Procreate Basics for Beginners: T-Shirt Edition

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[Applause] hey what is up guys BJ Dell back with another procreate tutorial today's tutorial procreate basics for beginners t-shirt addition with t-shirt Edition we're going to be focusing on the merch by Amazon community so if you're new to NBA or just new to the iPad pro and procreate in general today's video is great for you we're going to be talking about creating a custom canvas size perfect for merch by Amazon we're gonna be talking about the layers menu saving your design and then finally uploading your design to merch by Amazon so let's get started alright guys so let's go ahead and jump in like I said this is going to be procreate for beginners with kind of focus on t-shirt design specifically for MBA or merch by Amazon if you do use procreate for art hopefully there'll be a few things you can kind of get some information for there's gonna be pretty basic stuff so if you do know everything feel free to jump ahead to another video but when you first start up procreate this is what you see what we're gonna focus on right now is creating a new canvas so this little plus icon up here let's go ahead and hit that these top ones here procreate automatically adds in some commonly used sizes and then down here these untitled ones procreate saves canvases that you've made custom in the past so if you have ones that you go back to quite often you can just pull them up from there but what we're gonna focus on is down here this create custom size so let's go and get that this brings up your custom canvas so first thing I want to show you is you set the width and the height which right now we're going to set it to thousand by two thousand of course not the size for MBA but one thing I want to show you and this is if you do use procreate for art and MBA people can can kind of keep this in mind two maximum layers right here on a 2000 by 2000 is 128 layers now what procreate does the higher you go with layers or higher you go with the custom size the lower the number of variable layers go so we've got the 4500 by 5400 Amazon ready sized for t-shirts you can see that dropped the maximum number of layers available down to 18 so keep that in mind as you're going up you're doing art on procreate and need more layers available you might want to drop the canvas size but of course keep in mind too that if you are printing it out or or needs to be a certain resolution to kind of juggle and maintain these together another thing you can do is once you get in and start going you can actually combine layers to free up some space which I can show you on the next video but dpi is already set to 300 and then here this untitled if we click that we can actually call this test one that names the file so it makes it easier later once you save it and you go to upload it you can find it pretty easy so we'll just click done here and that's going to launch our 4500 by 5400 March by Amazon ready t-shirt design and this is your newly-created 4500 by 5,400 marks my Amazon canvas the first thing we're going to talk about is the layers menu which is this icon up here it's two squares stacked on top of each other so click that that's going to bring up your layers menu as you can see this being a new canvas procreate automatically adds in your background color and a layer one now if you click on this layer one it's going to bring up the extended menu for the layer we're not going to focus on the rest of these down here but if you hit rename on here this gives you the option to change the layer name you'll see a small thumbnail of what that layer has in it but sometimes that's not big enough to really tell so if you rename them to keep them separated that's a good idea this one we're just gonna call sketch and then this plus icon up here if you hit that again that's gonna let you add new layers it's a good thing to do as far as keeping the layer separate if you mess up and you you know go back and don't want to go back so far you can just delete the whole layer so that's a good idea and then you can rename those as you go let's say this one would be lines if we were using this as an art canvas so that's how you make new layers one thing to keep in mind too is the layer hierarchy over here is actually reflected on the canvas now to kind of give you an idea what that means a few weeks ago there was a member in one of the marks by Amazon groups on Facebook that had made a design ordered it on a t-shirt and we got it in didn't look right to give you an idea of what it was something similar let's say to the Ghostbusters logo to work he had a word or a phrase or an image and then had you know the circle with the cross through it and it did not come out right because he did not use the correct layer sequencing over here so let's go ahead and I'll just draw something here real quick too to give you an idea what I'm talking about so let's just go ahead and make a smiley face here so he had something like this and then he had a circle with the cross through it like the Ghostbusters logo so you know as the Ghostbuster logo goes reads you know no ghosts this image doesn't read and no smiley faces because over here this circle with the cross is sitting underneath the smiley face layer so the the smiley face is actually sitting on top of that cross so to reorder the layers over here if you hold down on a layer and just drag and then let go it'll actually relay or reorder those so as you can see now the design reads correctly you've got the circle with the cross sitting on top of the smiley face so keep that in mind when stuff's printed it's gonna print exactly like you see it on here and it is exactly like the layers are an order over here so it's very important to keep in mind okay so let's say that we're done with our design we're ready to say we're ready to upload so first thing we need to do is get the file ready to save no matter what p OD platform you're using you always want a transparent background for your image right now as this stands if we uploaded this image as is you would have this white rectangle printed out on your t-shirt along with the design so we want to get rid of that so if you go back up here to our layers menu and hit that you'll see these little checkmark boxes what these do is they toggle on and off the visibility of the layer so as you uncheck each of them they disappear so the background color is the one we want to focus on have that unchecked get rid of that white box so now it's just our design that's going to be saved and then eventually uploaded so what we want to do now is go up here to our little wrench icon so if we hit that that's going to bring up this menu or focusing on the up arrow here for share this brings up the the different options to share first one being procreate so if you have somebody else that's using procreate on an iPad that you want to share the file with so they can bring it up in the same program that's what that's for PSD is going to be your native Adobe Photoshop file so if you have you know Photoshop on your Mac or your PC and want to upload there save it to a PSD so that you retain the you know the layer information over here you can do that JPEG a PNG are ping and a tiff what we're going to use is PNG what that does is it saves it with that transparent background use any of the other ones it's going to have the background to it so with this we do not want to use save image if you save image on some of your other programs get out of the habit with procreate I mentioned this in the previous video and I still do not know why if it was a update for procreate or an iOS update but this does not work anymore with procreate if you save image it's going to add back in that background for some reason so we don't want to do that we actually want to go to save to files so if we click that that's going to bring up our files menu so you can see test one PNG so save the file the name that we created earlier and we're going to want to save it to on my iPad now this brings up all the lists of apps that you can save to procreates down here you don't necessarily have to save it to procreate I personally kind of switch them around if I'm doing designs for merch might save them to a different file place than if I'm doing regular art designs so just to show you how that can go GarageBand you can even save it to GarageBand if you want it's just a file system so we're going to click on GarageBand and click add exporting export is successful so that PNG is sitting in that file folder ready for us to upload which is going to be in the next section okay now that we've got our file saved we are ready to upload let's go ahead and go back to our home screen and go to Safari and I've already got MBA up and ready so first thing of course we're going to go ahead and hit upload it's going to bring up the upload menu gives you the option to take photo or video photo library or browse since we saved it in the file system we're gonna go ahead and go to browse so click that this brings up your locations if you remember we saved it on my iPad and then for just show you how we could use anything we use GarageBand and right there is our test one so let's go ahead and hit that what this is going to do it's going to load it from that saved file location of course it takes a second here so we're gonna sit and watch the spinning dial together saved all right and there we go our designs up as you can see we saved it correctly it's got the transparent background if we had saved it without unchecking that box over there we would have that white rectangle in there so everything's good so we can upload from there and finish alright guys that's it for today's video thanks for watching make sure you click that like and subscribe button if you liked what you saw also in the comment section below leave anything you want to see in future videos whether it be tools tips tricks and walkthroughs time lapses anything like that try to comment and get back to you and maybe you'll see your next idea in a video so that's it for today until next time keep creating


