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hey there YouTube long time no chat it's me torie and today I have a rather low-key just chill video to share with you I'm basically just having a great old time with art supplies a little bit burned out so this is my way of recharging and I just wanted to make a video because I wanted to indulge and some video making I really love making videos so this one was kind of my way to dip my toes back into the whole process but yes earlier this month I placed an order on Jackson's it's like a UK art supply retailer and uh I've always wanted to do this yeah so all my friends like Deniz Otto and a whole bunch of them on instagram like rave about Jackson's and their watercolors so I'm like I want to know what's up so they had this crazy watercolor art supply sale and they had a particular palette that I had to get my hands on it was just too great of a deal to pass up on I'm not ready to share that palette yet I'm just it's it was a splurge but yes um I did grab some of the Jackson's half pans it's they're like exclusive watercolors and since I only had like 30 minutes till like the sale was over I did one of those like really fast selecting just grab and go and hopefully like crossing fingers that I can still get the sale price so these half pans were about $2 apiece and I got free shipping hoorah yay and the colors that I pretty much picked were like your cool and warm primaries of like you know yellow red and blue and I tossed in a few earth tone colors because I want to be cool like Denise and learn how to mix with them and I tossed in a cerulean because I just love that as a mixing color so yeah um to go down the list really quick I got a Jackson's yellow lights at Kona cotton gold Jackson's red a carmine ultramarine deep phthalo blue yellow ochre burnt sienna burnt umber and that of course cerulean blue and they do offer like pre-selected sets but those primarily had a cadmium colors and I was feeling more transparent pigments so that's why I opted for these colors I noticed that when I received a package I ordered ten colors and not twelve so I have about two extra spots to fill up so if you have any recommendations let me know I would love to know what are your favorite pants from Jackson's or even Snell yay because I believe they are similar or that they're the same crossing fingers so yes I am using an old Tim palette that I got from Amazon's like their meat and palate and this used to be my old daniel smith custom palette that video is from i think last year oh my gosh how time flies yes so all of my daniel smith colors have been transferred into another travel palette so I have this one and I thought it would be a good idea to give it another go and breathe new life into it the way that I set up this palette was to have my six main mixing colors you know my cool and warm variations of yellow reds and blues to have that all on the top and all of those pigments are generally leaning transparent and like they're very high staining and the second row of pigments are all you know earth based so they're very more mild they're medium to low tinting strength they're just much more approachable they're a bit dull down variations of the bold primaries I have up on top but these colors they're just fun to have on hand for like just softer mixing that's user friendly already I'm gonna step away as this b-roll footage of swatches and action I'm really happy with a selection that I have so enjoy so with all art supplies that I test out I kind of did this generic portrait just to get a feel for how the media handles I just got into this habit just that doing YouTube reviews so often so right the reason why I do this is because I know these like quick little portraits like the back of my hand and that way I can solely focus on how the supply behaves so for example I get to see what kind of colors I can mix and how do they apply onto the paper did they separate quickly do they layer well it's just a great chance for me to really observe my media without being boggled down with making good artwork but I was feeling a little girl with myself lately okay so I've been noticing that I've been really sloppy with my watercolor control and that I've just been half Hazzard Lee slapping on marks so I wanted to take a moment to recalibrate how I mix paint and how do I apply onto the paper so I took the what was it the Jackson's red and I did a whole bunch of like washed studies I I know I'm gonna have some people be like oh my gosh you're wasting paint but honestly how are you going to really practice your basic basic skill sets like this is how you do it so essentially what I did was use a variety of brushes and also a variety of tilts within my sketchbook to see what kind of rate did I need to apply my pigment and how fast would it like dry on the paper how would gravity aid me just all sorts of things and like observing how much pigment was on the paper and how much overlap could I get away with and just it's a process but it's totally worth it I am so thankful I took this moment to just really reconnect with making a flat wash I was just getting really sloppy and creating all sorts of backgrounds and I really don't mind backgrounds I love the textures I just knew that I was getting carried away now that I've taken a moment to address a few things within like my whole art skill sets I was feeling pretty great and was ready to rock and roll and make some actual artwork using these new watercolors so using my Stillman and burn sketchbook it's the beta edition I did a rather quick sketch mainly from like imagination just to get something down on paper and I didn't have a plan going into this I had a general idea of what colors I wanted to mix but I wanted to allow myself a little bit of freedom to just get inspired by the paints for a majority of this painting I am using cerulean and yellow ochre and the reason why I wanted to use these two colors was that I just wanted something softer to mix with something that wasn't as aggressive as they'll oh don't get me wrong I love a high staining color that's just like punchy in like saturation I was just feeling fluffy today and yeah it