Picture With A Foreigner #99

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Everyday, working working working Right Kris? I have to go to the…….. What is it? You guys have been looking at a lot of close-ups of my face So I need a wider lens They didn’t have it in store so they just had it delivered from the warehouse It took about twenty minutes Convenience of Japan Thank you! I am going to be performing the act of bureaucracy today The Japanese embassy I got ten minutes to file this shit Phew, made it Sightseeing time Cool Cool Hello This is the main royal palace in Seoul and in Korea and these guys are the royal guards They look super cool I got a ticket, a combination ticket for four palaces and a shrine I don’t know if I’ll do it while I’m here but it’s always supporting the culture These girls are wearing the traditional Korean gown This royal palace, it’s not preserved in it’s original form because it’s been destroyed twice, I think in history, both times by the Japanese This palace ground is so huge and it’s got lots of cool architecture There’s a garden, park It’s awesome, I love it You might be wondering what happened to the Korean royal family because there was an emperor here Then the Japanese occupation happened in the early 20th century And there was no royal family anymore And there is none at this moment basically It’s a very interesting and a pretty sad story I found a very good blog article about this so I’m not going to just quote it I’ll just link it in the description If you’re interested in this subject, please read it It’s pretty good These guys just asked to take a picture with them It’s not like they know The Uwaga Pies They just wanted a picture with a foreigner This happens That’s the ceremony of changing of the royal guards Pretty impressive I’m on my way to a church in Roppongi because I need to speak to a priest because my sister wants to get married So that she can get married, I have to get a paper filled out that bascially says she’s willingly getting married I’m looking for an English speaking priest This is the right place Ok, I got that paper filled out So I guess my sister is free to marry It’s kind of weird that I sort of held the power to that If you’re in Seoul, you have to see the royal palace And here is the proper central alley of the entire country I guess On this alley you can find some of the most important buildings in the entire country Such as national museum, national opera house American embassy for that matter There’s offices of the biggest companies in Korea In the center position of this alley, there’s a statue of a Korean emperor who introduced the Korean alphabet He’s said to be one of the two greatest emperors in the history of Korea The second very important statue in this center of Seoul is Admiral Yi Sun-Sin A naval commander of the Korean navy in 16th century responsible for a humiliating defeat of the Japanese invasion force This guy was commanding 13 battle ships The Japanese had 133 battle ships and they still pulled it off somehow They damaged or destroyed enough Japanese ships to change the course of the war That’s badass Hey guys, remember Jay? He just came back from military service You were in the military for two days? 1 day So every Korean man has to do it every year? Yes, yes after the two year military service In the coming years they have to do it every year The point is to keep yourself in good physical shape Physical shape and good mind, military mind. What do you do when you do that? Shoot bullets at a screen Play survivor games We have some traditional Korean teas What’s this one? Cooked rice with jujubes Jujube is a fruit, right? Yeah It doesn’t even taste like a sweet It’s more like a snack I’m in Roppongi Hills And there’s a YouTube event today But Sabrina is going to join me since Kris is in Seoul An indication of how safe Japan is, is that when you’re at Starbucks people use their cell phones, laptops, iPhones to save their seats Nobody steals it I’ve never seen that in any other country where you can leave a piece of equipment that costs $1,000 or more and it’s a seat marker Ok, time to switch out the lens Can you tell the difference? I ran into OkanoTV Chris from Street English TV Hey guys And he’s been watching TheUwagaPies which is awesome to hear I don’t know how you do it everyday It’s amazing and the color correction is off the hook Big fan, great work Make sure to check out his channel Street English TV I’m taking a break from the party to publish today’s video And add subtitles MEEEEEEEE I met up with me And I see a man’s butt Butt, butts, delicious butts Hello, I’m down here, Hi Hello, ______ please watch it We forgot my friend Who’s your friend? Some guy who made videos about Japanese racism and then he got death threats and then he stopped making videos and now he’s making videos again YouTube party is over I spent a lot of it writing subtitles I think it was good though I dunno, I’m not done yet so I’m going over to the Starbucks to finish this off You guys ready to move? Yes bitch Let’s go to Ebisu Let’s hope Kris is having an awesome interesting day today Hey, come in I have wine Follow me Come join me


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  1. Kabanos1313 says:

    Przed 3… :/

  2. Miroshi says:

    Your Vlogs are very funny 馃榾 So every man in korea has to do a military day , what about celebrities like G-Dragon or Taeyang ? Do they also have to do it ? Thanks and best regards from Germany

  3. Mateusz Komendo艂owicz says:

    Great ! The movies are beautiful – I am watching since 1st episode – they are getting better and better. It is impressive that you have new ideas all the time !
    My question is: Krzysiek, in which country (Poland, Japan, Korea) you think the standard of living is highest? And which country has happiest people?

