PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics

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100 Replies to “PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics”

  1. Gage -0 says:

    Watch with captions

  2. Fang 24 says:

    Ps da bes

  3. dalo says:

    Just rewatched and had a stroke

  4. Arino Tkos says:

    It started off right and then wtf happened

  5. Luke Filcek says:

    0:29 thank me later

  6. guitarboy4000000 says:

    I wonder if thats dunkey singing

  7. Aditya Kumar says:

    Captions don't disappoint

  8. Sleezy Moe says:

    More like green-phichs

  9. Nini Nini says:

    Xbox one=sherk

  10. Sky Memories says:

    hey dunkey

  11. Mushroom Head says:

    0:01 Omg! That singing! XD

  12. WTFPoniesftw says:

    Actually been watching dunkey for over 6 years now… It's crazy… Time flies D:

  13. E Z DUBZ says:

    Literally crying 😂 Squeshal D

  14. Caleb Klinger says:

    Xbox still wining that’s the thing

  15. Mr Z says:

    What a wholesome video :,(

  16. ScrapDraws says:

    reads title
    Shits bout to go down

  17. Macky_J Productions says:

    0:29 had me weak lol

  18. Poly Frank says:

    its green because xbox is green on the inside and the game is on the inside of the game box

  19. Ratonhnhaké ton says:


    I mean Hulk…

  20. Kimi says:

    What a beautiful piece of art!

  21. CrAzY ShAnKeR says:

    10/10 captions

  22. dav lou says:

    now with Will Smeth

  23. Flixero says:

    Like 4 PS4

  24. Esbroh S says:

    Wow, you got Michael McDonald to sing for you?

  25. Rhône of Arcadia says:

    I want this song on Spotify

  26. Exotic_Ghoul says:

    haha who is laughing now? Xbox one X is now the most powerful console so far and has twice the graphical processing power of the PS4 and 1.5x PS4 pro

  27. Alex Varas says:

    I can’t see where Shrek is on its Xbox game.

  28. Chupolisous says:


  29. Random Person says:

    Before Xbox One X : Its all about the hardware
    After Xbox One X : Graphics never mattered in Console wars and no one ever cared except for Microsoft fanboys.

  30. William Friedrich says:

    Obviously the game boy still has the best graphics

  31. Trey Swift says:

    0:15 and 0:19 anyone know what games those are?

  32. Sohrab Hamza says:

    Is it just me or does the Xbox game play keep turning greener?

  33. Squid Mc chippy says:


  34. Adrian ___ says:

    Therefore Wii U graphics are superior

  35. garrito1016 says:

    The game with the best graphics is Knack 2

  36. los jueguitos de Ferdo says:

    Greenbox one

  37. XantheFIN says:

    Xbox has horrible Sync On Green issue. Can't buy.

  38. liago dima says:


  39. Vengeful8 Gaming says:

    Let's give a hand of applause for that great individual singing 😭

  40. ScrapDraws says:

    I don’t know about anyone but after 0:22 it was pretty clear nothing could stand against graphics that great

  41. samir khan says:

    Lol tf with the singing he or she must definitely be on disney fanboy/girl

  42. sonicmixedwith spongebob says:

    Have fun Xbox one you can't even play fortnite or other games like that if you don't pay for Xbox live now that's Microsoft saying fuck you and give me your money bitch and the downloads suck dick even if you have good data or internet

  43. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    This settles it. Xbox sucks

  44. Javi Rios says:

    Ho shit dunkey play 2kayyyyyyyy

  45. u4m says:

    If you’re reading this, turn on the captions and you won’t fucking regret it.

  46. Lion Cub Gamer says:

    I think what dunkey is saying is that the genie in Aladdin should have been green

  47. david salazar says:

    Go to Rick Sanches' replies in the comment section🤣 Tom P 🤣😂

  48. Ze Über Man says:

    what about gamecube

  49. Josiah Reigner says:

    Dunkeys message: Aladdin is best graphikes

  50. Lorewalker Choo M. D. says:

    You spelled Gramphics wrongly idiot.

