Ray Tracing On GTX Graphics Cards – Don’t Even Bother!

July 31, 2019 posted by

everything just works everything just
works oh man how great would it be to have RTX and DXR features on gtx
cards well it looks like with a simple driver update it is now we’re gonna turn
it on together and video RTX real time ray tracing and so let’s test the
gtx performance with ray tracing and DXR features I have some GTX cards some
RTX cards my open bench is ready to go let’s begin all right so what does it mean for
existing GTX users now that you can enable ray tracing and experience those
visuals and a nice hit on performance – just like the rest of the rtx owners
but I feel like this approach has multi-layered consequence so it’s better
for developers now that they can use gtx hardware instead of rtx hardware and
experiment with ray tracing implementation and the optimization for
gamers you can now just experience the visuals so see what it’s like to have
ray tracing in-game you know be a five Metro Exodus and shadow of the Tomb
Raider and potentially will this nudge you to get rtx hardware probably not
but we’ll see and so I hope this will open up a stream of games that have some
form of arty implementation either shadows reflections ambient occlusion or
global illumination or any other technique and so a ray tracing for the
gtx cards starts at gtx 1060 6gb version goes all the way up to the turing
cards 1660 ti and so on my table today i have a gtx 1060 GTX 1080
Titan XP rtx 2060 and the rtx 2080 Ti to see how that entire stack of cards
performs so first of all as Jensen said it just works outside of updating your
Nvidia drivers and making sure you’re on the latest Windows OS the 1809 you
don’t have to tinker with anything in-game you know all the RT and DXR are
features should be visible to you with your gtx hardware now as I’ve said in my
previous analysis of bf5 and metro Exodus rate racing has a massive
potential to improve your overall immersion of the gameplay as long as the
environment fits the whole ray-tracing you know delivery so as long as the
environment is a major part of your observation and game you know
ray-tracing from my standpoint is improved
now bf5 is not that with its fast paced shooter mechanic in which you don’t
really have time to stop and admire the reflections on wet surfaces or other
reflective surfaces but with this update you can with gtx graphics see those
reflections in action but only from like a demo perspective as the FPS hit is
actually quite significant so what you’re watching now is running on the
gtx 1080 FTW by EVGA and 8700k 4.9 gigahertz and the game is running at
1080p resolution with medium quality settings and since only the reflections
are ray-traced the visual difference in like 95% of the
gameplay is not noticeable but at least we hit over 60 FPS with DXR enabled I
won’t recommend it since it doesn’t really benefit the overall gameplay
experience but Metro Exodus is another story so with this game I feel they’ve
done a fantastic job with global illumination to improve the overall game
world and since this is a story driven game I would recommend replaying it with
rt enabled if you can now the performance hit is massive however you
can see over a hundred FPS difference with my GTX 1080 at 1080p resolution
with medium settings and high arty preset so again this game becomes almost
like a demo of what’s possible with great racing like the darkness gradient
of the sewer entrance you know it’s very realistic versus it being totally
illuminated by conventional means when the arty is off now the reason why we’re
seeing such a significant hit on performance with gtx cards is because
all the ray-tracing is rendered on standard raster course instead of the
dedicated arty course on the rtx graphics so of course that is inevitable
now in terms of sli performance with ray tracing and gtx Hardware we were told
that at first it’s not possible and then that some games might implement it and
it’s kind of game dependent so I would say SLI would rate racing would gtx
hardware is kind of a write-off and so here’s the performance breakdown with my
five cards the interesting thing is that my Titanic speed collector’s edition
outperforms the RTX 2060 both and DXR on and off which is quite
interesting to see but of course all that changes when we move to Metro
Exodus so here we’re using global illumination for our ray-traced
technique and I think that is a lot more intensive so not just reflections but
like all that light scattering around surfaces and interacting with objects
and looks like a lot more computational intensive for the RT cores or the
raster course in this example moving on to the atomic hard demo at 1080p so this
one yeah it’s a bit challenging if you
are willing to sit through about 10 FPS on average with a GTX 1060 just to see
some you know beautiful graphics running at the really low framerate be my guest
and even with my 2080 ti it’s still quite difficult to run and the same
story continues with Port Royale benchmark this one’s running at 1440p so
we’re stepping up the resolution but again you know I mean those average
frame rates on the gtx hardware is kind of laughable but it’s also very low on
the rtx hardware so just shows how demanding this you know ray trace
benchmark really is and so the takeaway is that ray tracing works on gtx
hardware now no problems I haven’t experienced any crashes or any like
visual differences between rtx hardware and gtx hardware so that’s a good thing
it’s almost like it’s enticing gtx owners to consider playing around with
rt features and DXR and certain games and some demos to see what they’re
missing out on but like we literally have only three games with you know
these ray-traced techniques apply to them so it’s it’s not worth it just yet
but it does give you a look glimpse or like which direction we’re heading in
and I’m hoping that we’ll see more like good implementation of ray tracing in
future titles not just reflections but like global illumination and shadows so
that it like builds this visual beauty into the game world that makes sense and
is not just there for a tech demo get a good sense of grip with Corsairs iron
claw RGB Gaming Mouse featuring a lightweight design ultra durable Emraan
switches paired with Pixar’s 33 91 optical sensor and some RGB lining for
some extra Flair the iron claw ensures gaming at its best check it out down
below so make sure to update your drivers play around with it and let me
know what you think of it in the comments below I’m a Dmitry thanks so
much for watching if you haven’t checked out my analysis of previous rtx
implementations make sure to do so and yeah I’ll see you next video


