Redmi K20 Pro Review – The Best Budget Flagship on the Market Right Now?

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  1. Rickson Rodrigues says:

    My review after 1-week usage of Redmi K20 Pro:
    1)Redmi K20 Pro is Superfast. No matter which app you throw at it opens superfast.
    2)6gb RAM variant has 3.2 GB ram available which is more than enough for multitasking. Buy 8gb variant only if you need 256gb internal memory or want to show off around your friends.
    3)Absolutely no hint of lag. No matter which app you open be it PubG or any high graphics game, you'll not see any lag whatsoever.
    4) I'm extremely disappointed with Inbuilt cam app. The camera captures absolutely pathetic pictures, selfie even worse. I highly recommend that you use Gcam until Xiaomi fixes the cam app issues.
    5) I noticed some minor software bugs. Hopefully, Xiaomi fixes them with an update.
    6) Auto brightness doesn't work well. It annoys me a lot sometimes when I play PubG.
    7) Speakers are great with good bass effect but I don't like it's placement. Gamers would have a hard time because speakers get blocked when you hold the phone in landscape.
    8) The screen should have been bigger for a better gaming experience. I personally like big screens but K20 Pro's screen size could be enough for most people. It definitely looks small to me.
    Overall a great phone with Killer speed but bad Camera!

  2. Joseph Gomez says:

    Amazing phone but it's water resistant

  3. Gnana Prasad says:

    is k20 pro has NFC

  4. Finalphlash says:

    Assuming this phone comes to the global market will it have better bandwidth support for American carriers because as of right now versions of this phone with a "global rom" support very very few bands in America

  5. Ravi Rana says:

    Does it have the inbuilt ads like all other Redmi's?

  6. Soumya Suranjan says:

    Redmi K20 pro: The world's fastest smartphone
    Asus ROG phone 2: Hold my Republic…

  7. Anjalkumar Khachar says:

    Nice video
    Very good explanation
    Honest YouTube channel 👍🏻

  8. usman abdulkadir says:

    Awesome review keep it up as always

  9. Anwin Jacob says:

    its not looking like poco launcher, It is the poco launcher

  10. BuytechNow UK says:

    I like this phone they not popular here in the uk yet ,and great video mate

  11. Hari Arun Nair says:

    Please make a review for the Redmi k20 Please

  12. SHAHIR says:

    Kill the hype, overpriced

  13. Anirudh Satish says:

    Comparison with the OnePlus siblings

  14. Rakesh bruce says:

    I need to buy Nokia E6 , any suggestion sir please ? !

  15. Rakesh bruce says:

    Hi sir , I need an help , I'm a big fan of you , can you help me ? Please

  16. Rajat Nayak says:

    Hiiii sar keyse hooooo 👍👍👍👍👍

  17. Kumar Kumar says:

    Redmi k20 pro ads issuses

  18. Sugadev Starv says:

    How the gaming performance put gaming review

  19. Sugadev Starv says:



    Asus 6z with 1 con has 8 marks out of 10
    Redmi k20 pro with 2 cons gets 9??????,🤔🤔

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