  51. Bennett Dumas says:

    And ps4 has knack babyyyyy

  52. Mr Mr E says:

    I feel like I need to say this before ww3 happens

    Ps4 pro = xbox one x
    Ps4 slim = xbox 1 s
    Ps4 = xbox 1
    Ps3 = xbox 360

  53. bad gaming says:

    Playstaion will always beat Xbox

  54. Federix 7 says:

    I think we can all agree that Gameboy color has the best graphics

  55. Влад Груздев says:

    Didn't smile

  56. Gildardo Rodriguez says:

    Where's knack!?!?!?!?!?!?

  57. jojo Plays says:

    Dumke knack is back

  58. Joshua V says:

    Squeshal d

  59. Noeltm Lkhagvatsogt says:

    Why tf was Squeshal D so funny

  60. PotatoAim 1805 says:

    N64 was best gwaphics

  61. PotatoAim 1805 says:

    WII has bes graphics

  62. The man with the frying pan says:

    This video is deceptively clever

  63. zoheb saikia says:

    Wait where is the Souja boy game boy console graphics is the best out if em all

  64. BitPit says:


  65. Chaise? says:

    Squeshal D

  66. MrGuy says:

    SqueashalD (Dreamcast Exclusive)

  67. The Casuist says:

    I’m not sure if I should cry or be confused.

  68. Ege Çalışkan says:

    Now compare that to PC

  69. Emo to the Extremo says:


  70. Lolinator XD says:

    Thank you Dunkey very cool

  71. Nosvou Sorene says:

    soaring down in the wee-wee

  72. cone says:

    Too close to tell

  73. Dumpus Glumpus says:

    Why the fuck games on Xbox green????

  74. Greyson DeLaCruz says:


  75. Ivan Paligutan says:

    Squeshal D 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Zachs channel says:

    Forza horizon 4: am i a joke to you

  77. Peter John the Brave says:

    XBox One? More like TrashBox One hahah got em

  78. Thomas Hofstätter says:

    TF is this backgroundmusic 😂

  79. Darth Baldi says:

    Was Zack Snyder the head of Xbox One Graphical Design? Just like his movies. It looks like shit.

  80. Marites Borromeo says:

    Fun fact:dunkeyy hates Microsoft

  81. Stuff Guy says:

    This is my 4th time watching and I’m just noticing that the song isn’t the original

  82. Quinn Tolman says:

    i need this song

  83. Quinn Tolman says:

    squeshal d

  84. ISmokD3m says:

    Where can i find this beautiful cover of " A whole New World"?

  85. MrGatito gil says:

    Ps4 es kk xd

  86. xavier hallquist says:

    Just put your op to 144 and u will see the truth

  87. StaBle Unit says:

    Developers should worry about making a fun game rather than graphics

    Good Job Toby Fox

  88. Darkeyes says:

    As someone who playes on xbox i can tell you, you get used to the green, after a while youre eyes Permanently adjust, i can now not see the color green, and can use my xbox

  89. Moncef Bakhta says:

    I don t get it

  90. Dead Rising 4 Is A Joke says:

    Gameplay not graphics

  91. The Kaleb says:

    What's the music

  92. D1N0 ALG says:

    I'm pretty sure the gameboy is superior in every way

  93. Wilbur E says:

    It’s easy recognise the best one…


  94. Ihate allthethings says:

    What exactly was the point of this hahaha

  95. KSD_waves says:

    Wii U

  96. bleach licker 123 says:

    Turn subtitles on

    Why do you drink squeshel d instead of coke
    Me 1:02

  97. Landon Wielki says:

    its even funnier with captions on

  98. PrometheusV says:

    i dut a shoeless bow…. subtitles are awesome!

  99. FIR4S_CR4FT /فراس_كرافت says:

    PS4 is blue 💔🙃

  100. sp0ff says:

    Its an autistic kid singing

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