100 Replies to “Ray Tracing On GTX Graphics Cards – Don’t Even Bother!”

  1. HARBINGER says:

    I'm currently playing Metro Exodus at like 30-40+ fps but on Extreme settings with RTX Ultra on 4K. With a G-Sync monitor it really doesn't matter. It makes the image and input lag pretty smooth. A monitor upgrade nowadays is almost as important as a GPU upgrade, if not more. I'll take visuals over framerate anyday, when it comes to single-player non-competitive games.

  2. Eugene Skillful says:

    Fuck ray tracing. Fuck NVIDIA with their overpriced shit. AMD freesync is the THING

  3. Faisal Faisal says:

    Now I can play rtx Minecraft

  4. Leidy Munar says:

    Ray tracing off. 10 years more

  5. Alexandre Parent says:

    Why the fk the video isnt 60 fps when showing video game footage. Heresy.

  6. DeZiio says:

    My Gigabyte 1060 6gb still pumps out frames in all the games I play. I don't want to spend near 1k USD for something that isn't widely supported yet and is currently just a money net for NVIDIA. If I could pump my graphics by 2x with RTX for around 500USD I'd give my money. IMO

  7. Marios Zekou says:

    The only reason Nvidia released raytracing on gtx gpus is because they want to prove how shitty it runs on the 1000 series

  8. J S says:

    Maybe try sli?

  9. YJM Strat says:

    So what happened to Tessellation? Sounds like some bullshit to up the price on cards.

  10. MadBurrito x says:

    Too bad it doesn't work with SLI, i would like to dedicate one of my GTX1080ti's to ray tracing.

  11. MadBurrito x says:

    Couldn't really see much difference in Metro, no difference worth the massive performance hit for sure….

  12. :D :D says:

    1GB? Different… Nice try DXR

  13. pavlo sedliaruk says:

    You can use it. But frame rate is terrible. Dont use less than 1080ti

  14. Joao Alegria says:

    I might be crazy but I think games look better with ray tracing off lol

  15. Jay Jays says:

    Oh…check this reflection out. Boom! You died.

  16. Papa Sears says:

    just another gimmick to fool the tards

  17. Luke Peters says:

    Ray tracing is just not worth it right now. You spend $500+ ($1000+ in the case of the 2080ti) for the same graphics, but just better lighting effect.. and over a -50% hit to performance? I'm happy with my $350 gtx1070, I'll keep playing Ultra everything and upgrade to 1440P eventually.
    Let them develop ray tracing and in 2-3 years it'll be standard, making it more affordable, more available and with better performance.

  18. Schweetz Sister says:

    why my RTX 2080 always getting crash even after updating my Driver
    someone said the BF V is sensitive with OC and then i turned it off and still getting crash without any message
    sometimes it can go through for somewhile with stuttering fps and after that it crash again …

    please help 🙁
    the only i can play smoothly with DXR Disabled
    i know its better without it for FPS but sometimes i want feel that tech to show more realistic Environment for my SinglePlayer

    i had no idea whats wrong and whats going on
    My RayTracing Setting isnt Ultra but only Medium
     sry if my english is bad

  19. Kevin Schmidt says:

    RTX will be a junk feature for the next 2-5 yrs. It simply isn't worth the performance hit, it has to be an option that minimally impacts performance otherwise people will choose a playable experience everytime. Cool tech, but not worth the dollars of the sensible at this time.

  20. fndrn8 says:

    so far my 1080ti/8700k plays all the games on high including raytracing setting just fine. 45-50 fps isnt that bad to have a more immersive experience

  21. Anubis says:

    RT really fail on GTX seri

  22. Nitras7 says:

    What graphic card I shoud buy today if I am curently using 1060 3gb? And I don't want buy new graphic card in next 3 years.