was a good old time of just layering and just mixing colors that warrant wasn't aggressive it was just more delicate and it was really fun to incorporate these two colors throughout the piece to kind of give it like this unified color scheme and it was just really fun to see like its ruling in feed into phthalo feet into like yellow ochre with a dash of either cool or warm red just to shift things and I had a blast using these paints today I just um I'm excited to use them again and I'm excited to buy more I know that sounds awful I want more paints yeah I would love to know like I said earlier what are your favorite colors from Jackson's or Cinelli yeh I am interested in getting a warmer red than the red that I haven't is set the Jackson's red it's a great all-around red I think it's middle of the road doesn't really lean in any direction I just have a personal preference of my warm red leaning pretty much almost orange and I would totally love a cooler yellow than the Jackson yellow light that I have the reason why I didn't pick up the Hansa yellow light which is like by3 was because I had about experience with it in the past for example the White Nights version it's very fugitive and it's masked tone shifts Brown like within a month even in the sketchbook so that's why I've been avoiding using that set Oh breaks my heart because I love the whole setup of the White Nights and I think the watercolors are a lot of fun to work with it's just the pre-made sets has a lot of fugitive colors added in and then of transparent colors either so yeah other than the cool yellow and a warmer red I'm totally down for you know a more darker blue or a different earth tub like a Van Dyke and I'm pretty open to trying out snellius half pans to just to fill out the set because they're only 48 colors available in the Jackson's and I I do find myself having troubles like finding something I want more in addition to playing with new watercolors I also played with new watercolor brushes and this particular set was given to me by the granddaughter of Jerry's honor Amma I met her last year during the art of the Carolinas and she was she is so so cool oh my gosh talking to her I just we just gushed over art supplies and I just felt so uplifted and I remember just like walking away from that conversation just like wow I want to hang out with her more like she's just um you know when he had a good conversation is when you feel energized and that's what I got from Heather and what we talked about was the in-house brands that Jerry's offered she gave me a whole tour and introduced me to many of the staff of these brands and she was asking me about what kind of art supplies do I prefer and I was like I primarily use watercolors and round brushes and she was like oh you definitely have to try these on and she put the Steinberg superior : skates in my hand and she was like what really no way I can't no these are so nice she was like no no totally chill I want you to have fun with these I want you to try them out get a handle for them just see what you think of it and that whole interaction was a couple months ago and I finally you know breaking that little spell of avoiding my art supplies today so I cracked them open and they're so nice they look so nice they feel so nice they handle so well and I just had a blast painting with these today to the point where I'm like what are these and I I can't talk about these brushes to your friends they're so expensive oh I can't how do I say this after painting with them in my sketchbook I immediately went online to like Google more information and I think these brushes are about 30 to 40 dollars a pop and I'm like my brain exploded well why would she give this to me there's such a generous gift and I definitely don't want to be like buy these brushes they're worth it because I don't really know if they're worth it yet I I wouldn't consider myself someone that is qualified to give out advice about watercolor brushes but I will say from personal experience I'm so smiling right now I had so much fun they're so soft that it just made me want to paint more I had such a blast you know just glazing on paints that went on smoothly consistently and it just did all the work for me it was just a great time but with that said there was a little drawback I found if the brush had too much water it didn't hold the point and I'm not sure if that's user error yet or if that was that the brush so that's why I'm not like I won't recommend these brushes but I will tell you I had a good time and I'll let you know in the future what I thought so enough about me gushing about these brushes because I can't use these they're too nice but they make me so happy okay okay oh yeah on a side note about the whole painting that you're seeing today I kind of think she looks like a gym trainer and pokémon but I'm with that if you're interested in seeing the real time painting process like the full length I think it's like an hour and a half go check out my patreon it will be uploaded in my sketchbook PDF rewards here yeah so thank you so much for hanging out with me today and tolerating my gushy gushy gosh / art supplies I had a great day I'm super happy this was just exactly what I needed because I've been a little bit like exhausted from like the hustle and bustle this month the Jerry's Adorama demo went really well thank you to all those who came out it was a true pleasure to like see you meet you show you some watercolor techniques I a little spoiler alert it went well that they invited me back and we agreed upon January so for those who missed out this time there will be another time in the new year so I'm excited we're going to do great things uh yeah um I will try to do my best to have that video up within the next month knowing me I'm a little like overwhelmed with like all the things on my plate it's nothing new but we'll get through it so thank you so much for hanging out with me today it was it's so nice to just hang out with you it's been a while I look forward to seeing you again very very soon so sending you lots of hugs keep on painting drawing just keep on creating I'm rooting for you I'll see you next time okay


