Prince Of Persia Franchise – GTX 1050 ti – 4K – 1 – 2 – 3 – 2008 – Forgotten Sands – Benchmark PC

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hello everyone I’m Sottero Santiago entering gonna be testing the Prince of Persia franchise on the geforce gtx 750ti i’ll be doing in prince of persia sands of time warrior within the two Thrones Prince of Persia 2008 and finally for garden cent to script it out those particular games check the timestamps down in the description and if you want to support the channel by buying games for yourself check one of the humble affiliate links down in the description as well so yeah I know all these games are very old right now but I usually like to try older games to see how they run on modern hardware unfortunately there were no more games about this franchise in a long time I guess it’s because of the success of Assassin’s Creed which I don’t blame you is a for if it makes more money it makes more sense to make some things to clarify you need to tweak the games a little bit especially the first three games in order to play them correctly on PC so Prince of Persia sends a time war within and the two Thrones will be kept at 60 frames per second and they also use a widescreen patch that allows us to use 4k with a great aspect ratio you can select the aspect ratio that you want the guy to cut the frame rate is down in the description it’s very simple to do I use RTSs to do so if you don’t have the frame rate at 60 the game I run into some graphical issues so this is to preserve the graphics as much as possible and all the mods and tweaks that I used to make the games work and look like you see in this video will be also down in the description so you know how to configure the game so it works correctly so yeah those are the first three games they run just fine at 4k 60 frames per second the music on all these games will be disabled across the whole video just in case I get a copyright claim or something but some of the audio of the game is mixed with the music option for some reason so due to that on the second game I mean of the sound effects will be missing because I lowered the music volume and for some reason does mix with some of the explosions kind of weird but anyway Prince of Persia 2008 for some reason I couldn’t access the video options menu so I forced 4k using the Windows registry again there’s a link with instructions to do that down in the description if you’re interested in seeing that I didn’t need to cut the framerate at 60 on this one and finally Prince of Persia for garden sense that’s the most recent one in the series it was released in 2010 so eight years ago and this one at 4k can drop below 60 frames per second very easily when there’s a lot of effects on-screen I didn’t find it to be very intrusive in the gameplay because I wasn’t fighting at the same time but again that’s personal preference if you lowered these two 1440p it will run over 60 frames per second just fine but you guys that’s pretty much it I hope you enjoyed my look back to Prince of Persia now dominated by Assassin’s Creed I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks for watching and see you next time the next time we’re interrupted done I’ll start the story from here next time and there it lay just out of reach the dagger of time there was a treasure I could carry with pride as a trophy of our victory if I could only get there [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you you just to dust [Music] everywhere there are signs of battle what of babylons guard where have they all gone is this where I should reside we’ll continue my story from here next time why is it that every time disaster strikes I find myself without a proper blade still it’s better than nothing you guys worship a tree what are you doing up there we have to get out of here you think what are these things Armand soldiers they were I’m escaping [Music] you this is not the glad welcome I was expecting I have to find Malik he’ll be planning a way out of this climbing up here wasn’t the best idea [Applause] looks like the only way out is to climb up at least no one’s shooting arrows at me in here yet anyway


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  1. Santiago Santiago. says:

    Would you like more older franchises to be tested at higher resolutions with resolution fixes applied? (I have all the Splinter Cell and Hitman games for example)

    If you want to support me:
    Get Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition and Cities Skylines + After Dark DLC for $12 on Humble Monthly: (Affiliate Link)

    Prince of Persia Sands of Time at 00:10
    Prince of Persia Warrior Within at 05:25 (music off muted many ambient sounds)
    Prince of Persia The Two Thrones at 08:54
    Prince of Persia 2008 at 12:21 (couldn't access video options launcher, max settings, 4K)
    Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands at 16:04

    How to cap FPS:

    Mods / Fixes Used:

    Sands Of Time: (all that's listed here)

    Warrior Within: (extract on game's folder and edit .ini for resolution change)

    The Two Thrones: (extract on game's folder and edit .ini for resolution change)

    Prince of Persia (2008): (follow instructions on "WideScreen Resolution")

    NOTE: I own these on Uplay, other versions might work differently with the fixes

    Join us on Discord!

    More game tests on the GTX 1050 ti:

    Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

    We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Humble Partner, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites + Humble Bundle, Humble Store and Humble Monthly

  2. M.Ibaad Naeem says:

    Why the hell this video is private

  3. Mahin Reza says:

    Thank you so much for this ❤ nostalgia :")

  4. nikosnas21 says:

    can i have a heart?

  5. Dark Master says:

    I miss this franchise

  6. Rabid Wolf says:

    My childhood favourite warrior within so old but the combat is still better then ac atleast in my opinion

  7. Divyansh Khanna says:

    I miss POP 🙁

  8. HYPER ROCKY says:

    Yeah Bro !

  9. INDIAN GamerZ says:

    Still waiting for a new Prince Of Persia game.