  4. Slawny19951995 says:

    hahaha Sabrina 'yes bitch' shes so funny xD

  5. Heliosis11 says:

    o my… 8:11 馃榾 guys, it is awesome! And Thank you very much! I didn't know what to do this morning, but you uploaded new video earlier! LUCKY ME!

  6. Mung says:

    Haha Kris, you are the man, nothing beats some red wine and… what the heck are you playing?

  7. Skeletor Messiah says:

    01:34 look at this and remember Civilization V

  8. Skeletor Messiah says:

    04:30 and Civ V one again XD

  9. uyaratful says:

    1. Can you elaborate why your sister need your approval for her marriage? I didn't find explanation in the video.
    2. Who is this guy that made videos about racism and get death threats, can you link to his materials?

  10. poczwarka85 says:

    Absolutely amazing episode! 馃檪

  11. Gosix Pro says:

    Krzy艣 and Kasia look like siblings hahah 馃檪 x

  12. Spasiboy says:

    Kate I like close ups on your face, you don't need wider lens.

  13. Spasiboy says:

    And Kris is still a playa! Good to know….

  14. Spajki says:

    Korean culture is amazing. At least in architecture way.

  15. Andrzej Kaszkowiak says:

    Very dope timelapse at the begining! 馃憤

  16. Pawe艂 Kosiorek says:

    co to za gra na ko艅cu odcinka

  17. snowqueenix says:

    Is your sister getting married in Japan?

  18. Kucyk PL says:

    @TheUwagaPies Kasia San, can you ask your friends about Lewandoski what he recently did? He scored 5 goals in 9 min. I want to know if the Japanese really fascinated by football.

  19. Junko says:

    ci膮gle robisz min臋 gimbusa

  20. TheBadger40 says:

    Love the ending!

  21. Wiktor Glinczewski says:

    12-35 lens? cool 馃榾

  22. Filip Kurtek says:

    Bo偶e, 偶e wam si臋 chce codziennie nagrywa膰 vlogi o niczym XD Tak, m贸wi臋 p艂ynnie po angielsku, ale nie mo偶esz si臋 odzwyczai膰 od polskiego 馃槈

  23. KENTA says:

    that ending tho

  24. kfjrospes says:

    kiedy zapytaj beczke?

  25. FerrariTV says:

    3:50 is it only in Japan or I missed smth? 馃榾 Usually you don't need this document right? At least not this one….
    7:21 Sabriiiiina <3

  26. macromatic says:

    omg Chris, I feel so nostalgic while watching ur videos recorded in South Korea. Been there last february, seen all these. Planning to go back in 4 mths ^^

  27. qbq0311 says:

    I love the way Kris pronounces c(hrhrh)ountry. Pozdrawiam 馃榾

  28. Sabina Joeck says:

    Och ! The ending ! <3

  29. JacobLukas says:

    like for ending with seductive kris!

  30. Growth Hacking says:

    Hey! I didn't know you went to Gwanghwamun! You should have told me, I love this place, and I walk across it almost every day! I will show you one place that is very close but much better though! 馃檪

  31. Mariusz Kucharczyk says:

    I hope that the ending was a very subtle the office uk reference Kris!

  32. Jakub Wieczorek says:

    creepy Kris is creepy…

  33. tytuslock says:

    does that blackhaired woman 7:19 have channel? I would sub her:D

  34. Kofu bonbon says:

    at first,the Japanese view is different from Korean one about palace and Yi Sun-sin

  35. Meggy Lee says:

    Epic ending xD I feel seduced…

  36. zbity kieliszek says:

    08:12 Harold Melvin, that's some good shit.

  37. jakub_brt says:

    Best vlog in the world 馃檪

  38. stuKotbehemot says:

    Yay! Medama Sensei is going to make new videos? That's awesome!

  39. Filip Sauer says:

    I love the music by Pan V酶lf ;o It's so great.

