Radeon 480: Hype Aftermath

July 30, 2019 posted by

The 480 manages VR performance at $200, which
is what it set out to do. So why are so many people disappointed?
Clearly, hype plays a large part. Before its launch, AMD promised that Polaris would be
a revolutionary leap in efficiency and performance… for the price-point. And the 480 is certainly
a lot better than the 380 before it. Which it should be. It’s got double the RAM, a
smaller fabrication process, a new design and months of hype behind it! AMD’s mid-range
80 series was long due for a major improvement and the 480 at least makes it viable option
for gamers on a budget again. But ultimately, it’s still just a $200 graphics
card. And although it might offer more for this price than ever before, we’ve seen
this level of performance before from AMD. Twice. First with the 290X and then again
with their 390. Every time, the price goes down. First it was $550. Next, $330. It now
makes sense that the 480 is less again at just $200! But is it any wonder that people
fail to get excited about the same performance a third time, even at a low price? Is it worth
$200 for a card that was top-range 3 years ago? And how long will this level of performance
be able to handle games for? And let’s not forget that right now, even
though it’s the best all-round choice for its price, it’s still not a total knock-out.
There’s still the odd game where it’ll underperform against one from Nvidia, or even
against older AMD cards. And this problem has been compounded by review sites coming
to different conclusions about the card. For every site saying it performs well, another
will contradict it and say it performs poorly. At the moment it looks like this is down to
the drivers being used. But regardless of the reason, it isn’t helping anybody that
the 480’s performance hasn’t been universally agreed upon just yet.
There’s a silver lining here. AMD’s cards have aged well in the past, thanks to their
ability to squeeze more and more performance with driver updates. For all we know the 480
could end up being significantly faster than it is right now and there will be much rejoicing
by owners of the card everywhere. But this is all in the future- there’s no guarantee
that this will even happen. Right now, the card is being reviewed with its current performance,
as it rightfully should be. And for now, overclocking is also disappointing.
Reference cards seem starved for power, they run hot and overclock poorly. These are all
things that could be remedied with custom 480’s, but once again we’re relying on
the future for improvements, rather than accepting the state it’s in right now.
And what about the power consumption in general? This was a major step up in Polaris, according
to AMD’s exciting-looking previews. Problem is, even with the jump to a 14 nm process,
it’s still only on par with the Geforce 900 series, and less efficient than their
newer 1000 cards. In fact, the only thing it really beats are AMD’s previous generations.
Don’t get me wrong, Polaris’s efficiency is definitely a step in the right direction,
but it only begins to level the playing field with Nvidia, and highlights how much worse
AMD previously was in this regard. I think a lot of us were hopeful that the
480 would surpass the expectations and promises, because AMD had managed it before back in
2008 with the release of the Radeon 4850 and 70. At the time, these were AMD’s highest
performing single cards. They ran games like a dream and, priced at 200 and 300 dollars
respectively, easily beat cards well above their price-points. Plus with the exchange
rates back then, 200 dollars became something like £125 for us here in England, compared
with the 480’s release price starting at £170 for the cheapest 4 GB model. I know
it’s not fair to compare this launch with the legendary 4850, since a lot has changed
in the last 8 years, but I think a lot of people were hoping to see the same again from
AMD. The 480 is a good choice, but it simply doesn’t scream ‘BUY ME!!!’ in the same
way as those cards did. And although the future might be kind to the
480, right now its worst enemies are older and second hand cards, which will no doubt
be available for a while at competitive prices for those disinterested in the power efficiency
and future improvements that the 480 may deliver. AMD are partly to blame for the hype surrounding
the card. They were the ones who hand-picked the benchmarks and stats to wow us with before
its launch. And it’s not as if they lied about those very specific and cherry-picked
details. But with the absence of higher-end cards, the 480 alone had to fulfil all our
expectations, which is more than any mid-range card can possibly deliver on. Besides, when
have we ever gotten excited about the launch of 80’s cards in the past? Impressive performance
has always been the 90’s cards area of expertise and it’s these that we’ve all dreamt of
having, even at the end of the day most of us end up getting an 80 because we’re poor.
Yet despite all this, I think that this will be remembered as a successful launch. The
480, in its large quantities, will become a common and respected graphics card for gamers
on a budget. It will lower the barrier of entry for those wanting to experience higher
resolution and VR displays. And it will usher in a new age of peace and tranquillity that-
no, it won’t do that last bit, let’s not get on the hype train again just yet! But
it’s certainly a success that AMD needed in order to claw back market share from Nvidia
and to prepare for the coming storm that is the Geforce 1060.
Many of us have been holding off upgrading for far too long. Some of us even sold our
cards in preparation for this launch. And as always, if only this card had been slightly
more powerful, efficient or cheaper, then we’d all have been a lot happier. If only
the 480 could definitely have outclassed the older 390 cards, or gone toe-to-toe with the
formidable Geforce 980. Maybe some of us are questioning whether it’s been worth the
wait. To save $100 or so by getting the 480 rather than a 970 or 390 a year ago. Have
all those lost frames we’ve endured been worth it? Will this card even be able to run
tomorrow’s games at high settings? We’re just going to have to make do with
this card’s performance for now, and rely on AMD’s reputation of being able to squeeze
more performance out of their cards as time goes on. Maybe the 480 will become a great
investment, with its generous 8 GB of RAM and new, improved architecture being enough
to power games for years to come. And here’s hoping for new software features
too. You know what I’m talking about. You see this? This wouldn’t be possible to record
using AMD’s Play.TV, which only works in certain applications. Shadowplay has 60 FPS,
4K support at the click of a button. It’s spoiled me since it’s perfect in its simplicity
and compatibility and until AMD can offer the same I’m afraid that their cards are
out of the question, as somebody like me who produces content can’t justify sacrificing
a tool as flexible and as efficient as Shadowplay. Please, AMD! Stop ignoring people who are
in my situation! There are dozens of us! DOZENSSSSS


