Photoshop Logo Tutorial: Music Related Logo Design

July 27, 2019 posted by

hi everyone welcome to another LRD factory tube session in this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make a minimalistic or fresh and vibrant logo so here's what the design looks like okay so let's jump straight into it first thing you want to do is open up a new image the size will be twenty nine point seven by twenty one resolution is 300 once you've got that we want to open up some new groups add three new groups okay bottom one we want to label that text okay next one we want to label that the D and a top one want to label that plane okay go into the D folder when I select the fun font we using this called plastic pill on the size is three hundred and fifty four hundred and fifty pardon type out D okay we actually need this D to be a pink color so we're going to select the color tool there and we're going to go to e d0 b75 and give us a pink okay just gonna add some gradients and effect gradient overlay we want to add that to soft light 50% tick reverse put that to reflected put the scale to 150 okay let's go to some inner shadows change the color here excuse me it's five two zero zero two six okay put it past eight to thirty tick that and then change that to 25 okay let's put the distance to 12 choke to 6 and the size to 35 put your contour to round half round beg your pardon let's have some drop shotting now I want to put a pasty to 23 want to put distance down to 0 spread up to 8 then we put the size to 146 okay let's put some outer glow on there put the blend mode to a normal path of T 270 put the color to white want to change the size to 83 okay and that's the D done that's looking good yeah fantastic let's go and do some playing shapes so we go into the play shape we add a new layer we're going to select the shapes tool go on to custom shapes select the triangle which is here okay you want to make sure that you are selected on the paths okay then we want to draw out the shape so hold shift and bring it out okay once we've got that we want to go to brushes brush tool want to change the size of the brush tool to thirty-eight peak to make sure that hardness is down on zero and then we want to select the pen tool again hold shift click in the middle stroke path simulate pressure and that's that part done add a new layer so let's label that first big rush okay new layer we want to change the color to white we want to go to brushes change that to ten fix okay go back to your pen tool control click stroke path simulate pressure yep gives us our next layer labeled that small brush okay at the bottom of these layers now we want to add the film there okay so simply go back onto the tool here click ctrl and click and fill path okay so those are the three layers so we want to show you each one so there's the black fat let me remove the pencil you'll see that better delete path so you'll see you've got your black there you've got your white then you've got the film okay so we've the big brush and the small brush we just set them to overlay and then we're going to go and put some effects on film so let's add some outer glow firstly so we put it to normal 44 percent change it to white and the size we 165 okay that's cool and gradient want to put a soft light here we want to tick reverse and then select reflected and then scale is 150 okay I like that looks cool now we just want to rotate this so you click Apple T and then rotate okay that's looking cool let's resize it a little bit yeah I think like that yep that's cool let's just bring it down a bit cool alright so now let's do the text go with your text tool you want to select your text we're gonna be using a font called a beat so start typing we want to put the size firstly 262 yeah cool now we can start typing so just hang out play and then dance capitals okay position that okay now we duplicate that three times throw a couple J I do play it twice beg your pardon alright the top ones just going to be the place so we're going to change the color of that the color of that needs to be FF 0 0 7 e okay delete the is part of the dance we don't need that now okay and now this part is going to be changed to color great if it be 5 5 5 5 5 5 yeah ok now we can delete the other side of that you're positioning into place cool now you can get rid of the bottom one now with the play we're going to add some effects to that start with the inner shadow put the opacity to 30 but the angle to 120 and then we want to put the choke choke later they're sized things top to 15 okay now I've had some drop shadow the drop shadow goes up to 100% I'm distance needs to be 0 spread 3 size 3 yeah fantastic that's looking nice now we just add a little stroke to the dance and that's just gonna be a three pigs strokes that's already set there in a default thank you just change the color so it's 5 5 5 5 by 5 and run out you're done okay there's just Center the whole thing yeah like with that okay so that's the finished logo it'll be great to see some of you video responses showing us your own versions of this logo in the meantime comment like and most importantly subscribe


24 Replies to “Photoshop Logo Tutorial: Music Related Logo Design”

  1. Joe Granados says:

    you still make logos ?

  2. Pepper Mint says:

    It's like nobody knows what a pause button is, it works for me since he's fast

  3. Nodo barbakadze says:

    Hello i'm dj snouk i have not logo pls halp me add fb snouk snoukmusic

  4. Abdulrahman Aljamali says:

    Ladies did u like the D ? :))

  5. Jade Parkin says:

    I've started to recreate this logo, however when i go 2 do the play button the brush stokes don't work like urs and it looks a mess… how do i get it like urs   

  6. Ovi Us says:


  7. LRDFactory says:

    It's just an example for the benefit of the tutorial.

  8. Mathis says:

    Why a D ?

  9. Patrick John Paredes says:

    how do you make that little sub-heading on the bottom right corner?

  10. Dan Polson says:

    when i come to the rotate part, only the pen paths rotates and the white triangle doesnt move, why is it not working?

  11. LRDFactory says:

    The links are in the description.

  12. migorenster says:

    what was the font called for the D? and where can i dl it?

  13. OfficialDracz says:

    what do u record with?

  14. Bodyskillz2011 says:

    five five five five five five five five five five five five

  15. LRDFactory says:

    Checkout our latest videos and you'll find the answer in our background series.

  16. Tommy Scott says:

    How to make that background?

  17. LRDFactory says:

    Or "L.R.D Factory"!? lol
    Its an acronym.

  18. Patrick Binns says:

    Are you fat because your username is says 'Lard! factory'!!!!!!!! Oh i'm ever so funny

  19. LRDFactory says:

    Lol We've still got the plastic on our keyboards #Mac

  20. LRDFactory says:

    No Probs!! Thanks for the tweet

  21. LRDFactory says:

    We use CS5 However this tutorial was produced using Photoshop CS3.

  22. Dustin M says:

    is it just normal photoshop or CS5?

  23. Connor P says:

    When i go to shaped a triangle does not appear please help ???

  24. thiru kavadi says:


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