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hello and welcome back to my channel and if your news first time you're watching and you're joining me for this video then hey welcome for the first time you should hit subscribe down below so you can see more videos for me and if you're just watching but you watch all my other videos and you aren't subscribed you should subscribe now that that's over today's video is actually pretty exciting if you either don't follow me closely or as your first time watching I'm a graphic designer during the day that is my day job I'm also a merchandise designer so I spent a lot of my time designing and it takes up a lot of my life and I don't have a lot of time for YouTube so what I decided to do is combine the two and we're gonna start talking about design on this channel which is pretty exciting if you don't know what graphic design is it's kind of like a hard to define term sometimes graphic design can literally be anything and that's an extremely vague statement but graphic designers are visual artists who design for the purpose of communication that means that it could be anything from like billboards and just regular ads that you get online to logo design to t-shirt design like I do it can literally be anything and it could be packaging yeah graphic design is really cool it's a very broad field and there's a lot of really amazing people and I want to start sharing it with you guys because it's pretty cool and I know a lot of my followers are artists or creatives in general and I found graphic design as a way to channel my art into a career so yeah it's just applied art to make money I guess anyway so a huge part of graphic design is logo development and this is a kind of complex topic not everybody likes designing logos it's not my favorite they are fun sometimes I do enjoy like the journey of logos but there's a lot of pressure that rides on a logo of what makes something good and what makes something bad and I think we all know like some brands when they release a new logo people either like don't notice it which is good or they flip out Zahra so there's a lot of pressure riding on designers and people who are developing these logos and usually they're developed by big firms sometimes there are like just personal graphic designers that do end up getting really big logos but it's different for everyone it's a very big industry there's a lot of amazing people so what we're gonna be doing today is something that I've always wanted to do and I've never actually sat down to do it I enjoy designing like parody dumb logos that are just for made-up products or made-up brands that don't make any sense it's fun for me it's a good way to exercise my brain but I want to redesign some logos that I feel they could use a redesign and today we're gonna be choosing three that we're pretty much like the person ones that I thought of that I wanted to redesign the first being AT&T the second being Chipotle and the third being Zara so I am an artist so all of this is my own personal work it is subjective and so if you don't like the work that I create I'm sorry if you do cool and if you want to work with me you want to hire me for something I'll leave my email my website in the description box below if you want to link up with me but yeah now that all that blabbering is done and we're moving on let's actually get started so I just sketched out a few logos that I kind of had in my brain I wanted to keep it similar to their globe logo you don't really want to change logos too much if you are rebranding so you don't lose like that customer recognition so you don't like completely change a logo and nobody knows who they are as a brand which is dangerous so see if I can get this to like actually look good so this is what I have so far I wanted to keep the same blue that they have I think it's a really nice blue this first one is kind of just simple within a holding shape within that circle and a really strong font that I will decide later the second one I think is probably my favorite it's just like the three kind of stripes that I did as a globe shape with AT&T underneath this other one I kind of did it at an angle I don't think I'll keep it as an angle kind of looks like the mind the gap sign that they have in the UK this next one is just very straightforward bold lines in the shaped with AT&T held within the stripes and this bottom one I'm gonna try to do a little bit of like a sound wave within the circle because they are a communication tech company so I can convey that communication through these lines so I'm gonna start throwing these in the computer so I'm gonna be doing this in Illustrator and I also have a Wacom tablet it's just a little one I have a bigger one at work but I just have this little one at home and this is what I'm gonna be using it is easier for me to use a Wacom tablet versus a mouse especially a trackpad I really struggle with trackpads now so I'm gonna be using this little guy alright so we're gonna open up illustrator open a new document cool neato so I'm going to take a quick picture of what I designed and airdrop that to my computer sometimes like my air drops can't be opened in Illustrator so I could take a stupid screenshot of them okay so I do this just so I can have my original art in the file and from this point I'm just gonna lock that down now we're gonna start tracing I'm gonna grab AT&T logo so I can grab that blue from it thank you that alright so since this first one is pretty simple just gonna