100 Replies to “Radeon 480: Hype Aftermath”

  1. Trenten Roberts says:

    AY philip!! (look at 2kliks channel banner)

  2. Yakui says:

    In sweden, the 970 is way cheaper lmao

  3. uncertainreminder says:

    me happi with me iMac and me mecbook pro
    the can pley miencraft at hi defynishon

  4. dinastymvm says:

    do a video about running crossfire 480 while costing less than 1070 and performing better than it

  5. ArJuN AJ says:

    Yet trying to get one from newegg and shipped to asia.

    RIP that, not happening anytime soon…

  6. CrispyChicken44 says:

    Here I am on the GTX 770 still lol.

  7. Danich Ivanov says:

    Not a bad card. They made 1080p more accessible. But yeah, i thought it's gonna be at least on par with 390x.

  8. TastyPotty says:

    Lol at the straws grasped at here!

  9. Detmer says:

    With the latest Futuremark 3DMark Time Spy benchmark the HYPE is true, for upcoming games it's on par with the GTX 980…

  10. Individu λambda says:

    I'm wondering, what would be the best choice right now to upgrade ? My current card is a gtx660ti, I had my eyes on the 970 (found it ranging from 200€ to 500€ (I'm french), didn't check how I can trust these), and this new RX480.

    The best choice would be to wait graphic cards that beat the ones in the Xbox scorpion and PSK, take a gtx970, or to take a rx480 ?

  11. The Patriot says:

    It's really confusing

  12. Daniel Pedersen says:

    Sorry to say it, but screw AMD and wait for the Nvidia GTX 1060 or get the 1070. so much power in those cards!!

  13. Nathan Shriner says:

    I'm still using a 750ti lmao

  14. Mahmut Tuncel says:

    4-5 W more OOO !!!!

  15. Nicolai says:

    The launch price for 480 in my country is around the same as launch price for r9 390 in us…

  16. StormKidification says:

    Thanks for these videos on graphic cards, the information is so dispersed and decentralized I can never follow why people like or dislike certain cards.

  17. soupie says:

    funny, i cant find any place selling it for $200

  18. D Gillies says:

    We bought an Rx480 8GB July 5th for $249 direct from diamond multimedia (powercolor). It beats a 970 card at $329 which is about the lowest price we could find. On Vulkan is handily beats a 1060 card in almost everything. It can do SLI, it has more RAM, it's more future proof than the 1060 which NVidia is clearly angry about and trying to cripple in every way it can think of doing …

  19. Alec Coates says:


  20. Maximiliano Britez says:

    And I've still got my HD6670, maybe it's time for an upgrade.