50 Replies to “Playing with New Watercolors! | Jackson's Artist Watercolor”

  1. Muy Julio says:

    I really suck at watercolors… but this kinda inspired me… thank you!

  2. Draw with Raman says:

    Nice one 👌👌👍

  3. Karuno says:

    Is there a resson why you dont upload your videos with 60 fps anymore ? It started with the sabbatical series.

  4. Overly Derpy says:

    Recently I haven’t been drawing or feeling inspired to, but watching your videos always make me want to draw and stuff ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

  5. AppleJuice says:

    You remind me of a female Bob Ross: so sweet, relaxing, motivational, and amazingly talented at art! Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  6. AshleyM Hills says:

    INDULGE YOURSELF! Use those fabulous gifted brushes, it’s the best way to show such appreciation!!!

  7. CuriousOrigins says:

    I haven’t used Jackson’s brand of watercolors, but I’m gonna recommend some colors anyways.

    My main palette is very similar to this one. I find that I really like having indigo around. It can be a blue purple gray color crazy easy when mixed with a warm leaning red or orange, give it a bit more orange then indigo and you get a warm leaning brown that can be used for darker complexions. Of course, with how dark it is, if you’re feeling lazy in your color mixes, it subs in for grays/black pretty well, just a little on the blue side which can make things moody. It’s granulating in pretty much all brands which gives a fun, slightly unpredictable component. (If you’re interested in seeing it in action… I can send you some pictures/video of screwing around with it.)

    The next color I would add to your palette is a warm purple or warm green like quinacridone violet/magenta or sap green. Most because, sometimes it’s nice not to have to mix everything, but with that ultramarine, it’ll be very easy to turn these in dark purples and moody blue greens very easy. I love using a warm purple for shadows underneath the skintone, and for basic color variation in skintones. Add some yellow ochre or raw sienna and you’ve got a nice golden brown that is excellent for golden hair and gold things in general… or for emphasizing the sunlight on brunettes.

    With sap green, add a bit of a cool-leaning red and you’ve got from bright fields of green, to mossy green, to swamp green and brackish waters. Of course, mixed with orange you get a great baked bread color, great for toast, tan jackets, pants etc.

    Anyways, now that I’ve ranted about mixing paint for too long…. I’m sorry you’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed. I hope that you are able to find relief from those feelings.

    And honestly as a very controlled watercolor painter, I love the way that you paint. It emphasizes the watercolorness of watercolor. I’m at a point that unless I’m using a lot of granulating pigments or purposely making the water bloom… people can’t tell it’s watercolor. The way you paint emphasizes the things that makes watercolor so special. It’s not like you can’t get tonal difference or mix your colors, you still get a large value of range and your lighting makes sense.

    I understand that watercolor control has been bugging you, and obviously your art journey is yours to guide, thrive, love and enjoy; but having watched you paint for a year or 3. You’ve got a pretty good handle on it. And you’ve got texture and the way you pull out details is sculptural. I really haven’t seen watercolor used the way that you use them, ever. I think it’s very special. And maybe you’re not happy with where you are right now, with the medium or your art, but it might be worth, taking note of what you do well, right now. It’s hard to admit it, when we’re trying to level up, we’re trained to be focused on the bad stuff, where there’s room to improve… but only focusing on that is a good way to get burned out and demotivated and feel hopeless.

    I know I don’t comment much and have missed pretty much every live stream you’ve ever done, so you don’t know me, and thus will feel no obligation to listen to this. But please, as you’re continuing to work on your art… I challenge you to find 5 things in each piece that you did, that you like. Just when you finish, pull out a pencil, and instead of what you can do better, write down a list on a sticky note of what you did well.