  23. CML says:

    My Ryzen 7x with the Nvidia GeForce 2060 all run off my Msi x470 gaming pro carbon (custom built pc from Digital Storm) – ROCKS any game at highest settings. If your thinking about getting a 1660ti…. just spend the extra few bucks to get the 2060……you won't be disappointed!!!

  24. Giblet Corn says:

    I'll hang on to my GTX1080Ti Hybrid FTW Edition, thankyouverymuch.

  25. DoctorX17 says:

    I love that Jedi Titan Xp so much… I wish there was something styled like that for us poor people

  26. Eremon1 says:

    More scumbaggery from Nvidia. I hope they take a massive profit hit to teach them a lesson. So many sheep out there though that sucked those 20 series cards up it's hard to say.

  27. Battleneter says:

    Don't bother with Ray Tracing on RTX cards either, nothing but performance nerfing disappointment.

  28. War Inc. says:

    So will a 2080ti with ray tracing turned on make Minesweeper really immersive?

  29. Radu Mircea Bunica says:

    1070ti here, with a puny i3 8100 running @2560×1080 native res, getting ~45-55 fps in pathtraced+raytraced minecraft

    "SEUS PTGI is an experimental version of SEUS that includes a totally custom software implementation of ray tracing that does not require an RTX graphics card and will work on any NVIDIA graphics card (though low-end cards may struggle with performance. AMD compatibility is still being worked on). The “PTGI” in the name stands for “Path Traced Global Illumination”, which is the main feature of this project. It also includes ray traced reflections."

    metro on the other hand… with only raytraced gi my rig can barely do 20-30 fps, and that's with shader rate set to 0.7, native res. rtx off in metro gives me over 60 fps in the most complex outdoor scenes and over 100fps anywhere indoors/underground.
    yay rtx… yay nvidia… right?!

  30. Bernadette Simental says:

    So rtx is still better lmao

  31. Onnk Oink says:

    just imaginging my pc with dxr on csgo. ahh, my 2012 macbook pro running csgo at -2 fps with dxr on, the dream

  32. Jerman Jarmen says:

    what the ** ?!

  33. neonred cs says:

    DAYUMM, and here i am with my lovely gtx 1050 <3

  34. Richard Amiss says:

    You miss the point completely. Enabling RTX for the older cards is to let the customers "demo" the video quality with an obvious frame rate hit, it was never meant to be playable. For that you need an RT card. So to "demo" the quality you "should" bother.

  35. thevoiceoftruth55 says:

    They did this in the hopes people would decide its time to upgrade.

  36. Socks says:

    Wait, does Atomic Heart really only run at 10 fps on a 1060 6GB right now? that sounds like a bad time no matter what.

  37. Mark Peterson says:

    i fully expect you to clean those cards off next time you do a close up, i deserve better than this! /s

  38. 666Azmodan666 says:

    Rtx off 5C more o.O

  39. Djinn! says:

    RTX is a scam and actually works pretty well on gtx cards. Better than they actually claimed, why isn't nobody talking about the fact that it works a lot better than they claimed ? 45fps on metro, +30fps on tomb raider -+60fps on battlefield 1, eum how is that bad when they claimed it didn't work on gtx ???

  40. Jive Turkey says:

    Don't say "SLI is kind of a right off." It's a complete waste of money. Be clear in your conclusion. Don't do RTX SLI.

  41. GamingTV says:

    ray tracing is just a gimmick like blast processing, it's not good, it's not bad, it's just a marketing term

  42. Caleb Koltz says:

    will this feature be possible for the 1080ti thats what i got currently

  43. Nightmare says:

    No 1660 ti test ? They proved that the 1660ti does best with Ray Tracing from GTX series.

  44. Ellis.Dee_25 says:

    You losers got Metro? After the bullshit that Epic and Tencent are pulling? Fucking traitors.

  45. VolantEnigma says:

    Metro…1/5th the frame rate. Jesus fucking christ.

  46. Muhamad Ubaied says:

    Long story short. RTX is meant for Graphic, 3D etc works. Not game.

  47. Omi says:

    Ray tracing on RTX Graphics cards – Don't even bother

  48. Midyan Shani says:

    Cant see the difference

  49. Syrynx says:

    Yeah works, in sideshow…

  50. DMan 9971 says:

    Maybe I'm getting old, but I honestly cannot usually see hardly any difference between RT on or off. PhysX was obviously better visually when enabled, and 3D Vision was mind blowing. Nvidia really should have left the same version 3D Vision driver included in newer driver packages or at least offered it as a stand-alone download, because that was possibly the best thing they've ever done in terms of immersion enhancement.

