PNY NVIDIA Quadro CX Workstation Graphics Card

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Alright, so Producer Dan came up to me and
he tells me that he’s having some problems with encoding. It takes too long
for us to film tech update. Everything is a pain. By the time
that we go to encode it it takes so long that we can’t
update it until the next day, and that is a big pain in the butt.
So I asked my friends at NVIDIA for help, and this is what I got.
Check out this incredible piece of hardware.
This is the NVIDIA Quadro CX. Now, if you know what a Quadro is, it’s
their line of professional graphics cards for people that do 3D, for people
that do CAD, that do video editing, or image editing, it’s their work station
cards and they’re meant for pros. There’s a lot of great features on here.
And this is their, pretty much their board, specfically designed to accelerate
Adobe’s CS4’s Suite. So, looking at it, pretty much just
looks like a regular, old video card. Pretty much. Same Form Factor you’re
used to seeing. You will notice that it does only have one
6-pin PCI Express Connector. If you can zoom in right here,
that goes to show that it does have, you know, this is actually
a GTX260, more or less inside. So the fact that it only has one connector
means that they’re using a very efficient chip. This is the first
55NM chip that was released. And it also has a very highly
bent chip, which is really nice. So, that’s one of those great features that
you get when you buy a work station card. That’s what you pay the extra
money for, a highly bent chip. You get larger frame buffers for larger
data sets. This actually has 1.5 GB of DDR3, which is quite a bit. You also get
10 bits of color versus 8 bit. So you get a lot more color
combinations and higher color fidelity in case you’re professional. And, I
don’t know if you remember that HP monitor I did recently, that 24”
that had the display port, and that had 10-bit color support.
That’s a proffesional type of display that you could use with a card like this,
to get the highest amount of color fidelity. And another interesting thing is,
check that out. See that little connector right there?
It looks like an S-Video connector? It’s not, you know what that’s for?
Dana, you know what that’s for? Producer Dan? Guess what, that is for
3D Stereo. That is what that’s for. It’s for 3D stereo. It’s something that
you’ll only find in a card like this. And then that’s definitely the features
that you’ll get in a Quadro line card. Besides that you get great support.
It’s an NVIDIA card. It doesn’t go out to EVG8.
It doesn’t go out to XFX. It doesn’t go to any of the board partner.
It’s sold specifically through NVIDIA. And the best part about that is
that you get straight up NVIDIA support. So, now let’s talk about the specs on this
card. Like I said, it’s the GTX 260, pretty much. It has 192 stream processors.
It’s got 1.5 GB of DDR3. And it’s got one PCI Express connector.
So, it’s pretty much just like a video card. It’s got 384-bit memory interface.
It’s nothing really, too much different. Like those other feature that I mentioned
are what make this different. That’s why you pay the extra money,
and for the support from Quadro. Now, let’s talk about what this does
because it is quite incredible. First of all, in CS4 on this card,
system memory is no longer a limiting factor with big pictures. Sometimes you put a
really big photo into CS4 and it would take a long time for it to render that image.
It would be using up all your system memory, which would in turn slow down the program,
and you would not be able to actually zoom in, pan, tilt, rotate the photo
quickly or easily. This makes it real time, literally.
As fast as you can zoom in on a 2 GB photo, it will zoom in as fast as it possibly can.
And that’s because of the very fast parallel architecture of the memory
on a graphics card. It works in parallel
versus serially. That gives you a lot faster memory
through put for looking at an actual image. And it lets you pan in and out,
or zoom in and out. Pan, tilt, rotate the photo
in literally near time. Now, another thing that’s really impressive
about this is in CS4 Premiere. That’s what we use it for.
We wanted to encode our videos faster, and we wanted to get them
up on the web faster, and that’s exactly what this card does.
It gives you a double, or two times the performance encoding as a CPU does.
And that’s including, even the fastest CPUs. We’re talking about
3.2 GHz Core i7s. This is twice as fast in coding them.
Now, the limiting factor on that is that it only does H.264.
But that’s not a big deal because that’s what most people
are doing for the HD content anyway. So, a product like this
gives you a ton of extra efficiency. You’re just twice as fast as doing something,
encoding a video you actually get twice the productivity, and if you’re a
professional, that can add up to a lot of money. This card will actually pay
for itself, and I’m not kidding. If you want to get your boss,
let’s say you use CS4 a lot, you do Premiere, and you want to get one
of these cards to make your life easier, it is a very, very simple proposition
to give it to your boss with an explanation of how this card
will save you so much time that it will pay for itself, depending on
what you do, within months. Within days sometimes, it will pay for itself
with the amount of time that you’ll save. So, it’s extremely fast at
encoding H.264s. You gotta use the Rapid HD, what do you
call that? Plug-in, that they will give you for CS4. You also need to make sure that you
enable GL- OpenGL Acceleration in your preferences on CS4.
Now also, if you want to use after affects with a card like this, it is very helpful in
after affects. Have you used it for after affects, Producer Dan?
Yeah, pretty much if you want to do your little timeline previews, those instant
previews, you can see those instantly. You can change settings and then see the
preview again without having to wait for the CPU to encode it.
It will happen in a split-second. It’s quite incredible. And if you’re a
professional, this is right up your alley. You’re going to really want to look at
something like this. Because it will save you so much
money in the long term that it definitely will pay for itself.
And it’ll increase your profits, if you’re doing it for profit.
Now, I’m gonna give you, before I go into what’s in the box,
I’m gonna give you a quick demo of the type of performance increases you can
get doing an H.264 code to video. And let’s take a look
at that real quick. See what I mean? Absolutely incredible.
Literally 100% increase in performance with this card.
It’s quite phenomenol. And again, it’s going to work for CS4,
Photoshop, for Premiere, for after affects, you can do a bunch
of affects with this. And in case you wanted to know,
let’s take a look at a real quick peak. I want to let you guys know
you have one DVI on this card. So if you are gonna be using this
and you want to use a 10-bit, you’re going to be using a display port.
And you do have two display ports right there. Now, you also, in the box,
get this very little interesting component, which is a DVI to display port adapter.
So, if you want to use dual DVI moniters, and you don’t have two display ports,
well you can use this but remember, if you want to use 10-bit color,
you’re gonna need to use a display port. Also remember that this technology
does support SLI. So, if you want to use this, a couple of
these to radically increase your performane, you do get in the box, this little
two-way SLI bridge. You can put two of these together
and make an absolutely incredible system. So, really, really good stuff
from NVIDIA. Thank you guys very much for sending
me the card. Producer Dan definitely appreciates it. If you have any more questions on
this NVIDIA Quadro CX, Email me right here,
and I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on
the NVIDIA Quadro CX Excellerator for CS4, type in:
P56-3900 into the search engine of any
of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  2. Cup o Joe` says:

    Hey Tigerdirect, can you please make videos for the Firestream 9250 and the 9170? thanks

  3. kage7785 says:

    agree, cmon admit its funny to see all the raging between them though.

  4. yourma2000 says:

    yes but you can increase the shader core on Nvidia GPUs

  5. wildman00sax says:

    ATI sucks… Nvidia is way better (performance crown) Can't wait for the GTX 275 (that will eat the HD4890 for dinner).

  6. zlink8 says:

    These aren't for games at all. These aren't made to do that, actually they suck at games completely. They are specifically for professional programs.

  7. Yoda8232 says:

    This is NOT for gaming.
    Do NOT even consider this, only for servers and workstations.

  8. Mathewmartialart says:

    and it costs over £3k, so i think ill wait for another 2 years so the price comes down lol

  9. Mathewmartialart says:

    hang on…so for over 3k it only encodes hd h264???????? blooming heck let down

  10. wolfetb says:

    That costs 1760 $ in TigerDirect.

  11. shadman1911 says:

    I'm a 3d artist and I want that card…

  12. TheDarkFalcon says:

    wtf… where did you get that price from…

  13. TheDarkFalcon says:

    wow ur so smart..

  14. MisterKash says:

    i have one!!!… on my pc i use for my archi stuff..

    luckly got it as a pressie for gettin into a good uni… and the course i want :>….

  15. Jerry Jhun says:

    why does it take 1 day to just encode a video??

  16. Jutland says:

    maybe because they need the stability, 2x memory and specialist outputs. there's more to the quadro cards than that though

  17. united3000 says:

    because the support is different..

  18. Russ Clarke says:

    lol man its not as good as a 285 its just an overclocked 4870 and usually gets around 6-10fps more the 4870. Its in between the 260 and 285, and official drivers dont give you hardly any increase over beta lol.

    Still though, im all for ATI beating nvidia. I own 2x4870s and they are dam good cards. And you gotta love the prices for ATI 🙂

  19. Yoda8232 says:

    Did I ever say that?
    Everyone is comparing them to regular cards is why I said that.

