PUBG mobile + old phone + lowest graphics. Increasing fps on PUBG android! (Galaxy S4)

July 30, 2019 posted by

Remember all the times when I have made videos
for PUBG only for the game to be updated immediately and block all changes to the configuration
files. I am going to wait for this one a bit to see
if this happened. Mother frying pan. I knew it. I knew they were going to pull that OUCH. Believe it or not, PUBG was never officially
available in China, but after its unexpected exploding success of the game in the region, and its inevitable locking, tech giant Tencent licensed the game for China and against all common sense developed a free
to play version of the game on mobile. One that seems to be more optimized and provide
better performance than the PC counterpart. Not only that but the game has actual configuration
files that people started editing until the values were all replaced with keys
so people would stop. This is PUBG after all. Why would they allow people to change files? However since android has some tools that
can be used to tweak games, in general, and my thing is basically running
under the minimum requirements, or at least very close to them (and also I want to get all portable versions of
PUBG out of my system) I was interested in seeing how the game would
perform on a galaxy s4 from 2013. PUBG would not install on Android versions
under 6.1 so I used a custom ROM from lineageOS, the successor to cyanogen mod based on Android
Nougat. The ROM is still on nightly, meaning that
it is not necessarily stable but it did well on my short tests. It also makes rooting very easy which will
be useful for the apps that I am going to use. If you want to support the devs of any of
these apps the links are in the description. The first thing that I will use is GL Tools,
this app allows changes to the way OpenGL renders game graphics. I mainly use it to add an fps counter on the
game so we can see the end results and to modify the size of the textures. Limiting it to 256×256 seems to be the lowest
you can go before the game becomes hard to play due to visual glitches but it still looks a bit… hmmm… What does not work is changing the internal
resolution of the game, it just makes it tiny. If we want to change the resolution then we
need to rely on a resolution changer app. I saw good results with Resolution Changer,
which I use to drop to a crispy 270×480, brilliant. With these changes, the game seems to hover
around 22 fps. Not bad for a phone that you can nowadays
pick for around a hundred euros on my side of the world. There are CPU related drops when the game
is loading that can happen in the most inconvenient of moments, but it tends to recover after
a new area is loaded. If this is the only battle royale experience
accessible to you at the moment, of you just want to give a try to this game no matter
the cost, maybe these apps can help you. And if they do, consider joining my community
discord. It has been a good place to keep up with the
changes this game has gone through in terms of tweaking in a such a short space of time. And thank you if you a Patreon donor that is helping keep this channel going.


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  1. NathanBrutal says:

    That was… Interesting.

  2. Chicken Little says:

    pubg mobile lite is the answer

  3. Mehardeep Singh says:

    Bro the amount of views that you get is enough to buy you a gaming pc

  4. sam langkamp says:

    I heve a s2

  5. Ruby Surahman says:

    pubg mobile on tencent emulator please

  6. Mior Irfan says:

    u can change it using usercustom.ini

  7. Geo PlayZ says:

    I am loking from a galaxy s4

  8. Dhruba Dhar says:

    How to use linage os

  9. Sipolkungs says:

    I have white textures on p8 lite.

    Just so everyone knows- for the sake of your money DO NOT BUY HUAWEI PHONES!! They are dipshit at performance and they release very poor updates that instead of adding options- remove them!

  10. Zohaib Ahmed says:

    Free Fire plzz

  11. Meme Boi says:

    Can you make it run on ps3?

  12. fnomena says:

    i made a video on this as well but i went the safe route 🙂
    hopefully ill upload it tomorrow

  13. Khalish Abdullah says:

    Gl tools is root?

  14. 90tynibbas says:

    Better than my phone

  15. Rizqu Ibni says:


  16. scuttle06 says:

    my first phone was a tablet

    a samsung Tab 7.0 from 2011

  17. アヘガオ says:

    i blame my phone not the game.. but thanks for giving me this tutorial, its better than the last time, and the thing is i cant snipe for a few miles so i rather use the lowest original settings

  18. Youarepapapap Aapapap says:

    Ark mobile please next

  19. #1 Pro Player says:

    Mine's is Slightly better
    PC emulator btw

  20. cY_DanIeLle_A. _ALfafAra16 says:

    Game Tuner for Samsung folks

  21. smw freak says:

    It's funny watching this on a s6… something way better with way better fps

    And s8 port custom rom

  22. Danish Plays says:

    Which app you use to monitor FPS

  23. Rafale_76 says:

    Choc sucker im on galaxy s2 and it's do not work bastard

  24. Afif Irfan says:

    U can use kernel auditor for increase your cpu phone

  25. Leo Iskandar says:


  26. FnAf português says:


  27. Never Forever says:

    I downloaded PUBG mobile on my new Samsung tab a but the graphics are blurry

  28. VJ Javellana says:

    snake camper: you cant see me
    Him: yes i can

  29. saiful Tushar says:

    What about j2 prime

  30. Dead Gaming says:

    Gracias por los subtítulos en español entiendo todo 🙂

  31. NFS Player says:

    Can you make Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild for low spec PC? Mine PC has meet the requirements but HDD is reducing the frame rate 😅😅😅so I intent to do it but I dunno… can u help me?

  32. Nerijus K says:

    Same ram like mine pc.

  33. Cyteleus says:

    Now I can play pubg mobile in my potato.

