure a lack of detail and grainy textures it is also worth mentioning that the wide-angle camera can't take advantage of the night mode the 20 megapixel pocket selfie camera somewhat makes up for the rear camera shortcomings selfies exhibit minimal over processing and this phone could capture natural colors with an impressive amount of detail portrait selfies had good subject separation and edge detection but they are a little less sharp than regular selfies our only gripes with the front camera a low dynamic range and lack of sharpness when clicked indoors or em dimly lit surroundings the 4k videos capture a good amount of detail and render natural colors there is no Aya's but the eis does an admirable job of negating the hand movements the dynamic range is also better compared to 4k videos captured by fools which fall under the same price bracket the ultra wide-angle camera captures 4k videos that are a bit oversaturated and have lower dynamic range compared to what the primary camera can't capture slow-mo videos turned out smooth and with the steady hands we could capture some social media both the clips at 960 fps battery life is another strong area of their Edna K 20 even with heavy usage during our review period the phone is still had around 30 to 35 percent battery left in the tank at the end of each day in a SD video battery loop test The Fool lasted for a very impressive 25 hours and 17 minutes the supplied 18 watt charger took the 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 45 percent in just 32 minutes and needed around 1 hour and 40 minutes for full charge the red mckay 20 is the most heavily expect and feature Laden non flagship phone under 25,000 rupees in the market right now and his day-to-day performance is still extremely impressive considering his price the camera hardware is impressive and safe for the underwhelming low light performance and some other minor issues the overall quality and versatility you get are a notch above the competition the phone's battery life is also amazing and you can easily sail through a day and more with each charge I define me UI with fewer ads plus features like a dark mode AB draw and ambient display for the sweet and the deal if you want to save some money and don't want to go above 20,000 rupees then the dl me ex is a great choice right now other options include the galaxy m4 de vivos even pro real me 3 Pro and the redmi note 7 pro but then again none of them offer an overall package as appealing and powerful as they read Miki 20 and that was our review of the read Nikkei 20 thanks for watching and for all things like log on to the gadget 360


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  1. Kartik Kaushik says:

    Basically …thing is that indians are hypocrites…they always wanted just low price with everything best…i am sure if price was 20k around than all who complain about it…would have buy it…..they are just assuring themselves….even when samsung a50 was launched… didn't got so much hate…that has low 9610 …no 4k etc…but still they but it because it was Samsung trust…but when redmi do it ..they just hate because they just low price ..

  2. Amit Chaudhary says:

    Lol 9 ratings .. shame

  3. Abhishek Bhatt says:

    Gadgets 360 walo, sharam nahi aayi 9 rating dene main ?

  4. Ajay Kaul says:

    Just because YOU CAN SPEAK FAST …… as if you are giving commentary of FOOTBAL MATCH !!!!!!!!

  5. Vivaswanth Reddy says:

    Change that thumbnail guys its not so great !

  6. rajat patil says:

    not worth at the price

  7. Ahila Shara says:

    Having 4 con's and giving a nine rating is horrible mr nadeem…

  8. SHAHIR says:

    Paid review by redmi, this is not expected from gadget 360, accept it , it's overpriced

  9. Jayshri Nikam says:

    Does it has skyscraping mode like k 20 pro

  10. Towards Infinity says:

    According to the price, Realme X is a much better deal🔥

  11. Chetan Pakhale says:

    Plzz make a detailed comparison video for redmi k20 vs realme x vs oppo k3

  12. Mohammad Shahnawaz says:

    K20 Adds ka baap

  13. Sourav Roy says:

    Tatti phone 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Kumar Kumar says:

    Redmi k20,k20 pro ads issues ?

  15. Vikas Kumar says:

    Pls make a neck to neck comparison b/w Realme X vs K20

  16. Vikas Kumar says:

    Thanks for review it
    I am waiting for long time


    Asus 6z with one con has 8 marks out of 10
    Redmi k20 with 4 cons gets 9??????,🤔🤔

  18. God bless boobs and vagina says:

    Paid review..hai ye

  19. Mohammad Shahnawaz says:

    Lootne ki Shuruaat K 20 se
    start kardi. 👍👍

  20. Kiran George says:

    "Triple layer camera"?😂

  21. Harshavardhan p says:

    little bit of over price

  22. Richard parkerr says:

    This is the most underrated tech review channel in india.. gadget 360 deserves 1MILLION Subscribers

  23. BuytechNow UK says:

    Where can I get this phone I’m in the UK Good Video mate 👍🏿

  24. Sonu Kumar says:

    Plz give realme 3i review

  25. S.R. sridhar Ramaswamy says:

    Realme x , value for money 😉

  26. Siddharth Parmar says:

    Loved it😍

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