Publisher 2016 – Create a Logo – How To Make Logos Using Microsoft Office Tutorial – Creating in MS

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hi and welcome students in this video I'll be covering Microsoft Publisher 2016 and how to create a logo let's go ahead and get started so if you're creating a logo for a business chances are that you already have a picture or group of pictures that you need to put together to create the logo so let's go ahead and learn how to do that today the first thing that we need to do is learn how to insert a picture into publisher the way that we do that is we go to the insert tab and then in the illustrations group you're gonna see pictures for my logo we're creating it for a dentistry so we're going to put a picture of a woman inside of a picture of a mirror so the first thing that we have to do is get this picture of the mirror and so I'm going to double click that it's a very large picture and so I put it on the page now first thing I'm gonna do is kind of move this off to my scratch area to the left side and work with it over here now you'll see that the height of this picture is nine point two nine inches high by seven point five nine now let's say that I wanted to change the dimensions on this and I wanted the height to be five inches I'd go right up here I'll change the height from nine point two nine to five and press Enter and you'll see that it has decreased the height to only five and it already decreased the width to four point oh nine from what it was before so this is what's called aspect ratio as I decrease the height it decreased the width as well well what if I want this to be an exact measurement of five for height and six point five for width well I already have the height selected so if I go here to width and I go six point five and I press enter notice that the height changed as well and now it's about eight inches tall which is not what I wanted so if you want to change the height without the width what happens if I go over here and use the sizing handle well you'll notice the sizing handle has the same problem as I decrease the height the width also decreases well that's only if I grab a corner sizing handle what happens if I grab a side or the top well now you'll see that the aspect ratio will change and I can spend all day trying to figure out what these exact Heights and widths are as I move and shrink and expand this or what I could do is go to the side group and click the dialogue box in the bottom right and then right here you're gonna see a button that says lock aspect ratio and that's currently checked on most images this will be checked by default and so if I uncheck this now I could change the height and the width to the exact dimensions that I want so I'm going to click OK and you'll see that now if I go up here and I change the height to 5 like I wanted and press Enter and I changed the width to 6.5 like I wanted now you'll see that I have no issues doing that ok and even if I wanted them to be switched let's say 6.5 for the height I type in 6.5 for the height and 5 for the width well there we go maybe that looks a little bit better so taking a look at what you're doing as you're creating your logo is very important to see what's more aesthetically pleasing alright so now that I have this done you'll notice that this look or this mirror has a lot of this border in the sides and in the corners I don't want that border to be on here anymore so that what I need to do next is what's called cropping an image to crop an image you have to go to the picture tools format tab the crop group and then click this button right here crop ok don't click the arrow on this one but right up here up at the top you click on crop and you'll see that crop handles will appear what these do is they allow you to hover over them and click and drag to decrease the amount of space that's actually used from your picture so you'll see as I decrease and move closer to just the area that I want this background starts to become very light almost to the point where you cannot see it so what I'm going to do is I'm going to move all of the corners in sides in just like that and now you'll see that now just a picture of the mirror is within this crop area now once I have this area done now I go back up to that crop button and I click it one more time and you'll see that now the background has been removed and I just have the picture of the mirror so that's where I want to get with this picture before I start adding in the picture of the woman so now what we're going to do is I'm going to go ahead and click away from this and I could either click in the scratch area or I could press escape to deselect it and now we're going to learn how to use a shape to eventually fill that picture within it so I'm going to go ahead and go to the insert tab and on the insert tab I'm gonna go to the within the insert tab I'm going to go to the illustrations group and I'm gonna click on shapes okay now with this shapes gallery open I'm gonna choose oval which is this one right down here in basic shapes and I'll click on that and now within the oval I can start to draw my oval so I'm just gonna draw one like this and I'll go with what I think fits within that mirror and so I click on that and there we go okay so now that I have the oval drawn let's go ahead and change the height right up here and you'll notice that if I go to change the height let's make the height on this one 2.5 and let's make the width to notice that it is not set for aspect ratio by default okay shapes when you enter them in will not be set for aspect ratio so you can resize them to any size that you want right up here in the size group all right so now that we have that set what I'm going to do next is fill the shape with a image okay it's the way that we do that and a lot of people don't really know how to do this we go to the drawing tools format tab shape Styles group and go to shape fill and if I know that I want the picture the woman to go within this shape I'm gonna go right down here to picture okay it's below all of the colors below and right above the gradient texture and pattern fills you click on picture and now you can choose picture from a file I'm gonna go to my desktop and I'm gonna choose this picture right here I click on that and you'll see that it will replace the inside color with the picture of the woman okay and so now that that's there now I can go right over here and put the picture over the mirror okay and let's say that I want to use this as my company logo again kind of an odd company logo but we'll go with it and so there we go alright so there's my logo now what I want to do is let's say that I want this to go on to my letterhead somewhere well the problem is this is a very big image right now and if I go to move these check out what happens oh well I just moved that and now I have this still over here well that's not very good I want those two things to always move together the way that I do that is I'm gonna do ctrl Z real quick is I want to make all of this my logo the way that I'm gonna do it is I'm gonna highlight or rather click and drag over everything then the reason I do this in the scratch area is that it doesn't conflict with anything on my letterhead and so now that those two are selected I'm gonna go somewhere in the middle of them and right click and I'm gonna go to save as picture okay and let's say that I'm just gonna call this one logo alright and I'll choose the destination and I'll click Save and now I always have this logo to use at any time so the pictures been saved but I also want the pictures to move together and I don't want to have to highlight them like this every single time so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to right-click it and I'm gonna go to group now that it's grouped together you'll notice that you don't see the inside picture listed as a different border so now it's just 1 and I can click and drag now the cool thing about doing it this way is you could also resize the picture ok now typically I don't want to you know distort it like that at all so maybe in this case if I know that I don't want to distort it can I actually mess with the aspect ratio you'll see that it's not an option over here so the way that I always keep my logo it within the aspect ratio is I hold down shift while I drag from a corner and now you'll notice that as you hold down shift it'll always keep that aspect ratio so that's another little shortcut there and now I can move the logo wherever I want to maybe I want it really small on the page okay and I want it right down there okay good so that's how we group objects and save them as a picture so that when we want to move them we have no problem and remember the shortcut for aspect ratio is to hold down shift while you drag in and out and that'll always keep the aspect ratio the same so hopefully this video has helped yeah it's taught you a little bit more about grouping images cropping images and eventually saving them as a logo and thank you so much for watching if you have any questions about this please put it in the comment section I'll do my best to help you out have a great rest of your day and I'll see you guys next time


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  1. MotorheadRedo says:

    I never thought of using Publisher to make logo's. i always used Adobe Photoshop or the old Jasc Paint Shop Pro application. I wonder if Publisher is good to use for logo's used one the web?

  2. Sassybooper says:

    this is a very cool way to created a logo, thank you so much for share, I only have a question is Microsoft Publisher part of The Microsoft Office tools?

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