  40. michaelhasadog says:

    Now it's time for you Kasia 馃榾

  41. Piotr Paj膮kowski says:

    Kris you seem to have so much positive energy lately, keep it up 馃榾

  42. Freaxys says:

    Chris, I must admit, you made me laugh so hard at the end. But the most important for me is that both of you guys make me more and more curious about those two cultures which is great! Oh and I have a question, very basic but whatevs, is it easy to get used to other culture or do you still acknowledge the differences at daily basis?

  43. PAPUS says:

    I'm actually interested in those videos about Japanese racism! Can you please tell us the name of his channel or direct link to video?

  44. anusia612 says:

    The ending ^ ^ LOL

  45. Stefan salvator says:

    Nagraj co艣 w ko艅cu na theBeeczka !

  46. Joke says:

    That ending haha i died.

  47. Dawid G艂osek says:

    To make the " timelapse " better to take pictures every half second or better to record it ?

  48. StreetEnglishTV says:

    You edits are just off the hook. It' keeps getting better and better. This one is amazing!

  49. StreetEnglishTV says:

    Oh I just saw that I was in it!!! OHHH!!! SHIIIIIt! That's awesome!! Thanks so much! You guys rock!

  50. Emila F says:

    I know how old you are ,but you look too young to drink wine xD

  51. foks444 says:

    Sabrina is lovely, as always :

  52. Constantin says:

    Why music themes are repeating? Why u r not using different music tracks?

  53. wang momo says:

    Kris, it's Chuseok time in Korea, one of the biggest celebrations there! Maybe sth about it, in next video :D?

  54. Rebellious lady says:

    Amazing vlog! 馃檪

  55. Zorgus says:

    The creepy factor is strong with that bathrobe O_o

  56. EPIC MOMENTS says:

    I love that girl with the enthusiastic personality! What's her channel? (the one who said, 'yeah bitch' if you're not sure who I mean, lol)

  57. trumql says:

    These guys 2:53 sound like my son playing pots and pans 馃槈

  58. Tomasz Rajek says:

    Please make a video about differences between Japan, Korea and eventually China. Something like "compare these three works of art" or something. I'm just confused when I'm not sure if this palace or this KING is more Japanese or more Korean.

  59. Azure says:

    8:11 you should be a model, not even kiddin

  60. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Dawno nie by艂o polskich napis贸w….

  61. Beruto ~ Pranks/VLOGs says:


  62. DaVi0PL says:

    W Szwecji tez tsak nie kradn膮 jak u nas…
    Gonciu sam pije winko? Niemo偶liwe, ale chocia偶 wyrwa艂 kolejne laski, tzn ma艂olaty 2:32 馃榾

  63. Sabina Wojtasiak says:

    Does this girl with short, black hair has a yt channel?

  64. 0agneska0 says:

    Lubi臋 vlogi. Zw艂aszcza z ciekawymi widoczkami, nawet z tak膮 szar膮 codzienno艣ci膮. Ale tutaj s膮 pewne rzeczy, kt贸re mnie frustruj膮. Nie chc臋 by膰 niemi艂a, wi臋c powiem tylko, 偶e to m.in. j.angielski. Studiuj臋 filologi臋 angielsk膮, mam du偶o styczno艣ci z tym j臋zykiem, wi臋c czasem mam a偶 po dziurki tego. Szkoda, 偶e nie ma raczej takich vlog贸w po polsku. I tu bez urazy- nie chodzi o sam j臋zyk, ale po prostu. Widz臋 Gonciarza, kiedy艣 ogl膮da艂am jego filmiki po polsku, wiem, 偶e jest Polakiem, a m贸wi po angielsku. Wiem, 偶e to po to, aby te偶 zdoby膰 wi臋ksz膮 "popularno艣膰" na youtubie, ale tak bez oszukiwania si臋? Na pewno znaczna wi臋kszo艣膰 widz贸w to Polacy (kt贸rzy tu s膮 cz臋sto jakby przez Gonciarza). Poza tym- Kasia (czy ona ma na imi臋 Kate?). Pewnie jest spoko osob膮, nie chc臋 ocenia膰, tylko jej styl vlog贸w (je艣li mog臋 to tak okre艣li膰)- mnie osobi艣cie nie odpowiada.

  65. PTa4 says:

    Zako艅czenie tego odcinka to istne arcydzie艂o! 馃榾

  66. FromAsgard32 says:

    My God… Im not into Asian type of appearance generally, but this guy is so hansome ;-;

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