  51. Mohan King says:

    Its pure marketing from Nvidia. I bet the Suck the drivers on GTX to make RTX look better. Before they said the GTX wanst eble to do RayTracer , but now they let GTX have RAYTracer but very slower like the FIRST time the Raytracer showsup in BF5 on RTX and remember , that first time sucked a lot in performance . So the question is . Do you belive in Nvidia ? Do you think they just fuckedup the performance on purpose ? Tell me , at same aspect in Medium settings , with RAYTRACER the game is fucked and n o difenrence in quality. So this RTX are just market.

  52. Pilot Omaha says:

    You actually think nvidia did some work on the drivers to optimize raytracing on gtx hardware? Instead of just enabling it via drivers? I know it wouldn't be very great, but surely it could be better. I have a feeling this is just to get ppl to buy newer stuff when they see oh crap it's so bad with raytracing on. Don't you guys remember they said. YOU NEED A RTX CARD TO DO RAYTRACING! Look at how fast that changed.

  53. Lukasen says:

    Will this work on my GTX 1070 ti?

  54. Jonas N says:

    80% of the framerate lost and I can barely even see a damn difference. WTF.

  55. Rhandy says:

    I'll get it next generation when most games will have an option for raytracing for now i'll stick with the good old pre rendered lighting

  56. an3k says:

    Beside the sewer entrance I didn't see much of a difference. Sure the water reflections in BFV were visible … but probably not while gaming.

    I guess I'll get the driver, power up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and hope that RTX works there with two GTX1080Ti in SLI, especially because that game has the best DX12 and SLI implementation out there.

  57. Lavie Mozes says:

    I feel like if you put the words "Don't even bother!" in the title of the video no one will bother watching it.

  58. Menthix says:

    Give us a huge RPG title with all the RT features and I might consider upgrading from 1070. But until then, no.

  59. constantin58 says:

    3:44 Very impressive , but absolutely unnecessary to use Ray tracing in that situation, specially in the early days of Ray Tracing technology. Developers could easily make that RT scene look the same without the use of Ray Tracing. Needless to say this game has highly unoptimized RT in comparison to BF

  60. A. G. says:

    Remember when Nvidia brought up the feature where you could use a second GPU for PhysX only to relive your main GPU, and so you could pare a GTX 780 with a GTX 750 for example. Could we in theory apply that to ray tracing? We could have the GTX 1080 as our main GPU while a GTX 1050 is only focusing on ray tracing.

  61. Grub says:

    I’ve had my GTX 1060 6Gb for a while and it’s served me well enough, I really feel that an RTX isn’t necessary unless you can really notice the differences

  62. Topy says:

    RTX is a joke! it only exists for marketing purposes, there will always be enough sheep to spend the extra $ for some minor feature that really nobody needs.

  63. Waldherz FeuerClan says:

    8387 in Port Royale? You might want to redo this one

  64. i eat sand says:

    YES! now i can play minecraft with ray tracing on my GTX 660TI

  65. Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres says:

    nvidia ceo be like* our 10 series spit 200 fps on all games, lets help it not to do so. RAY TRACING! now they will have 60 fps on 20 series and 30 series will have 120 fps. we will be saling a lot of gpus.!

  66. Mayhemsnow Games says:

    yeah great stuff from Nvidia, sell the same stuff with just another title or driver with higher price.

  67. John Pythagoras says:

    We need RTX 4k 244hz VR, have the game experience developed endlessly by an AI then we send our human race into the next subset of reality. Real-Time Raytracing is amazing to watch, maybe AI generated textures and bump maps are the next big thing so we can generate higher quality visuals.

  68. Worley Walter says:

    If it works with multiple gpus, might me worth a try.

  69. Mark Jacobs says:

    Too bad BFV gimped their raytraced reflections by adding screenspace elements to it to relieve performance and in the process allowed those nifty holes in the reflections you get with screenspace solutions to be visible in them… Realy defeats the purpose :/

  70. TechMantra says:

    Yeah, I can barely see the difference in shadows. In some areas, it can make a big difference but I don't usually go around staring at shadows. Nice to have but I wouldn't specifically go out to buy RTX hardware. Especially at those prices.

  71. Raoul Zac says:

    My 1070 always kept going 100% usage in games that were using 35% prior to the driver update. Additionally, my 1800X is getting hotter while not getting used as much as before. On top of that, my userbenchmark scores for gaming went from ~95% to 82%!

  72. Raoul Zac says:

    Yay, things that they were missing to make GTX obsolete. I think I need to say that my previous sentence was very sarcastic.