    Like in this one: you chose excellent colors in this one, your brush control is amazing, I mean look at those lines in this piece, you’ve got a good mood, you handled strange paints you don’t know that well like you use them exclusively and I mean, look at her shoulders, clavicles and torso. Excellent anatomy, good foreshortening…

    Anyways, feel better. Good video, excellent art and weirdly soothing as always.

  8. Jane-Beata says:

    I just love watching you play with different watercolor palettes, it's something so enjoyable and fun to watch for us watercolor enthusiasts. Please keep at it 🙂

  9. SOOART says:

    Your paintings are always lovely.

    I am inspired to see your painting. Thank you.

  10. Leott Art says:

    It's always so great to see/hear an artist so excited, especially after a slump! (I say this as an artist dragging myself out of a long slump.) I smiled right along. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with these. ^_^

  11. Veltzshmertz says:

    It was so satisfying oh my and it inspired me to actually make my own limited colour palette to learn how to mix, but then I took a quick look into my wallet and it said no xD

  12. Molly M says:

    This was delightful to watch! What a pretty piece, I love the colors you used! By the way, you inspired me to finally start using watercolors recently and I'm having a lot of fun so I wanted to thank you for giving me that push to start!! 🙂

  13. Zarzi says:

    Oh Tori, I love hearing you gush over art supplies! Hearing you be so excited by art is so inspiring 🙂 xx

  14. Poodle Lover says:

    I definitely would say quinacridone magenta(PR122 )and phtalo green(PG7)! Those two make very vibrant colors! I personally love vibrant purples and greens

  15. CanadianDot says:

    That sale made me so happy – I got a bunch of Holbein watercolours!

  16. Hex Vexed says:

    Tori: I'm excited to buy more paints!
    Tori's next recommended video on the sidebar rn: "decluttering my watercolours"


  17. Ashley Kor says:

    Always happy to see and hear when you and other artists bring yourselves back to basics. I think sometimes we have to almost re-calibrate how we approach using our supplies. I know some people would call using paint to make practice washes a waste, however, it can be necessary to practice in this way to understand and fine-tune your approach. That isn't a waste! Also. Fancy paint brushes are so expensive but so amazing 😭

  18. In Liquid Color says:

    Jackson's like Sennelier seem to do bright spectral colors well, but also like Sennelier, their earth tone pans (PBr7s specifically) are lacking. I bought some last year to review but haven't gotten around to it yet, oops! It's always SUUUUPER satisfying to watch you swatch though, and I can't wait to hear what you think as you continue using them! Beautiful work as always my dear 💜

    Oh, and I was gifted a Rosemary sable brush from a viewer white a while back. I wish I could say they're not worth it,but it was so flipping gorgeous to paint with. I feel ya 😍

  19. Diana Mungaray says:

    Oh dang, you got Kolinsky brushes! In my first figure drawing class, my professor recommended these brushes to me when I told her that I loved working with watercolors. But as soon as I saw the prices I just settled on using artist loft brushes from Michael's, lol, they work fine even if I can the tips don't last too long.

  20. itsteganyay says:

    Thank you for the video! I have heard that Sennelier and Jackson's paints are very similar as well. Of the two, I've only ever tried Sennelier. I have the Lemon Yellow and I love the hue. The only issue I have with my Sennelier paints is that I go through them really quickly. When poured into pans and left to dry, they have a salt water taffy consistency, almost fluffy. In comparison, my Qor paints are more like a Now & Later… if that makes any sense. One is light, like it's aerated and dissolves quickly, and the other is dense and takes a long time to wear down. Both brands re-wet very well though, the Sennelier paints just disappear faster. If you're looking for a warm red, I like Sennelier's French Vermilion (PR242), though I may replace it soon with a Pyrrol Scarlet, because I want to try something a bit punchier. I love your combination of Cerulean and Yellow Ochre, and then that darker blue/grey mixture. So pretty 🙂

  21. Ellayca Go says:

    I enjoyed this video so much! Love how you showed us even your brush practice, will try it to learn how to do flat washes bc I suck at it lol. Also, just hearing you gush over your art supplies uplifts my mood <3

  22. Doodling Cami says:

    you are an amazing person and im soo glad that you are doing what you do<3

  23. Jeon Kookies says:

    Omg your voice relieves my stress and your videos are just so pleasing 🥺💕

  24. arleebean says:

    Ahhhh, I'm so excited to see you using these paints! I actually picked some up during the sale too! XD It's really interesting that you mention them possibly being the same as Sennelier. I've been using them lately, and they definitely reminded me of working with that brand! This video is so clean and comfy and gorgeous, yaaaaay. ♥♥ And I love mixing with cerulean blue too!! 😀

  25. Amy Earls says:

    Ahh these colors look so smooth! I left you color suggestions on Instagram. P.S. – there are no standards regarding pan sizes so they tend to vary a bit from brand to brand. I wish they were all the same!