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  1. tom black says:

    I thought with the layers u where going to say something important..instead u just pointed out ur friend is an idiot

  2. domingo james says:

    Wow thanks brother

  3. Max Dutchover Jr says:

    Good video

  4. hitesh jain says:

    Hey you have been doing great by uploading great tutorials and I a fan of you. Keep uploading and making such good content. Thanks!!

  5. Dale Bunnell says:

    Drawing perfect circles and concentric circles

  6. John Deggendorf says:

    Very useful stuff, man. I see you’ve been cranking out videos lately and I think this channel is going to explode…in time! Videos (like this one) that go beyond how to make your artwork and into what to do next…(like, say, make a trickle of income) can help differentiate your channel. Your artistic style is great, but your straightforward and well paced presentation delivers the lesson. Awesome. Suggestion: artists who want to export layered character art to computer animation programs (like MOHO on Mac/windows) could use some handholding through the process, especially those who came late to the technology. Put MOHO in the title and connect with a whole new audience. It’s a powerful program for animation but not nearly as much fun as Procreate for creating art. Together…(tag team) even better. Your character style is perfect for animation. (Typically, arms, legs, head, even mouth and eyes on separate layers.) It’s going to become a thing. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  7. Janelle Peratis says:

    I've watched several other Procreate tutorials, however yours is the best by far for a new user. Watching you go through the process while explaining was very helpful. Now I have at least a grasp on how layers work which was confusing to me before your video. Thanks so much!

  8. Bau Ing says:

    Max layers at 4500 x 5400 with iPad 2018: 4 😂

  9. Brandon Dicks says:

    Thanks for the video. Been doing merch for a few months and using Over App for simple text based designs with some art elements. Seriously considering the iPad Pro w Pencil combo to be able to produce more detailed designs. I was wondering how Procreate exported files and what formats and you have answered that here. Thank you!

  10. Hannah Cook says:

    I really enjoy your videos! I’ve been using Procreate for most of this year and this video taught me how to remove the background before saving. I don’t know why I never thought to uncheck that box… THANK YOU!!!

  11. Steffanie's Journey says:

    Great video!!! Very detailed for newbies like me!! New Sub here!!!

  12. Jason Baker says:

    🙂🚫 – Great video, fellow mercher with iPad Pro and Apple pen. These tips are very helpful.

  13. Tony Fisher says:

    Bro – Love your videos and creation style!! Please keep these videos coming!!!! Anything you can teach us, I’m a fan for life 🤙🏼

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