Pinkie's Brew – Typography Animation

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  1. Miguel Sanchez says:

    0:43 Time Sorbet is an – ALL TIME CLASSIC 😀 – GET IT!? GETTTT IT!? :DD

  2. katie marshall says:

    oh my god i half to tell laughing jack about this

  3. Maki says:

    He did I get here from ddlc shitposts?

    No hate, I just think this is… Nevermind

  4. gunybears says:

    I love rd and pinky pie but I have to agree rd is the best pony ever

  5. Dash Aradele says:

    Holy crap, I remember this. Never watched one second of FiW but this song was my JAM a few years ago. Can't believe the same video is still up!

  6. BrokeSpade57 says:


  7. Pikachu Lover says:


  8. Matthew Nicholson says:

    Sometimes I start humming the beat when I'm working in class. No one knows I'm a Brony, so they're all like, "what's that song you keep humming?" And I just say it was on the radio but I didn't get the title

  9. WadewGAME says:

    Rainbow dash is best pony….. Good game

  10. Cytoprion says:

    Cool, but the tombstone remix is still my fav. Good job though.

  11. BRVRcreepypasta says:

    Sometimes, I sing this while waiting for something to happen without even realizing it.

  12. Lucida Fonts says:

    this song makes about as much sense as pinkie. I love it!!!

  13. Zacky Tacky says:

    this guy is an amazing singer

  14. Umbryft Flight says:

    For some reason this song goes in the background in my head when I think of what will happen if I think of the good pony times when mlp ends

  15. Kai Gordon says:

    why did it say me gusta?

  16. Ran_OutOfIdeas is GONE! crab rave intensifies says:


  17. The Magestic Golden Derpcorn says:

    I sung this to my friends and they loved it

  18. Doff Lala says:


  19. Jason says:

    if god doesnt exist then why is it a pony?

  20. Jason says:


  21. Sn0wPlayz says:

    Baking instead of breaking. Goddammit great way to break the 4th wall is to bake it eat it and go through it. geez.

  22. •leanbox-skies • says:

    "I like pancakes"

  23. Soundwave563 says:

    I saw that with the Rainbow is best pony stuff…Don't worry we all make mistakes your only slightly off we all know Lyra is best.

  24. Morty Smith says:

    i could see bubble berry singing this though.
    (600th comment ^^)

  25. Kei Wolf says:

    this is one of my fav versions so far! you did a great job!

  26. Tyy says:

    01:46 I like pancakes :3

  27. Anna lastnamegoeshere says:

    No..This is the cover

  28. TyranusPatrickson says:

    This version almost made me cry, almost.

  29. Sp3cial1st says:

    1:50–1:52 Rainbow Dash is best pony
    1:58 Me Gusta
    2:00 Trololo

  30. milla sangster says:

    Yeast is rising? ahem………

  31. VanDreadPL says:

    1:55 ZIEMNIAKI

  32. r.a says:


  33. Das Furrymedic! says:

    Well done Typography Izeer XD

  34. SpongeBob's Oreo Wonderfilled Commercials says:

    Spike and the CMC's are my favs.

  35. god of RAGE says:


  36. msolec2000 says:

    To one thing you must agree: Zecora is best zebra.

  37. Fat Man Entertainment says:

    I saw the message rainbow dash is dead!!!!

  38. Joseph Simone says:

    Too awesome

  39. Gabriel Gabor says:

    This song reminds me the firsts days of chemestry lab, :,) nice remembers

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