  10. Biker says:

    the end xd

  11. Doraemon112 m says:

    Which was your favourite ? Mine was the two thrones bright and open sky ❤️ best franchise ever

  12. Nithik pradeep says:

    POP WW had the best combat at that time…..this game needs a remaster

  13. Game of Things - GTX1050Ti says:

    Classic games never fade

  14. Sahendra Mallick says:

    no heavy metal music on the warrior within sequence?

  15. NØMΞЯCУ627 says:

    they should remake these games using assassin's creed engine

  16. Lukas20358 says:

    Where is PoP1 and PoP2? I have to unsubscribe! 🙂

  17. cracked gameplays says:

    poptt beautifull memories of 2005

  18. arpan das says:

    This is where Assassin's creed actually came from.

  19. vikas singh says:

    Old days

  20. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. says:

    Este video me resulta nostálgico, en cierto punto.

    Excelente trabajo, Santiago.

  21. Ragnar Lodbrock says:

    Gtx 1050 rip?

  22. Malek Suhaila says:

    I hope we see a remake for this series like shadow of the colossus

  23. Fury Roar says:

    my childhood game , love it xD

  24. Соболев Дмитрий says:

    Warrior Within forever 🤘Best music, best combat, best levels, Dahaka 😈

  25. BEAR: Big Blue House says:

    Jesús christ! the best game ever of my childhood

  26. قط حزين says:

    Always make me happy ❤️❤️

  27. Warren Lacaden says:

    Ubi should develop another 1 one for this franchise

  28. Sheldon Cooper says:

    You could say these game have truly stood the test of…

  29. vasilije94 says:

    Warrior within was the best. The dark atmosphere, music, combat and the environment was great. Story was also great, and lets not forget the Dahaka. Omg, i was a kid when i played it. Was scared as fuck from him. Two thrones was also really good, especially since it finished the prince story. I have to say that i was really against PoP 2008. When i saw the demo, i hated it. Like really hated it. But once i played it, i realized how great it was. The story, the artstyle, the music, the beautifull environment. Omg, just a masterpiece. Just dont look at it as a PoP game and its amaizing game. That music still gives me chills when you enter the game. Like a fairytale. Forgotten sands was the weakest. The story was bad. It was really forced to return to the story to pleased crying fanboys and it sucked cause of it. The only thing good in that game was graphics and platforming. Freezeing the water was such a good idea.

  30. ThatGuy says:

    gtx 1050ti for 205$
    gtx 1060 3gb for 235$?

  31. Ayoub Kilani says:

    MEMORIES :'(

  32. Stinky Llama says:

    Nice video , btw can I have a screenshot of GPU-Z of your GTX 1050 Ti? , I was having lower FPS on my GTX 1050 Ti Laptop , even comparing your i3-6100 and GTX 1050 Ti combo to mine which is i5-7300HQ and GTX 1050 Ti , thanks in advance and God Bless you

  33. Diamond says:

    Man, memories. I used to play these games when I was 8 :') really hope we get to see a new PoP soon.

  34. 52blackflag aka vinay says:

    Do you have all Delta Force games or igi series

  35. 52blackflag aka vinay says:

    Bro i more games list from nfs series till rivals i love this series

  36. Victor Ocando Zambrano says:

    Hola buenas!!! Oye Santiago!! Saludos sigo tus vídeos me gustan mucho !! Mas el doblaje es un buen gesto hacia el habla hispana?!!!oye una consulta!! Yo tenia antes el procesador i5 3550!!! Tenia una gtx 1060 6gb nsi gaming x!! Con 16 de RAM!! Decidí comprarme el i5 8400 euros ! Pero en nada subió de precio!! Así q me compre el i3 8100!! Hice mal??? El i3 8100 es buen procesador?? OSE queda corto?? Veo en pubg ! En batman arkhan night y en assasins origina algunos cortes puntuales !! Y veo q se pone al 100 %!! En sus núcleos!! Es mal procesador? Saludos

  37. IzanagiXZ says:

    I should play the trilogy again, yes I said trilogy, the other 2 games don't exist as far as I'm concerned.

  38. GamesPerfomance TV says:

    Hi,nice video,to unlock fps lock in games like this just google it,99% of games are unlockable.:) I didn't knew it too..:D And Prince of Persia was one of my favorite games in childhood.:)

  39. Dz walkthrough says:

    omg nostalgia, warrior on of the game that i ever played

  40. Jabir Ahmmed Mahjur says:

    make a franchise on assassins creed bro

  41. SaGeD says:

    Plz can u test wwe2k19

  42. borhan_dz Borhan says:

    Not old epic man.

  43. Vk says:

    I so want them to revive Prince of Persia series.

  44. IGOR SILVA says:


  45. Asshile Brooks says:

    OLD memories

  46. Lukey DM'Killer says:

    @Santiago Santiago. Are you done with gtx 1050? I'm confused? I'm not see any benchmark with gtx 1050 anymore.😥

  47. Malek Suhaila says:

    Can you test sinner sacrifice for redemption

  48. Den Kerry says:

    Me and my gf rewatched PoP movie last night… Power of thought!

