Planet Coaster – Heinrich's Hydeaway (END)

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  1. wayne peterson says:

    Man, I thought this was going to be a long series it was nice to get away from my cussing Brother

  2. Noor Abdul-Karim says:

    you had too steep inclines into the turns that's why they were afraid.

  3. El Duderino67 says:

    Please do another series, even if it just for fun for you.

  4. Gaming Master Anthony says:

    Do the steampunk!

  5. Chris Owen says:

    To select multiple lengths of track, drag the arrow on the end of the segment along. The speed is what add to the fear, just have a smaller drop or add a hump before a turn. Each time you go up and back down after the lift section, you lose inertia.

  6. Eric Staeger says:

    im down to see another series

  7. BlackMethos says:

    Steampunk-themed park?
    Count me in!

  8. fattah_aman04 says:

    Make another planet coaster series

  9. Chris52000 says:

    The last roller coaster is very similar to the Kingda Ka. It’s a ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

  10. Crystal Heitzman says:

    I would love to see a Steampunk themed Planet Coaster series. I really enjoyed watching this miniseries of your's, it was very enjoyable. Subbed for HOI4, came back for CK2 and the others, and now this. As a lover of Steampunk, I think it'd make a great idea for a theme park.

  11. DeathJester921 says:

    Steampunk themed amusement park you say? Say no more, I'm all in for that

  12. Gavin Eberra says:

    Can you please make another series of planet coaster

  13. jes mcCoy says:

    The spire of shock is actually a ride at six flags magic mountain in california but its called superman

  14. Grevyalres X says:

    Steampunk Park, with an epic coaster that encompasses the entire park.

  15. Jim Popolow says:

    Do the steampunk series! I would totally watch.

  16. Jakob Wuillmier says:

    If you don't make more or I will tell my mom.

  17. Autobot Skyflame says:

    This series was much to short. Please do more. Any style you want, but I just want to see more of this.

  18. Ethan Houle says:

    No not the end!

  19. Rev Lemmon says:

    Go for it!!! This a really cool game.

  20. Ryu Felinshire says:

    I'd be game for a Steampunk series.

  21. Andre says:

    Please please please make another series I'm actually begging you 😭😭

  22. Tim The Legend says:

    Hey pravus the best way to bank is it's slow not fast. When it's fast make them go on up or if going fast bank/turn slowly.

  23. Alexis kyritsis says:

    Make moooooore! WE NEED IT ! (You get the point XD)

  24. GREMlin49failed says:

    Practice Rollercoasterbuilding a bit and try to only use fitting rides, then I am highly interested into another series.

  25. Jacob Cagle says:

    Plz do a crusader kings 2 series

  26. Fostenel says:

    Been a while since I've played, but a couple of tips for building from what I remember. Bleed off a lot of the speed before making a turn, and use banking to minimize lateral g-force. Edit: Also, you can select multiple pieces of track. Has to do with the arrows on the end of the track selection if I'm remembering right.

  27. Jordan Schriver says:

    2:48 You appear to have accidentally created a Mickey Mouse head.

  28. Riley Thibert says:

    need more steampunk

  29. Vraxo says:

    Sad he ends this series cause it wasn't doing to well… 🙁

  30. Sick Bone says:

    I subscribed.

  31. Elena S says:

    I would definitely like to see more from this series and from planet coaster

  32. Tech Master says:

    That last roller coaster is based directly on Kingda Ka, the tallest rollercoaster in the world.

  33. Michael Kantorski says:

    Please sir, I want some more!

  34. Fade Vortex says:

    Can you please make another planet coaster series

  35. Viktor10 Lazovski says:

    I am sad that it is ending.

  36. [GD] LegionOfBaum31 says:

    This was a great series and I’d Love to see a Cities Skylines series next

  37. Kyle Winter says:


  38. Leah2541 says:

    Yes, more Planet Coaster!

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