  21. MoronSoldier says:

    Wanna hear a joke?
    GTX 780ti vs budget cards.

  22. Slip Kid says:

    Man I love Shadowplay technology. I haven't used it much, but the fact that anyone can record there games with minimal lag is a great feature built into the GeForce Experience software 🙂

  23. Slip Kid says:

    My first card was an AMD 4870 🙂

  24. iSkerdi says:

    rx 480 performance a little bit better than 970 390

  25. Zend Caelus says:

    In Buenos Aires costs $ 642.60 (Dollars). A theft

  26. NimbleDust says:

    It's still sold out D:

  27. Nathan Colbath says:

    Alought has changed in the past 8 years, and we left the EU. Had to rewind to see if he really said that

  28. rusza j says:

    Hey at least its better than the r7 240

  29. LOLSassyVlogGames says:

    1:16 Out performed by 2 fps? that's within the margin of error

  30. yogalD says:

    Actually Polaris isn't even more efficient than Fiji, for some reason, despite being 14nm vs 28nm.

  31. RattleN Hum says:

    I think it's silly that you want to compare breaking tech without using breaking standards like DX12.

  32. Sorin Alexandru Cîrstea says:

    They need a new marketing team, cause those guys suck ass. I've never seen such bad marketing from a company as big as AMD.

  33. SLASHpointO says:

    LOL, you can get a GTX780 for 100GBP used, and that would beat the shit out of the 480
    And also, for some reason, developers optimize for NVIDIA better.

  34. Garcyrus says:

    I was so ready for the rx480, but there no after market cards. it is for that reason I bought a 1060 from GIGABYTE.

  35. Warsun says:

    Yeah.I`m thumbs downing this video. 0:19 just reading the top.DX11? What? Not DX12.Sounds like an Unfair test.Not only that.Those games listed where Nvidia Gameworks titles.The run like crap.If you like 48fps on Display Port connections for FreeSync they you will love poorly rendered an over Tessellated graphics of these bad games. 0:48 yeah but the R9 390 can run DX12 where the R9 290 cant.

  36. Warsun says:

    You are showing benchmarks of specific games of Nvidia Gameworks.Which is the equivalent of Nvidia asking to race AMD then Nvidia hopping in a car for a foot race an lining AMD`s side of the race track with spikes an explosives an yelling "go! " None of these used DX12 on the test.None of these are not BIAS to Nvidia graphics an not only affect GPUs but AMD`s CPUs.The RX480 is Excellent.

  37. sauceboss510 says:

    so wait is gtx 970 good?

  38. Palider says:

    I expected better power efficiency, but AMD's current 400 series have only managed to catch up with Nvidia's 900 series. Meanwhile Nvidia is calmly enjoying a significant power efficiency lead with their 1000 series cards.

    Improve your power efficiency AMD, and I might go back to buying one of your graphics card in the future.

  39. PizzaOnAStick says:

    I'm just gonna stick with the 1070

  40. liamisamonster says:

    we haven't left the eu

  41. Orbiting Gravity says:

    Was an ATI fan for a while, then I got a 3dFx Voodoo, Nvidia bought out 3dFx and I kinda followed. I tried to go back to AMD once and was very disappointed. I do however love the cost/performance of the AMD cpu's.

  42. gNightrow says:

    I think this is all because of mores law is depleading

  43. IndoCS says:

    how can you be dissapointed, have you checked the dx12 benchmarks for rx480? its equivalent to the gtx 1070 which is priced 60% more, and for 2 rx 480 you get the same amount of power as the gtx 1080..

  44. jangelelcangry says:

    This card it's very disappointing. Slightly weaker than the 390x, consume more power than advertised and prices are higher compared with the "Vr performance for $200" quote, more like $270 thanks to the stock fiasco.
    Over hyped, over priced, under delivers.
    I hope this changes soon.

  45. Michael Juden says:

    I personally don't think it was over hyped. Maybe by the community, like every thing that was ever released.
    I was actually impressed. I expected 1080p on high settings, and instead everything is 1080p maxed and many games on 2k maxed.
    I'm expecting this card to handle everything in the next few years on max settings 1080p.
    Like no man's sky, they did say some bullshit, but the community blew it our of proportions, thinking it's going to be the game of the century.