  73. xomegaxz says:

    -100 fps just for a darker sewer entrance.
    No thanks bruh. Im not gonna let some lightning to massacre my gpu

  74. Gamers best friend says:

    i play on 20 fps constant and hes running 200 fps rip

  75. Joker says:

    Lol I would never pay extra for an rtx card
    The shit looks so stupid

  76. Pushpop LoC says:

    RTX is the new phsx.

  77. I am who I am says:

    To be honest maybe you can see the difference when a still image is rendered, but in motion I don´t realize any difference… we should have more titles to start with. I feel like this needs to move forward for a better quality. But now I just don´t need it. Also seeing this, I think the market for RTX isn´t well prepared for the enduser.

  78. j x says:

    waiting for the RTX 2030 DDR2!

  79. MakeSenze says:

    3:35 Metro Exodus Demo for RT? You kidding me right? You should check your facts what in reality RT does in Metro Exodus, almost everything what RT does there is possible for last few years now without it. RT is fucking fail from TODAYS perspective, every damn effect can be done without it and 99% people wont tell the difference. Anyway, Metro Exodus is worst example to present RT, because almost every important RT function is not ACTIVE or is MASSIVELY REDUCED in Metro Exodus and the old features which should RT replace in future arent there at all, THATS why you see the biggest difference between RT ON and RT OFF in Metro Exodus, NOT BECAUSE RT features!!! Please next time when you start blab about something do your research about it. Thanks…

  80. Papuna Gaprindashvili says:

    4k 24fps looks real bad. I thought my PC was dropping frames

  81. Johan Suryadinata says:

    all this extra algorithm market exactly like ageia physx card, first it said you need dedicated hardware/core then it can run by software simulation like havok, etc. It gave value added to game content but it's not crucial compare like tesselation from DX11which took around 3 years to get mature hardware andf software implementation. Raytracing accuracy should be aim for professional industry instead of pc game…except maybe for VR game

  82. x_O CantDoShiet says:

    pass me one of those gtx 1680 ti's

  83. Kraniumbrud says:

    there are a few small things raytracing could improve a lot, like rearview mirrors in cars and such.

  84. Raz says:

    personally cant see a difference at all…

  85. justadaniel says:

    You're right, don't bother…unless you are a game developer on a very tight budget, and you just need to get the crap working and you want to provide basic support.

  86. Runforestrun FPV says:

    It is Nvidia's ploy to force gamer upgrade from Pascal to Turing. Very clever actually.

  87. Chris Glisson says:


  88. console gamer says:

    Welp guess i'm still stuck with a gtx 970 🙁

  89. SouthOfHessen says:

    rtx sucks imo, maybe in 10 years it will make a difference but then it will be path tracing i think. dlss on the other hand is quite handy imo, way more than raytracing at the current time, still i dont need it so fuck rtx bolught an 1080ti for the low instead.

  90. Muranaman says:

    There are optimizations available soon, that will allow good performance from GTX 1060 and up, by focusing Ray Tracing on parts that make most difference, rather than for applying RT on the whole screen.
    With some updates in drivers, and study of Ray Tracing, nvidia is able to do some ray tracing preps from the CPU (prepare available pipelines to render pre-ray traced data), to accelerate slow GPUs.
    Using available resources from CPU will result in slightly better performance on multi core CPUs, but also better overall RT looks on cheap GPUs (1050 and above) at a fixed (30 to 60) frames per second.

  91. JaluCakra says:

    why u face so familiar

  92. Go Raid says:

    So the GTX 1660 Ti is good for the Ray Tracing?

  93. Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur says:

    So basically, we can't play with the new feature, the ray tracing without buying that crap 20XX cards lmfao are you kidding me ? Bought my 1080 card 2 years ago, did they thought that everyone would buy them if they removed the pascals from market ? 900€ for a normal card (2080) as with 900€ you could buy a high "tier" 1080ti…

  94. Cubic Ralsei says:

    I'm going to use RTX on bfv on my gtx 1070 then, i have a 60hz screen so i won't notice the fps issues

  95. Vaden Rade says:

    RT is a mess in terms of optimization, it doesn't even worth the hype, who cares about lakes and marbles

  96. Mini-anthrax says:

    What about… Ray Tracing on a GTX 460 lol.

  97. Theonedust007 says:


  98. Paradox _ says:

    Can we just get a gtx 2080 series??

  99. Bon Mikel says:

    Mate just higher the motion blur to 200%

  100. stefanManiak262011 says:

    Wow…what a huge difference in metro Exodus,from 190fps aprox,without rt,and rt on was 33-37 fps,why? I m not doing that! Thx

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