  20. LiquidFriction says:

    AMD owns the price to performance market, hehe ^^

  21. samthepoor says:

    its not about the processors anymore…

    stream processors are used for parallel processing

    look at the performance of a gtx260 with its 576mhz clock…

  22. latuman says:

    They are used to make those games.

  23. Jteppic says:

    There are better cards to do that.

  24. Tyler S says:

    you might but it wont be very good.

  25. latuman says:

    There are structural differences. You CAN play games with Quadro's, its just that their layout etc is not made with games in mind

  26. SukhoiSu37Terminator says:

    By seeing all the benchmarks the Phenom II only wins in one game. Call of Duty 4..

  27. united3000 says:

    A GTX 260 has no Display ports…
    And you can´t change your "normal" BIOS, to a Quadro BIOS anymore, nvidia isn´t as stupid as you think 😉
    If it would work, your GTX 260 or whatever wouldn´t have the same performance.

  28. united3000 says:

    they´re different optimized…
    The PCB is different. Ok, the chips are the same, but everyone woh needs a good card for Adobe CS4 or something like that, will buy a professional card, the rest who just wants to play games buys a different card.

  29. mrmartial says:

    lmao i won't get this card.. i'll buy a gtx 295..

  30. pclover says:

    Yeah it will play well. These are workstation cards and not gaming cards.

  31. cordell Hughes says:

    Is this Nvidia's new stategy? One graphics card designed for one specific app? I hope they dont do this for games.

  32. mattt667 says:

    lol… this card if 4 ppl who desighns websites, creates and edits movies, etc. not 4 gaming lol.

  33. Danielo co says:

    CAN I PLAY CRYSIS on maximun resolution, if they have 1.5 Gb of memory

  34. Ghostreconunit666 says:

    quadro fx 5600 crysis at 1024×764 all low but volumetric and physics on high….0.0 28 fps

  35. Blotted says:

    they are primarily for rendering if i am correct. for realtime gaming i think you want a diff card.

  36. Blotted says:

    would this work with rendering in maya?

  37. IanTBH says:

    I'm not sure, I use the Quadro5600 for Maya

  38. Jayden Hearn says:

    you do know that there is NO programs out that support DX11. so its kinda pointless…

  39. Francisco M. says:

    Ok, here´s a question for all you computer experts, I wanna do some 3d modeling and photo edition, and maybe some video 2, i was planning on buying a PNY NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285, but now a see that there is a QUADRO version, the 1.5G version is almost $3500usd!!! i need at least 1G of memory & CUDA, the thing is, i only have a $350usd budget, would the GTX 285 work for my needs?

  40. UhHuh says:

    u say that this is for 3d and stuff like that. is it also for gaming?

  41. rockfan246 says:

    your computer will crash they already tried

  42. grandtheftauto1233 says:

    lol he hurt his wrist trying to get that thing out the box

  43. IanTBH says:

    No, the Geforce series does not, in any way, accelerate photo editing or render 3D models.

  44. Raj Ajimal says:

    no it cant be used for gaming, itll be really inefficient.

    for realtime games use a GTX295

    for professional encoding and rendering use the Quadro CX

  45. Sam Curley says:

    Disagree – multiple photo editing/rendering programs can utilize CUDA/Stream abilities. Most notably, the CS4 suite. So yes, it does.

  46. Buddy Jesus says:

    How do you think your games are made dude, with a workstation computer. Your graphics card couldn't hand the shit this thing can handle.

  47. Tony C says:

    albert's hair has really changed

  48. LucidLJ says:

    u look different

  49. Ed Eddini says:

    lol, i wonder how these work in gaming. i know it is not designed for gaming but i just wonder

  50. meetajhu says:

    For you all who is thinking of gaming and use this for rendering it won't work and this card is not needed for home users. This only reduces time of the rendering your work. Therefore only used in production houses. Its the same geforce hardware but for a different purpose. If your a gamer and work on maya get a geforce card which is more than enough only rendering time will make difference. PS cs4 3d model painting will be faster. get geforce 300 series which have cuda cores they will beat this

  51. Tokiee. says:

    it costs $2.500 so i think it would do fine lol

  52. Ed Eddini says:

    @King3047 they cost even more, i saw one that was 7000

  53. GoldenbanjoDJ says:

    anyone who buys this for gaming has more money than sense

  54. christina doeun says:

    exactly what i was thinking when i saw the price

  55. factionxvt408x says:

    I was hoping on some CAD/DCC commentary and examples…ah well.

