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  1. Nilesh Likhar says:

    Sir $ it is dollar sign not and symbol

  2. Ram Ramesh says:

    Port number is 80 why your adding one more 80

  3. sheharyar khan says:

    My port is showing up as 80 443 without any errors you mentioned but whenever i type localhost:80 it doesnt show up like your browser shows xampp server

  4. anupam kumar technical says:

    Complted successfully

  5. Sam Carpenter says:

    This is a super resource! Thanks. I made a database and tied into an index.php and css stylesheet for localhost. I made categories firstly with css in a sidecolumn. When I did the same category and items and connected to MySQL, what came out were the items, but they were "spaced" out for some reason about ten spaces between items. This did not seem to be connected to any css command, therefore it had to be somehow signaled in SQL. But how?

  6. Vatsal Trivedi says:

    3:22:15 secs ohh i mean seconds🤣🤣

  7. Learn WebTech says:

    Great but. It's too long.

  8. Joshua Bonsol says:

    These people are one of the God's given gift to the world

  9. vibha bhariliya says:

    how to solve phpMyadmin error

  10. Bulbul Choudhary says:


  11. Ragul Dravid says:

    If we use sublime text editor instead of notepad ++ …what changes we need to do ?

  12. Sonia Asghar says:

    quality video …

  13. Debarupa Biswas says:

    very nicely explained…thanks

  14. pravin atrekar says:

    You need to improve ur English n $ it's a dollar symbol not AND symbol.

  15. top4help says:

    Age ap Urdu bolte to bhot acha hota

  16. Music says:

    nice tutorial

  17. TechBowl says:

    PHP Interview Questions with Answers for freshers 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtmEDIMvwzE

  18. Sandesh More says:


  19. Harloie Villano-ac says:

    thank you soo much for making this video . its really help me to boost my knowlegde and .
    looking for lot of video tutorial 🙂

  20. Infinite GB says:


  21. Passion spot says:


  22. Passion spot says:


  23. A 1 App Builders says:

    using this code
    $_SESSION['message'] = $_GET['id'];
    header('location: index.php');

    the file is named features.php
    being call from a shopping cart.

    <span class="pull-left"><a href="features.php?id=<?php echo $row['id']; ?>" class="btn btn-primary btn-sm">

    the button is added to each box as it loops through this section. what I need is to be able to launch a page from within features.php i think. where id = 1 then show 1.html or 1.php where id = 3 then show 3.html or 3.php

    any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  24. PHP TUTES says:

    best Nice

  25. Ali N' DeLoin says:

    You are the best, guy

  26. Naushad Anwar says:

    This error coming "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting end of file in C:xampphtdocsyoutubevariable.php on line 2" Notepade++ type code "https://prnt.sc/mf88p9"

  27. gulshan thakur says:


  28. Neo Anoman says:

    Great video…Keep up the good work.

  29. Develosophers Pvt ltd says:

    good for beginners .
    thank you

  30. 流年 says:


  31. Drin Ramadani says:

    I get it that its 5 hours but still 23 adds.
    Btw.Nice video

  32. Murali Murali says:

    send me the link to see the c and c++ tutorials to learn

  33. Mjolnir Gaming says:

    this is not $ (and &) its Dollar sign..

  34. Mjolnir Gaming says:


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