keep that circle there I'm going to go ahead and type out a key and there's a million fonts in the world choosing the right one is really difficult I do have like my favorites and my go twos I'm more into old traditional fonts that are still used pretty widely I love accidents grotesque generally you have a lot with an accident family like they just have so many variety is not those so many varieties just within that same font family and they pair really well together it's kind of like a home Etica so I definitely wanted to use accidents here this one's probably my favorite just the fold extended I'm just gonna go make that white now this ampersand I'm not too wild about its kind of wacky I am definitely more into that ooh so before I outline any tech I generally do make a duplicate just like noise go back I'm afraid so we're just going to duplicate that also I'm gonna save this really save your work kids I'm just shortening the length of that tail on the tee a little bit tad so it kind of matches like the rest of the thickness of the a because I really like how that a looks so if I were to drag this guy you can kind of see like where we started with that team and outlining fonts is pretty much like the best way you can make a logo like just slapping type on something and it's too easy and we kind of lose that customization if you just let it go so just tweak it a little bit you know make some cool stuff oh yeah I like that really into this ampersand a lot better than the ampersand that goes with the actual weight ooh love okay so yeah if you were to compare this T to that T wow what a difference in me so that one's just gonna go away and then I'm just gonna make a copy of this one I want to pull it a little bit closer together so it seems nice and comfy and a group that I'm gonna unlock my blue circle they keep this guy locked and I'm just gonna go over here to my align and align those bad boys all right and that's pretty much all I'm gonna do for that game cool okay this next one can I do the same thing make a little circle let me get that lovely blue it's gonna drop your opacity on this way all right so I want to cut this one into just little pie pieces I guess I'm taking my pen might help remember screen record okay we've got these two I'm gonna go over here to my divided panel or my Pathfinder panel but I'm here to divide which is going to cut that into two shapes and I'm gonna just keep doing that same thing over here okay just gonna grab all those hit to buy it again so now I have all my section cut out grab these I have that all cut out now what I'm gonna do is just go in and adjust the individual lines so it looks a little bit cleaner I kind of already know what fine I want to use for this guy which is a deer font used by Airbnb called serial I found it for free online I don't know if it actually is but I found a version of it so that's what we're gonna be using now I want to make this kind of way I don't want to go black with it but like a really dark charcoal nice cool okay now I don't think I'm gonna not let's try to do this one so for this guy I'm gonna start with some lines fill that my coaching myself through this this guy dude all right ooh I'm into that actually know what it'd be cool to do yeah here's what we're gonna do I don't know if this concept well I know it'll work I don't know if this technique will work okay so I'm gonna try to blend these let's see if I can actually blend options specified steps yeah it's trying to do age oh cool works all right uh let's go back to our blend options and change this to ten now let's come back to you alrighty so I'm gonna go up here to object expand and ungroup all those bad boys and then I'm gonna adjust these a little bit because I have like this walk going on up here so I'm just gonna and I know this kind of messes up like the blend technique I'm aware all right this is gonna look like a cool like scanned retro type a logo I'm gonna do it alright group those and make a circle Man 7 like mask oh I'm into that baby I'm into this logo already I mean you get him in spin it like folder rush okay I like that just about a 45 and let's do do a good old Helvetica so we're doing a Helvetica new condensed black for our font choice so let's turn this out a little bit see what she looks like too far let's drop it to like Hello so this is definitely more like something that Saul Bass would probably do today I think he's dead I'm not sure if he's dead I'll find out okay all right I feel like those are some pretty solid logos for AT&T let's start actually looking at him without all this nonsense okay so we have this classic kind of closer to their older logo when they were like the Sun Bell company those if I could tilt this let me kind of like that I'm gonna do it this one definitely isn't this one alright so yeah this one is probably my favorite so far feeling that one it's like still pretty retro I mean you can even swap out font for something a little bit more modern to balance it out I probably wouldn't do a weight this heavy I probably dropped this down to like a medium just so it feels a little bit more balanced cuz you do have those really thick lines in that logo so yeah that's where we're at boys and girls so this is where we started your missus kind of where we end it all down there you all right so for the next logo we are tackling good old Chipotle so I went ahead and pulled together all the logos already and I already have a sketch of the general direction that I want to go I kind of want to make it a