Quake Champions vs its Minimum Requirements vs Super Low resolution

August 18, 2019 posted by

Back in the day, the old Quake was one of
the main examples of how fast, frenetic and purely intense shooters used to be. The shooter genre has taken some twists and
turns since then toward slower more cover based gameplay but now that we seem to be
falling in love again to fast and dynamic shooters, what better time to return to this
franchise? Quake Champions surprised me by recapturing
that old feeling while having very modest minimum requirements and now being FREEEEEEEE. Naturally, since this is the lowspecgamer,
wanted to test those requirement claims while checking if there is anything else can reduce
under what the developer intended. To start, I decided to start my Xiaomi Pro
laptop, equipped with an i5 8250U. Usually, games here are run on the integrated
MX150 but I for Quake Champions I have forced to run on the Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics
620, while the game asks for at least an Intel HD Graphics 530. It is difficult to compare exactly which of
two comes out on top overall but they seem to be close enough for this comparisons. First I dropped to 720p and reduced all the
settings the lowest and yes, that includes the extremely high default FOV and I can hear
people screaming at me in comments already but there is definitive performance impact
at such a high FOV. The let’s focus on the resolution scaler. This reduces the resolution of the 3D graphics
without affection the UI so, even if the lowest 16:9 resolution in the game seems to be 720
you can effectively go much lower using this. The game already allows you to go down to
an impressive 25% but if you go to the configuration file located on this folder, which you can
also find in the description you can put almost any arbitrary value. For example, at a value of 20%, you might
believe it is impossible to distinguish anything but: the levels are designed in a clear manner,
enemies, allies and pickups have clear glowing colours that make it easier to quickly distinguish
what are you looking at, even in this conditions. In terms of performance, I was alarmed when
the game was announced as targeting 120 fps of all numbers but this humble intelHD does
maintain a smooth 60 to 80 even on combat. Well done quake champions, it does make me
happy to see modern games with IntelHD in the requirements. Let’s go a bit further and try it on a humble
Intel Pentium G3620, a hashwell dual-core CPU with a 4th Generation Intel HD which is
definitively not as good as the integrated GPU I just tried. So I reduced internet resolution to 15% and
well… not as bad as you would expect right? You can still tell a lot of what is going
on, even tough if… more than once, I confused a red box with a distant enemy. Those of you who always look at stats first
probably noticed already that the GPU, in this case, is no longer the issue and the
dual-core CPU is the main limiting factor in performance. Even with a pretty bad CPU bottleneck the
game manages to forge on without stuttering and good performance that keeps it at least over 30 fps. Not bad at all. I know it won’t help in performance but…
is the game still playable at 10% internal resolution? Yeah, I… I do not think so. It is still pretty clear by moments but sometimes
you can not see enemies write in front of you. Still, if you are looking to enjoy really
fast retro-like shooting action. Why not try this game? The Quake series is in many ways a pioneer
and major contributor to the shooter genre. For example, the original Quake was one of
the main contributors to popularizing the WASD control scheme for shooters that is standard
nowadays. It was simply too frenetic for the old Doom
like the control scheme. Similar revolutions are happening nowadays,
with more developers trying to figure out how to adapt control of older genres to newer
platforms like mobile. If you want to contribute to revolutionizing
the control schemes of future games you are going to need a lot of skills, such as how
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and you for watching.


100 Replies to “Quake Champions vs its Minimum Requirements vs Super Low resolution”

  1. Blood Bath says:

    To any beginners looking to give Quake a try: Heavy Armor and Mega Health are your objective- this is an objective based game, make no mistake. Pick one up and you'll add 100 to your health/armor stack, count to 30, come back and get it again as it respawns. If you can control both major pickups you'll have it made, as long as you choose your fights wisely.

    In time you'll learn how to strafe jump, circle strafe, ledge clip, rocket jump, nail climb, nail jump, and navigate the map faster for better item control. In-game tutorials fail to teach the basics right now, and this is a hardcore series with 20 year veterans. Keep surviving one day at a time, and you might find a slipgate home.

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    I'm being deadass serious, I have 50 hours on this game and I run it on 1280×720 all low settings and it's still playable and fun as hell, channels like you show off these low settings and I may not go as low as you go with external methods but with in game settings most channels make fun of how bad it looks but I actually play like that lmao, I get like 90 fps so I could make a little bit higher though, this is a newer game but most people can run the game on low settings and still be able to have loads of fun, I definitely recommend this to ANYONE who is a first person shooter fan, it's one of the fastest most fun games out there (not sponsored btw xd)

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    I had Quake Champions on my Win7 ultimate and I'm free to say that this game is requirement hungry game
    Here's my specs: (I will also show my newer specs later)
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (will change to i5 8400)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 MSI 2GB
    4GB RAM DDR3 (will change to 16GB RAM DDR4)
    motherboard: MSI (will change to newer MSI/be quiet! with the coffee lake compatible one)
    fan: idk but I think that's then one compatible for Q6600 and will be changed after getting i5 8400 coffee lake
    case: silentiumpc

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    Ohh man, i've got an hp elitebook 8470p but even with 5% res scale it just can't load the maps, also got like no fps in the menu… Btw i followed your tutorial.

  82. Ferdy Almeida says:

    i think i had eye problems

  83. MikeMine2002 says:

    I hate to be the one guy but…
    The wasd setup wasn't popularized specifically because of quake but one of the best players in competitive quake (Dennis “Thresh” Fong is his name). In quake 2 there was a command that john carmack programmed so that if you input it it would turn your settings into Dennis' default controls. Sensitivity and all.

    (then you could do the argument that, "still, that was in quake was it not?" and yeah. But it became a thing because of that one (early) esports champion.

  84. Roy Petrie says:

    Looks terrible! Can't aim with these settings… Looks worse than Quake Live, Quake 3 arena and Quake 2 haha!

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    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4-945 / Intel Core 2 Quad 6600
    CPU SPEED: Info
    RAM: 8 GB
    OS: Windows 7 and later
    VIDEO CARD: AMD R7 240 GB / Nvidia GT 730 2GB / Intel HD 530

    ur cpu is way overkill for the listed specs, yet , it runs like pototo. they simply need to update these "requirements"

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    Quake had a few performance updates since then(ones they worked on for over 6 months to reduce fps drops etc). If you have time, please do an update. Or maybe not necessary on lowspec machine. ttyl

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    running it on 720p all low with no tinkering on internal configs at 30fps seems eligiable to me to say that it is easily playable on a budget machine rocking a a10-7850k with no gpu what so ever (except that internal one baked in the apu itself)

  98. SoyAll says:

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    i can't find the config folder, ols help 🙁

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