  56. Yeahsurewhynot says:

    can i play mario kart on this ?

  57. David Ka says:

    the funny thing is,this my laptops 8400m gt would run games better then this,because this is built for bussines.

  58. rene kenshin says:

    Only an idiot will buy this for gaming -_-

  59. alex14469 says:

    good specs but horrible for gaming? I know its built for a different purpose but why so slow on gaming if it can render 3d so well

  60. Saqib Din says:

    no seriously shiiit at gaming, my work experience place had i think 2 in their pc? and it couldnt run cod4 on lowest settings…. my 6600 256mb does better than that and their pc also had 4 screens 🙂

  61. rene kenshin says:

    @Asdemus i guess both XD

  62. jose salinas says:

    @renekenshin6573 lol

  63. Jorge Quintana says:

    2000-3000 dollars are you fucking serious i can buy an atv with that or a alien computer which is the best of the best or i can get one of the new 3d tvs with the blue ray player wtf is with that price man they be ripping people off these days

  64. megalith says:

    I'd have to sell my soul twice before I can even buy one of these.

  65. Uchiha Madara says:

    @Asdemus Is there a real difference ???


    @heyhore15 Alienware is fucking terrible, and you could build a better computer for less. These cost so much because they are meant for people doing seriously intensive work with 3ds max and CAD. Not for fucking gaming. This is more powerful then any gaming card. Learn your fucking facts before talking shit.

  67. Jorge Quintana says:

    @Sticky1254 hey dumbass you obviously didnt get the point you fucking moron my point was i would rather buy something bigger than one card you idiot so BEFOR YOU TALK "SHIT" learn the facts


    @heyhore15 This one card is more powerful than quad GTX480's when it comes to 3D design, CAD, and photoshop work. in terms of FLOPS, this would out do it. For gaming, this would be useless.

  69. einarknutsen says:


  70. anghelalex says:

    the 4 gb one costs 6500 fucking $ in my country…. lol

  71. sweetlemonade123 says:

    Is there an nvidia card that supports 4 or more monitors? From what I can see, I would need either an ati eyefinity 6 card or two nvidia cards. I know about quadro nvs, but those are very slow cards. I need something fast for real-time rendering.

  72. LashByLash69 says:

    @NewGameReleases listen to the review and you'll find out

  73. LashByLash69 says:

    @NewGameReleases Then you didn't watch the video or you didn't understand a word he said.
    No offence but that's pretty stupid.

  74. hackerisslv says:

    @Diabolical05 that is the price of making movie effects and movies.. 🙁

  75. hackerisslv says:

    @NewGameReleases It is made for movies

  76. hackerisslv says:

    @NewGameReleases i mean for movie making like in 3d max maya..

  77. Samuel L. Bro says:

    @renekenshin6573 Well yes, this is for workstation computers, IE: CAD, HD video editing, ect. This is TERRIBLE in games.

  78. vide0gameCaster says:

    Look how they cost now, arround 2-3 hundred bucks!

  79. metalinvalidmatt says:

    whats the point of SLIGHTLY modding a normal graphics card, makeing them more compatible with video and 3d rendering, when they could just make the normal graphics cards work better with these programs, seeing as they are almost the same graphics card core.

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    People will laugh at this video in 30 years

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    the griefers wet dream

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  83. MagicalWhisk says:

    @slashBR1751 Because this card isnt for gaming. Its for professional standard rendering and CAD work.

  84. MagicalWhisk says:

    @slashBR1751 for most gaming/rending it would be fine. If you were a professional and used very heavy programs then a workstation card is much more useful.

  85. Vickramjason says:

    you are like the jeremy clarkson of graphic cards..!

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  87. Michael Partosa says:

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    @slashBR1751 You still won't get the same benefits this card (and type of card) offer you. For a start it supports higher colour bit depths for FAR more accurate colour, which is VERY important for the markets this thing is aimed at. Also, these kind of cards have highly customised and specialised drivers for whatever specific task they're being used for at that moment in time so you get the absolute most out of it in terms of performance and efficiency. All these things cost more to do.

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    @KINECTSUCKS Does Cinema 4D allow vRay as well as GPU rendering?

  90. Buddy Jesus says:

    @mikezzzz29 Ready comment #2 on this page, answer should be obvious.

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  92. Rafy Koby says:

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  93. XxXPenrdXxX says:

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  99. GreenFont says:

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