  34. Ivan Jevtic says:

    Free Fire please

  35. WobL says:

    How did you get that FPS displayed in the corner of the screen?

  36. Ķïmàñïę břòwń says:

    Play pubg lite problem solve

  37. JustBryu says:

    i dont need that .You work you have my like

  38. Carlos Adrian Gonzalez Solis says:

    Pubg looks better in grand prime plus

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    Fortnite mobile on low Phone

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  41. ALZERT'X 77 says:

    But what about R00T

  42. SAmuelX100 says:

    I can play This Game on S4. Really, isn't the best experience, but, a least i can try it.

  43. MR Jordan CH says:

    Gltools need root

  44. Tosh1998 says:

    PUBG Lite lol

  45. Brandon Logandi - SFM Animations says:

    That WiFi name tho

  46. daniyal ijaz ijaz ahmad says:

    can i play pubg on i phone 4s

  47. آلقآفلة 알카 플라 says:


  48. R3tr0 says:

    Do pubg mobile emulator on 2gb ram PC

  49. Ariunbayar says:

    How do i download the game?

  50. Judatox says:

    Haz uno de free fire

  51. Ben TRM0 says:

    I have that os

  52. weixin lin says:

    Try the Pocophone F1, It is chinese and it makes me proud to be chinese.

  53. weixin lin says:

    Also, have you tried Escape From Tarkov Lowspec?

  54. Lolman Playz says:

    Battle royale trash

  55. Diogo says:

    2:31 You can get a Xiaomi for less and play PUBG out of the box with 30-50 fps no problems

  56. Jörgen Persson says:

    Just play Pubg lite

  57. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Gl tools needs root and that's the only problem…

  58. Shree dam says:

    I am playing on my moto g3 and it has android v5.1.1

  59. Pyro says:

    You sounded like a youtuber named lemmino

  60. Sake- Brawl Stars says:

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    ITS free fire new update ?

  62. Mateo YT says:

    Brawl Stars low spec

  63. aircoolbro 21 says:

    I got a 30$ Alcatel and the game ran better than that stock at minimum settings…

  64. Young Guitarists says:

    We can use these apps on tencent gaming buddy in which there is going to be a very very big and surprising increase of performance
    If this was helpful like the comment plzzzz

  65. Manikanta holla says:

    Can run pubg mobile in my SAMSUNG J7 1.5 GIGS RAM.. and ya an EXYNOS 7580 soc?? Ya it's cortex A53 all the way in….. #LOST_MY_POCO_PHONE…. 😣😣

  66. Sabian Dylja says:

    I am playing PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S3 without lag and better graphics than you 😂😂

  67. cyKeOP- pubg mobile says:

    Your videos are just awesome

  68. berzerk says:

    screw it its unplayable imo just get a s5 if u want to play it on a budget

  69. Cherrii Xann says:

    is it just me or i got an ad of samsung s10 in this vid

  70. Warning !! Adult Content says:

    Too much TALK.

  71. Rafe says:

    do pubg lite pls

  72. salman man says:

    yOuRe HaCkERR

  73. Halimah Nur says:

    Snapdragon 400 just hit the bottom limit
    Better take 425 430 etc

  74. Birdy says:

    Can I play GTA sa on Intel hd graphic and rtx2080ti

  75. Nemyx PET says:

    Alex, how to root my phone???

  76. #CreepyLargo says:

    I think with this phone you can go back to 540p and play with 25 fps. That would be fine.

  77. rakeshpubg Panda says:

    2gb ram how to play smooth extreme fps

  78. rakeshpubg Panda says:

    2gb ram how to play smooth extreme fps

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    Please give me some tips for
    Samsung Galaxy J6+ 2018

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    boi u can find 100 dollars octa core proccessors

  83. Emanuel. M02 says:

    This didnt help at all

  84. Larry Boi6 says:

    please do it without root, im using a vivo and i dont think its possible to root it

  85. Gold Isgreat says:

    What the poop… wtp

  86. UaN _ says:

    In critical ops plssss thx i will wait ur video thx

  87. Taylor Smith says:

    I have pubg on my s4 and im running android lollipop

  88. Tarafsız says:

    Have root?

  89. Shivam Kumar says:

    Bhai samsung galaxy core prime m challega yha nahi

  90. el_tobias 14 says:

    Estaria orgulloso si hicieras los videos en español, pero quien los veria?

  91. WoozieKuzi says:

    Me: sees samsung s4 in the video
    Me again: (sees samsung s5 my phone)
    Me: I am gonna get laid tonight

  92. TECH ELEMENTS says:

    hey why you are only giving methods for rooted devices

  93. O M A R - عمر says:

    man , my cup 1.3 ghz
    can i play pupg

  94. Ganesh Boga says:

    My tablet has 1.3 GHz CPU Mali mp400,1gb ram and Android 4.2(jelly Bean) it doesn't support pubg lite*(weird black textures) help me to play at least pubg lite.
    My tab is fully rooted and gl tools installed**

  95. Boibhukol Topakin says:

    does this need root

  96. Shohoni Quader says:


  97. Julius Junsay says:

    Hey lowspecgamer can you get lots of fps in ppsspp these are pls make a video at ppsspp pls do it

  98. TROJAN FORCE says:

    S4 was the costliest phone back then. It was mu dream

  99. Pedro Burgos says:

    A30 or redmi note 7?

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