little bit more modern and more artisanal than the logo but they have right now so everyone died but like you probably remember the old Chipotle logo that looks like this it was kind of like that papyrus he looking font and then they switched it out to this a few years ago which is fine it works for them and they have a really strong brand recognition so changing a logo is really scary for them but I think I could do something a little bit more quirky you make it a little bit more I don't know just something a little bit different a little bit less straightforward so we're still gonna keep the same blocky sans-serif font that they had before and I want to play with the lettering a little bit more play with the type and change up their lovely pepper icon so I pulled in my own the old logos right here so this is the general sketch what I had in mind still that really strong San Sarah but I do want to kind of change to see a little bit to kind of imply to be a little bit more bold because they do so sides of sauce and guac and salsa and stuff and yeah I want to kind of make that look like a little like dip bowl but not like too straightforward so it looks like a little actual dip pull so I think like that one of the closest fonts for this guy is also going to be the same one that we used for the other logo which is the serial bond and I'll probably go to just bold but I'm still gonna outline this and play with it let's try a few that might be options Gotham's good but I like cereal a little bit better let's try like a veneer they're all pretty similar bonds I'm kind of into coming into a veneer heavy let's try one more that's another that's pretty similar to their actual oh my god is that the father videos no oh well we'll just go with those two you pronounce so like I did last time I'm just gonna make a duplicate of those guys in case I really mess this up and then we're just gonna outline so I'm gonna start with cereal I'm just gonna take this see begin with I can grab it I'm just gonna rotate it so you know what I'm gonna do not that gonna make this a little bit wider to make it more circular and then I'm going to just get rid of these I can break those actually I'm just gonna get rid of that I'm gonna grab the sieve over here and drop it in here you know out of stroke and I'm gonna grab this guy and rotate so I'm gonna pull these a little bit closer together and what I do want is to drop this part of the tea off stop recording we're good okay and then for this little pepper guy I'm just gonna I'm gonna take my brush tool actually generally the less anchor points you have in a path the more smooth it'll look you know get as many of those weird little bumps that you can't get rid of and so I want to do a similar thing chop this guy I have this guy in the middle all isolated add a little tail and I also wanna throw a quick little circle behind him I don't know it's a him and ideally I would like the see of the logo to kind of wrap around this circle or wrap around the pepper so to says something kind of like that once I color it out so yeah I am definitely into that so we're gonna go with cereal so I'm gonna make this that's nice that's nice going let's make these like a nice medium toned dream now I'm gonna add a stroke offset the path let's see that's way too much it's too like Oh stoop to much better outlined this guy and then we're gonna just cut that so that pepper has some space to breathe and then I'm gonna make this little icon come to life I hope if I use the right one what's the Chili's logo look like HM not make that Chili's whoa okay we're good oh yeah we're so get rid of that love okay so we got the bulk of the type done safe now the next part of the logo is going to be the mexican grill line I'm going to there's a few different ways you can do type like this I like to type on a path or you can warp it we're gonna see which one looks better and then I'm gonna Kern this out quite a bit bounding box over there okay that's fine and then I'm gonna go up here alright I'm like that's a little bit better I'm gonna try an option with just a written below like they have in their initial logo okay Julio stop saying that what's wrong with me all right so this is where we originally started once upon a time then we evolved a few years later and this is where we are now so for our final logo we are going to be doing the a beloved Zara now is our release their new logo like two weeks ago and it has taken the internet by storm people are really upset which i think is a little dramatic but I do understand why a lot of people are upset Zara's new logo was done by an agency but also mostly just this one guy I believe his name is Fabio Baron Fabien Fabien Baron of baron and baron and he does like creative direction and like rebranding of a lot of really high-end fashion brands like Dior I think he does Hugo Boss other their big brands like that but he's a creative director and he's a designer and he is responsible for the new logo and looking at his work this logo doesn't surprise me at all he's a big Dido fan which is the font that they use for the new logo which is the same font used for the vogue logo so looking at his website pretty much everything is in Dido it's this all caps bolded pretty much the same it's like exactly like the Dior logo except a little bit more swish together and a heavier weight and in all caps I know Dior does capital and title case but yeah this logo doesn't surprise me at all given his work and he also led the new campaign for Zara so it