  46. homelessEh says:

    heh still using hd4890's lol

  47. nasha thedog says:

    We got 390/390x performance for 390 money, It was a die shrink generation jump and with a generation leap it's the norm to expect the performance level of one card to be available on the card sat below that one in the charts so a 780 was matched by a 970 or a 290x should of been matched a 380x but AMD failed to deliver that with the 200 to 300 range, Then this gen leap was as Nvidia showed good for a 2 level jump thanks to the added die shrink so from Nvidia we got 980ti performance from the 1070 level card, In comparison we only got the one and to top it off both firms are screwing us on pricing so with the 480x you pay as much as a 390 cost meaning we're not really getting anything extra out of the new gen or the die shrink. Nvidia prices are disgusting but at least they can still argue that with the 1070 you get 500 dollar performance (980ti) from a 400 dollar card.

  48. Gamesfan34260 says:

    I honestly don't get why you use Shadowplay.
    Something about its interface just-horrifies me.
    Also, it refuses to connect to my Twitch for some reason so I can't stream with it like I planned to so I'm stuck using OBS for literally everything.

    Moving on, if I was to upgrade from my Nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti and wanted a more powerful card that offers less power consumption (I don't care about price because I am still going to wait before upgrading, I want this pc to be at least 4 years old before I switch out hardware….excluding ram which I'll probably need more than 8 of once I start playing modern games or with fancy editing software or music creation.)

  49. Matjaž V. says:

    So is now a good time/price to buy RX 480 4GB for 1050p("1080p") gaming. Could get after market version for about 220€. (EU)

  50. America, FuckYA! says:

    I got 2 ASUS Strix OC 480's and am a happy fat cat.

  51. Hayate Azekura says:

    200 bucks where? most of these msrp prices are off like 100 to 150 bucks

  52. THE16THPHANTOM says:

    i laugh at "poor" people who want to cheap out on graphic horse power and still want VR. its like VR should not even be in your vocabulary dude. i'm "poor" and so i dont even look beyond 1080p, i know my place.

  53. Voulty says:

    the RX 480 costs 310€ in my country

  54. urbanspy2008 says:

    So which one you think it would age better, rx 480 or gtx 1060?

  55. ilias konidis says:

    my friend we don't care about temps and wattage we care about pure performance per buck and this at the time is the best future proof choice at the moment out there so don't speak no sense

  56. ZyDoxx says:

    For the people who consider buying this. Go for the XFX Rx480 GTR 8Gb black edition

  57. Ian Visser says:

    i love how people complain about amd giving higher performance at a lower price with each release, while giving much better long term usability than nvidia… not to mention overclocking scales better in my experience with amd cards.

  58. Toprak Cem SAVAS says:

    how can you record anything with shadowplay i use it too bıt it only records games for me?!?

  59. Neurotic Sos says:

    I don't think it was overhyped. I've never used it tho

  60. Mezque says:

    Plays.TV is owned by Raptr, Raptr only teamed up with AMD. (after AMD and Raptr teamed up Raptr became 100% shit btw)

  61. Tuzz Nation says:

    I just came here to see all the ppl who board the hype train and crashed hard

  62. MariusMJG Garmannslund says:

    ReLive is here to save us

  63. Bai Laohu says:

    Thank God the prices are coming down….I was just thinking that maybe I should leave gaming and stick to anime. Seriously, idk if it's genuine or just lazy, shitty optimization (games have become quite lazy…) but games these days are just insane on the system requirements. Look at sf5….that thing can't easily run on a potato for instance but it doesn't look too good either. Guilty Gear Xrd on the other hand can run on a potato and looks gorgeous. It's like games spend too much time making rocks look realistic and then putting them in the most drab, boring, uninteresting environments which lead to ridiculous system requirements for game worlds that…you…kinda don't really want to spend time in.

  64. Minus says:

    Honest arguments against RX480. It was a major fail. GTX 780, GTX 1060, GTX 970 all three are cheaper and better. AMD realised nothing with Polaris so far.