  49. Mr. Cris says:

    Es un hermoso recuerdo, gracias.jpg

  50. Johan Garzon says:

    Por que mi procesador que es un i5 7400, en los juegos cuando monitoreo el uso no se queda por decirlo de una manera "estable" el uso cambia de por ejemplo 30% 20% 80% 60% etc etc. Es normal?

  51. Peter Zeck says:

    buen video! una pregunta que programa usas para ver los fps?

  52. LionSilver45 says:

    Santiago tengo un a6 5400k y 4gb de ram, pienso ponerle una 750ti y 4gb mas de ram, ¿no tienes benchmarks de esto o uno con un procesador parecido al mio?

  53. DelaryHap says:

    Nice one! Only drops under 60 in the last game it seems, a 1060 would probably get a constant 60 <3

    Could you do it with the Red Faction series please? I know you've done Guerrilla remarstered but the first is the best 😀

  54. Samy says:

    Battlefield v 1050ti i3 8100 plzz

  55. Sherazi118 says:

    Bro this game is very closed emotion to me..I ended all parts in 2012 .I end the two thrones maybe 50 uncle is also play pop he is big fan…he is died. 😪..RIP..but i still memories that moment when I play pop with my uncle .

  56. Frankyyy says:

    Warrior Within my favorite and best pop game imo.
    But how did you get 60fps?
    I get 100-200 fps

  57. Shadow Gamer says:

    My potato pc runs pop warrior within under 20-30 fps but pop sand of time it didn't work i use 3danalyse but it lags as hell good video by the way

  58. Zaid Ali says:

    In my opinion in early 2000 s ubisoft was the one and the only to achieve great graphics that rivals todays graphicsmof some games

  59. Pika Pika says:

    I love two thrones…….

  60. Devinport says:

    My childhood ! Princess Farah and Kaileena , couldn't pick between the two , shahdee was also very fine xD

  61. Serge Do says:

    I should like to play POP1 and 2 but the compatibility with xbox controller sucks.

  62. TheWarriorWithin 55 says:

    It's been almost 2 decades and still no new PoP game

  63. GoofyPlayzz says:

    SOT was OK in my opinion

  64. Smash Ult God says:

    Sands of time and Warrior within were the two best single player story games I've ever played. I cannot count how many times I've played both. Ass Creed needs to go, when's the new POP game coming out?!

  65. Rupawan Subayana says:

    Just a true POP fans will come to this video

  66. On Trend says:


  67. A J says:

    When ubisoft was great…

  68. PERSIA GAMERZ says:

    The best is pop 2008 as u see I am die hard fan of it . Hail pop

  69. Mario Tainaka says:

    You can use DSOAL on these older games to restore eax effects (reverb and proper positional audio), if you can't get it.working install creative alchemy first but don't run it then install dsoal. Also for vibration you can use the dinput to xinput converter by makhaso on steam

  70. Shashank Shandilya says:

    Prince of persia series is far more better than assasins creed. There is nothing wrong with assasins creed though , the only issue with assasins creed is that it is insanely long game.

  71. Sarfraz Khan says:

    You just showed my favourite childhood games. OMG. I must cry now.

  72. shazzy abro says:

    im missing prince of persia nd waiting for a new game of prince of persia;(

  73. gaming4life says:

    Ubisoft is making so many other games besides Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.I don't know why Prince of Persia can't be one of them.

  74. Lucezar Colombo says:

    Still playing them! WW my all time favorite. Still pissed about Kindred Blades (Original T2T)

  75. Ritik Dhanda says:

    Ilove Prince of Persia

  76. vimal chandran says:

    Its an awesome game ubisoft must bring it back ..

  77. Alex Nicolas says:

    Not so far I was playing the forgotten sands in my xbox 360 and I just couldn't believe the awesome cinematics and graphics on that game. So much beatiful that a lot of new generations games. Not the best POP but awesome as hell. Grear Video and Greetings from Spain 🙌

  78. Akshay Lahore says:

    when we will get rid of assassins creed and we want pop bqck.

  79. Bosnian Kingdom says:

    When I use the 4K resolution on Prince of Persia Warrior Within the entire screen turns around I don't know why

  80. Eric Visser says:

    I was wondering if someone could help me. I purchased Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and The Two Thrones. It seems like the issue with both of them is they can't find the display and/or it cannot find the graphics card. It might have to do with the fact that it is a laptop that I am running it on. Regardless, any feedback would be appreciated

  81. SaIyaJIn E says:


  82. Hashir Khan says:

    I'm having low fps on prince of Persia the two thrones (11 fps only ). Can you help me?
    I have…

    ..Windows 10 pro 64 bit
    .. gtx 1050 2gb
    ..Xeon w3550
    ..8gb Ram
    ..750gb hdd.

  83. Slickman Elite says:

    Price of Persia 2008 would look amazing in HDR.

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