was kind of like I guess like his brainchild to just do all of this personally my take on the logo is it is a bit odd it's uncomfortable to see the letters just so turned together and it's kind of jarring a lot of high-end brands have very timeless simple logos that have changed very minimally in the span of their life and I think Zara is trying to become more of a high-end brand even though they're not a high-end brand they are a fast fashion company but I think they're trying to make it look like they are like a Dior unfortunately that really missed the mark I think their old logo had too much space but I think the new logo has way to a little of space and I don't know I don't understand why they just can't find a middle ground I am happy that they didn't just sell out to make a like all caps a sans-serif super squishy logo like I think it would have expected them to do so I'm happy they didn't do that but I didn't expect them to do this so I think the new logo does look cheap I think it looks just uncomfortable it's not what I think of when I look at Zara Zara is very clean and minimal logo is crowded and I don't think Dido was the right font to use I really don't like how the legs in the letters overlap just a little like lines at the top and bottom of the letters it's just jarring it's weird so rant over I'm gonna redo their logo I don't know how it's gonna turn out but I want to keep it very simple I haven't really sketched anything up but I did pull some fonts that I want to use and really play around with the kerning which is the spacing between the letters and apparently that's something that's are really struggles with those either they weigh too much or they have none at all so we're gonna play with some different kerning gonna play with some stacking it's just the title casing and see what we come up with maybe we'll come up with something a little bit better than whatever the heck they have now let's get started so this is Aras old logo I thought it was fine and then this is the new logo that is Dido so if I just type out Zara and go down to my Dido you might have a slightly different version of Dido than I have it looks pretty similar so I'm just gonna like take Dido I think this might be a free font I'm not sure I got this when I was in school who knows and I'm just gonna we're just all word we're really going for it let's go to like minus 200 oh they went more than that all right three two months so something kind of like that so my kerning is that – 253 right now and yeah I do think that they still like played with the logo a little bit so it's not just they didn't cram the letters together and they're like that's it but that's kind of what they did which is fine I guess but it really just doesn't it doesn't communicate high fashion which I think was ultimately the goal of the brand of why they hired baron and baron to do it so that's what we're done with that so I pulled some settings are all messed up I pulled some clean fonts I really enjoy like a retro Gotham font so I pulled just HK gothic I have a semi bold and a bold I really really like this one I think it's retro but I also think it's really timeless I love this are like this are is just it's weird and I also love how Square this Z is the A's are fine I don't have any problem with them but I also still really like them I think this is a strong contender to play with so this is cool bed okay it's a free font all the fonts I'm using aren't gonna be necessarily license for commercial use but that's fine so I have cool medica there I think it's a really nice just like title case font I think the A's are really cool the RS like fine I Castle on is actually a really nice font so castle on is also a really great font it pairs well with itself as well as some really bold sans serifs it's used by Adobe and Apple often and it makes great body copy too so that is just the semi bold and I'll add the italic next to it honestly I think the HK gothic is still the strongest if I were in charge of this campaign I would have beard away from all caps I think there are a lot of high fashion brands and have all caps and your logo start to look a little ubiquitous when you all start to use the same font which is just I don't so I want to go something a little bit more retro and I think since I'm only doing type for this I'll add a little bit of a color palette of just maybe like some color so they can be pairing with it and how I would style the logo so I think I'm going to go with this aged cake so let's play with some kerning think pulling it out a little bit it's nice I wanna maybe my bounding box again geez okay outline that I'm gonna play with this Z Oh an illustrator just crashed here we go all right well I'm so sorry about that that was weird our power went out in the middle of filming yesterday and when our power was out for the rest of the night so today we have power we have light and we're back fixings are as lovely logo so where we left off was pretty much we're deciding on what type we like I really am into this HK gothic that I found it's really retro and kind of simple and I don't know I think it's nice so that's what we're gonna be playing with okay so this is where we're at so we had these other two fonts that I'm just gonna we're gonna move them over here all right I'm gonna command shift o outline and this is where I'm gonna go in and really start to play with the individual letters this Z I like but it's not exactly like where I want it to be and I'm gonna push the kerning out a little