  26. Aurora's Art World says:

    I love the way you swatch! It's very precise and informative way to do it.. Your painting is so pretty too!! 💖 💖 💖

  27. Eleine Sun says:

    I'm amused that the next recommended video is your watercolor decluttering one 🤣

  28. Jamie Lange says:

    The brushes I buy are around 1$. I know that they are not perfect, but I feel that they get 90% of the job done, so paying a lot more for the last 10% doesn't seem worth it to me. I know some people care though.

    Note: Not all 1$ brushes are good or even okay. But some are.

  29. Servina says:

    So happy to hear you being happy, tori! 🥰

  30. J P says:

    I love gushing over art supplies! Always here for it.

  31. Izo-Ink says:

    you might really like the Jacksons synthetic sable brushes! they're the best brushes I've used, since I can actually afford them.

  32. MS Frank says:

    Omg what a coincidence! My Jackson's package just arrived too!

  33. Gail Brule' says:

    I ❤️❤️❤️ your videos Tori! I just discovered Jackson’s watercolors too…during their sale! I bought their 12 pan pack and added 6 additional colors to my order. Agree with the comment about Sennelier’s orange! It is fabulous. I also really love their Emerald Green! I bought them in tubes first, but then recently in half pans because I had a real problem with the Emerald separating on me to the point where it never really hardened. I know it was likely operator error – I should have known to mix them more once I encountered the separation. I have a pic of the swatches for both my Jackson’s and Sennelier colors…they’re in the same tin as they are very similar (supposedly Jackson’s is made by Sennelier and I believe it). I really love how both glaze/layer! I’ll try to upload the swatch for you! As always…I love everything you do and love to watch you work! I’m hoping for more “out and about” sketching videos on Patreon! 🤞

  34. Teal Korby says:

    I havent finished watching yet but I just have to say that your swatches are so beautiful. The organization is on point!

  35. Angel Spice says:

    Oh my tori! 🤗 watching your videos and the kindness you show your art supplies its just so sweet! As a teenager, finding time to practice my technique has been harder and harder, but I find myself practicing every time you post. Your videos are such a joy!

  36. Mel Rivv says:

    Yes keep us up to date on those brushes! Thanks for your honest unfiltered review. I'm excited for all your videos and all your plans! Bless!

  37. Jael Thompson says:

    Phthalo green blue shade or yellow shade would be a great addition to your palette. It makes a phenomenal mixing green and would neutralize to a gorgeous gray or black with Carmine.

  38. Savannah Brabbin says:

    I have a few of jacksons watercolors and I absolutely love them. I have been purchasing colors that i wouldnt normally from more expensive brands to just try them out. Really happy with them so far 🙂

  39. Anjas wonderland says:


  40. Eve Bolt - Bolt's Vault says:

    Lovely painting! It's nice to see you back 🙂

  41. tired says:

    tori!!! i'd love to see you review stuart semple's 36 pan watercolor palette. it is the main watercolor palette I use and I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

  42. Almost Perftec Miniature Painting says:

    how do they hold their tips? I like my rapheal 8404s but i used to use w&n series 7s until their QA slipped. always looking out for good high quality brushes for my miniature painting 🙂

  43. Ксения Старцева says:

    it's always so inspiring to see someone so passionate about what they do! thank you so much!

  44. Timothy Messer says:

    Art… the healthy type of hording… lol

  45. Sophia Sherwood says:

    There is such a joy, excitement and a wonder in your voice that it carries over and I can’t help but smile! The paints look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  46. Aarna Vishwakarma says:

    Love your vids please do more travel art supplies bag vids

  47. Chu Chuu says:

    Omg i love you so much 🥺❤️ and your videos are so satisying I always watch you when I want to paint

  48. Taylor Miller says:

    Such a wonderful and fun video! It's always a joy watching you paint, hopefully life slows down a bit and you can enjoy and relax some more

  49. shahar fy says:

    I really like Chinese orange in the sennelier line

  50. Lettering By Laura says:

    So happy to see you!

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