  65. Max Crossan says:

    AMD has made ReLive, like shadowplay exept some say its better

  66. Mar Eck says:

    +2kliksphilip you got your wish with ReLive now ^^

  67. Maybe Live says:

    Well, now it's much better with the new drivers.

  68. Zaid Alkhishman says:

    Time for a follow up on this video my mate. AMD's newer drivers are unlocking more and more of this modest beast. I've seen videos on youtube showing it beating the gtx1060, bringing it closer to the 980's performance level

  69. BattleBunnyKai says:

    Waiting for the 490s.

  70. Thijs van Gils says:

    Amd promises a lot but delivers little. Deja vu.

  71. CaptainMcShotgun says:

    ReLive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  72. lolatron says:

    i like how my apu and r7370 WHERE FUCKING BETTER THE MY RX 480

  73. MoronSoldier says:

    Oi, now that AMD has released the ReLive app, which is essentially AMD's Shadowplay, and with multiple re-reviews coming in with the RX 480 beating out the 1060 in DX11 and 12, how about you eat your words? 😀

  74. Some one says:

    Playing currently on Nvidia 9600GT 512 MB… Planning to buy a new pc with one of those 480's, pretty cool GPU I guess, especially after that old peace.

  75. King K. Rool says:

    "Even if most of us end up getting an 80 because we are poor" way to make me feel even more like a poorfag philip.

  76. DA oliHVAR says:

    where i live even the 470 is more expensive than 200$

  77. Red Light says:


  78. houston soriano says:

    Nvidia dick riders keep hating

  79. MedVFX says:

    minute of silence for me : i still have a HD 5450

  80. maartenboy37 says:

    With the new drivers it out performs the GTX 1060, wish there was a 490 though. Vega please…

  81. Xamiakass says:

    not sure about disapointment bit tbh.. bought my red devil for 260 pounds week or so after it came out. vrmark hits 161fps avg on highest settings.. or high.. maybe there`s something i missed in there. disapointed? works as promised.

  82. Halalaluyafail3 says:

    7950->280->380->gtx 1050?

  83. Hiker Wolfspaine says:

    Love my 480. Cheap and lets me play DOOM 2016 on Ultra with only a few really odd frame-drops I still can't figure out the cause to. I did upgrade from a 69 hundred series card so I did see huge improvements.

  84. Kyle says:

    Looks like the card still did well, and issues were ironed out as I've seen a lot of people pick em up.

  85. Abdul-Hakeem Burns says:

    … Or maybe cryptocurrency miners will gobble up all the cards and prices will skyrocket

  86. Venstoma says:

    Well as we know miners have ruined all that you just said and well stop making money so we can play games damnit!

  87. Facundo says:

    In my country this card is .5 the price of a 1070, I am taking about the 8gb version.

  88. HeadCrushing4k says:

    the 480-580 poops on the old 390's 290's

  89. alxx. says:

    1 year later and they are more expensive then they were at launch

  90. 82F GDT says:

    And then the miners…

  91. ZestyMeatSauce says:

    One year later it's solid there is not a single game that has come out that i can't do 1080p on plus 4k on older games like assassin's creed brotherhood and saints row 60fps it's a very good starter card and my first AMD card I'm satisfied but will be getting a GTX 1070 when i have the money

  92. ICT says:

    AMD have ReLive. On RX 480 record 4K60 HEVC and AVC 100 Mbps, 320 kbps audio + mic separate track, Instant Replay.

  93. LitleDjok3r says:

    200 dollarsssss

  94. Great Uncle Bulgaria says:

    And now over £300

  95. Alexander H. says:

    This Graphix Card for just 200$
    Me getting cancer infront of the screen cuz i bought the card during the Graphic Card crisis in 2017 for about >340$

  96. jurr sil says:

    the background music sounds a lot like that of diablo 2

  97. Jesus McBeth says:

    >there r dozens of us

  98. STORMTROOPER 1337/6902 says:

    I use a nvidia 640 am I peasant

  99. Don Cheadle says:

    I like amd cards, except for their emulation performance, with opengl, they suck compared to nvidia.

    ᵉˢᵖᵉᶜᶦᵃˡˡʸ ᶦⁿ ᶜᵉᵐᵘ ᵃⁿᵈ ʸᵘᶻᵘ

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