PowerPoint 2016 for Beginners Part 10: Inserting Graphics

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okay we're working in module five adding graphics to your presentation so if you think about it graphics really just make your presentation a little more visually appealing because your slides can get kind of boring if you just have bullet points or text on them so we've talked about adding shapes that was section one and now we're in section two let's talk about adding those graphics okay we're here on slide three of our presentation and let's say that we want to add a little clipart picture over on the right here because this is actually kind of boring we've got some bullets but it's kind of dead over on the right so here's how you're gonna do that if you go to the insert tab you're going to go to online pictures now this is going to do a Bing image search so you can actually type in anything you want let's put in college clipart and let's just see what comes up when we hit the enter key now you'll see several different clipart pictures popped up and there's also a yellow ribbon here I just want to tell you what this is very quickly it says search engine results or images licensed under Creative Commons now if you don't know what Creative Commons is when someone actually puts a picture out on the internet or YouTube videos another good example then that person actually owns that picture or that video so you just can't go grab it and put it on your web site or whatever you're doing they do have the ability when they actually put that picture or video out there to give it a license called Creative Commons that means that you do have permission to go ahead and take those pictures and actually use them and that's all this is saying is that all these came up under Creative Commons so you can use them so I'm going to go ahead and just close out of that and you can see here there are several different little pictures that you could use so let's just say I want to use this one I'm just going to double click on it or you can click once and insert whatever works and there it just put it back into your slide for you now I can move this by clicking right in the middle of it and dragging the objects over to the right and I kind of like this size so I'm gonna leave it but if I didn't like it I could use the control handles we talked about to change the size of the object now people really like clipart pictures they're just fun they add a little fun interest to your presentation but let me show you something a little more fun you can do with clipart pictures now let's go to slide two let's say for some reason that I want to add a clipart picture but I want it to be an animated clipart picture and animated ones or ones that actually move so what you're going to do is when you go to insert online pictures again it's going to do that image search but this time I'm going to type in animated gif college and let's see what we get now animated gifts are the animated files now the thing about these is you can't really see the animation until you actually put them into your slide and then run your slideshow so let's see if we can find a really good one here I think I saw a really good one up here yeah this guy here who's running to class I'm gonna go ahead and put him in so I'm gonna choose insert and let me go ahead and make him a little bit bigger real quick now he's not animated right now but if you go ahead and run the slideshow and remember that's your last button down here at the bottom then you're gonna see that he is animated you can see him running there so that's kind of how that works okay I'm gonna head get out of the slideshow here so you can always put in an animated gif just to give it a little more interest there so we've talked about shapes we've now talked about graphics so let's move on to the next section which is section 3 and talk about putting in pictures hi I'm Molly thanks for watching if you need additional Microsoft Office 2016 training check out our multi hour training courses for often 20:16 click the learn more button on the left and I'll see you next week with additional videos

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