Redmi K20 Mi 9T vs OPPO F11 Pro Comparison | Design, Speed, Camera, PUBG Test

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36 Replies to “Redmi K20 Mi 9T vs OPPO F11 Pro Comparison | Design, Speed, Camera, PUBG Test”

  1. Phillip Heard says:

    Honor 20 lite unboxing pleasee . Tapos bigay niyo nalang po sakin pagkatapos hahaha . More power !

  2. Marc Rimorin says:

    I like bought of them but I wanna go to Oppo F11, it's hard to choose what brand of a phone should I buy

  3. Rafael Garcia says:

    watching on my mi9t

  4. Jasvinder Rohilla says:

    Bhai kya k20 se lagatar video banane par wo lag hone lagata hai kya.

  5. Md Abin says:

    plz review the Samsung a50 vs Huawei y9 prime 2019 speed, Battery, Camera test

  6. M Zubair K Mzk says:

    Mi 9t vs vivo v15 pro

  7. Liam Andrei Cayago says:

    Ang ganda ng comparison ❤️

    Saan mo kinukuha wallpaper mo?

  8. Yuan Setiawan says:

    K20>>>>>than f11 pro

  9. Kardashian Ki says:

    The k20 is better than f11pro

  10. AMIT GUPTA says:

    Mt lo f11pro

  11. AMIT GUPTA says:

    Display kachara h f11 pro ka IPS panel with 396ppi …km se km 409 dena thA agr IPS DISPLAY hai to

  12. Thimira Vihanga says:

    Redmi K20 is the best

  13. Madrick Gacal says:

    Oppo F11 Pro or Samsing A50 ano mas maganda sir?😅

  14. Arun Njr says:

    Always mi

  15. Madrick Gacal says:

    Pls make a Video about Oppo F11 Pro and Samsung A50 comparison😍😁

  16. aswin b says:

    Bro I am confused Redmi k20 or realme x which is more durable

  17. Shahid Mulla says:

    K 20 is bast

  18. Mikaella Manuel says:

    Ano po mas prefer niyong phone samsung a70 or k20 pro?

  19. Vishal Vardvaj says:

    Realme x redmi k20 camera test

  20. Seazcv says:

    Why does f11 pro look a lot thicker ? They have the same thickness (8.8 mm).

  21. jiro mochizuki says:

    notif squad hir sir.. sana sir manotice nyo aq fo r your give away.. tgal na din po kc nun.. hope na maanounce nyo na po

  22. STT Strantrickt says:


  23. Henry Delicano says:


  24. Amin Yahya says:

    Mi9t vs nova 4

  25. John Monik Veloira says:

    Boss ano ba mas okay mi 9t or pocophone? Bibili kase ako this week at di ako makapili kung ano ba bibilhin ko sa dalawaa. Ano ba masusuggest nyo?

  26. HB Sherrod says:

    Watching this on my Mi 9T

  27. JULIAND RK says:

    Mi 9T the best

  28. FP Logistic says:

    Why did I get a notification even though I'm not subscribed. Oh well the video was good and now I'm subscribed 😂😂

  29. Edward Villar says:

    Boss alin ba mas ok na phone mi9t or samsung a70…like ko kasi bumili pinagpipilian ko yun dalawa king sino mas ok…

  30. رابط القناة الجديده في الكومنتات says:

    I'm sorry I stole your video and published it in my channel I apologize strongly and I ask you to remove the offense from my channel Please 🙏😭(p30 Lite)

  31. Mido Habiby says:

    What do you think about Samsung A70 ? I'm going to buy it.

  32. Charles Anju says:

    XIAOMI mi anyday

  33. OFF SET says:

    New smartphones 2022😃

  34. Yuval Ziv says:

    the k20 is way more better beacuse the 64 gb version is cheaper then the oppo f11 pro and have better chipset, better display, better cameras and better battery (beacuse 8nm chipset)

  35. MoxcinNation says:

    Mi9t vs poco phone f1

  36. ugochukwu cornelius says:

    which is better?

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