bit because Zahra loves their kerning I'm just eyeballing this to whatever I feel to be natural you can also do this before you outline the font which is fine if I add alright this is where we started this is where we're at now so to keep this really simple I'm gonna take just this logo that we have right here and I'm gonna pull together some colors to make a little bit of a color palette and how I would style the logo for whatever reason clubs are really doing me dirty alright so we have this logo I kind of feeling a beige maybe a mob and a dark blue so let's let's try that maybe throw in some green who knows now some people like to work straight off of Pantone's I like to work off the rainbow and find hex colors first because sometimes pending Pantone's just requires a little bit too much effort in the beginning so I'm not gonna waste my time doing that right now let's throw in some muted what a journey alright so right now looking at Zara's color palette they pretty much keep it very black and white and their bags are kind of they're kind of a dark blue I guess but it's not very exciting and a lot of their clothes that they end up carrying are in this color palette and I know that's like yes that's a trend but they're pretty consistent that they are a higher brush and iron ashen brand that they do a very clean color palette so I want to keep that commuted super saturated now I want to play with how I could actually like style this logo if I were to make like a lock up for either like in store stuff like banners bags whatever maybe I make this like white or something I'm gonna take this make that let's make a few different color variants you take the logo take it like that green OOP I'm into that tonal thing going on maybe we try like a really dark gray gray nice into that yeah hell yeah all right okay so for the final result so this is where we started this is our as old logo this is the new one that they recently released and then here's the one that I put together and I also added this little color palette on here and this is probably how I would style some of the tight for whatever they're in store or online assets could be just very clean minimal I could even pair this well with like oh it's already set like a salon I think even like a semi bold italic they go on Zara's maybe we poll okay so we have collection 19 so I could go under well then happy apostrophe because they're cool maybe I turn that out of it and then I have that kind of sitting always centered underneath so maybe that's how I could style that against that nice little cream so yeah that's where we started and this is kind of where we ended something really modern I kind of see this as like an architect type of font I would see this kind of like in maybe like a blueprint or something really like constructive you know so yeah okay oh man I'm out of it today so that is all I have for you today if you enjoyed watching this video you should definitely leave a comment and like or subscribe if you want down below and if you have a logo that you think I should redesign definitely tell me I would love to kind of tackle more of these to just take like a new fun approach to logos that we see pretty much every day and I think it's kind of cool to see logo styled in a different way because they're so ubiquitous and we're so used to seeing them having a change it's kind of cool but sometimes it could go absolutely awful if you have any questions for me regarding design leave those below or if you want to send me a message on Instagram that's also totally fine but that is all thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one hi


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    The ZARA logo isn’t on their mobile site. Which is so strange for a brand. The designer literally just kerned the letters to shit and made the thin parts of the font even thinner.

  13. Nicole Higgins says:

    your airdrop might not be working if the picture is on “live” mode… i dealt with the same thing using photoshop a few days ago

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    I love redesigning logos, it’s such a fun exercise. I really like designing typography though so I rarely play with existing fonts.

    I think the chipotle redesign was the strongest (the chili itself could use some work though). And I think it works better than chili’s logo so wouldn’t worry too much about the similarities (though you would have to if it was actually being implemented).

    Zara one was the weakest for me. Didn’t like the font and the kerning/tracking looked off (plus the squishing is the Z made it look weird with the rest). I would have gone for all lowercase if I was deviating from the all caps.
    I think it was also such a big jump from the current logo and all before it that it looses all connection to its brand identity. Zara only had two logos between 1975 and 2019, they have actually been super consistent in branding, always a font with a high contrast between thick and thin, I would have tried to keep that connection. Their pre 2008 logo had more normal tracking, still a little tight for my preference but definitely preferable to the new logo.
    I think I would have kept all caps, and the thick/thin contrast and then tried to connect the letters through their serifs. Maybe extend the line out from the R and make a rectangular frame for the logo… haha so hard to put into words but you’ve definitely inspired me to try it out for myself.

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