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today I have several ways that you can
actually use photo manipulation techniques in Adobe Illustrator
including the usage of clipping mask in Illustrator welcome back to tutorial graphics
everybody home of graphic design content I just passed the 5000 subscriber mark
yesterday I have to give a huge thank you all of those who decided to tune
into my content on a regular basis as well as those of you who like and share
my videos and leave comments it really does help my channel grow I’m going to
look forward to the future and onwards and upwards with my content illustrator
is a program used for vector drawings and designs but you can actually use
photo manipulation in the newer versions of Illustrator and turn these images
into vectors afterwards you can use clipping masks in Illustrator and it’s a
very straightforward process first we will use the ellipse tool to cover an
area we want to cut out with the cleaver mask once happy add a filter to the
shape and then select both the image and shape go up to object click a mask and
then hit make you will now have cut out the image with a clipping mask in
Illustrator it can be more precise using the pen
tool to make the exact shape custom to your image and then use the same methods
before by applying a clipping mask the second technique to manipulate
images illustrator is just something for fun
you can basically pixelate yourself by select an image and then going up to
object and create a mosaic leave all of the settings to default
apart from choosing how many squares you want to add once you’ve created that you
can then ungroup everything so you can edit each individual square this is now
a vector design so it can be scaled up or down to any size and retain quality you might be familiar with the photos in
Photoshop but they also exist as effects in the effects panel illustrator I like
to play around the artistic choices but the thing with the illustrator is and
once you’ve chosen the filter or effect you can then open up the image trace
window allowing you to turn the image into a vector whereas Photoshop is
always going to generate the raster image with pixels I will show you how to
use the image trace tool next I am showing how to use the image trace
tool on my channel before but I have to add it in this list because it really
will help you with your graphic design workflow you may have a client has given
you some icons using your design but you want to edit them or you maybe want to
ensure the quality is going to be good enough but the JPEG is not going to
serve this simply open up the image in Illustrator and then access the image
trace window you can create a black and white version or a color version of the
image and play around the settings to see how it will turn out remember to
click preview when ready Erbs object image trace and expand nyam it will be a vector and if you
improve it the entire thing will be able to be edited in Illustrator and also
scaled up or down to any size so do you use illustrator for photo manipulation
and you ever use it super mass in illustrator let me know in the comment
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today peace


5 Replies to “Photo Manipulation In Illustrator? | ILLUSTRATOR CLIPPING MASKS | Satori Graphics”

  1. Anderson z0r says:

    Peace 🙂 In my humble opinion, clipping mask is the easiest way to prepare image to export when you need to cut everything unnecessary 🙂

  2. 3D Sound & Music says:

    Mannn you are really awesome. You do great designing and also good personality.
    Why i said is because no one mention to viewers to skip intro.
    But you do in every video. I became fan. 🙂

  3. CallMeZarkN says:

    hey man nice work like always! 😀

  4. jaseylove says:

    Well done on 5k subs!

  5. Ale Noura says:

    My dad would like this tutorial since he messes with photos. Will share it with the old man. 🙂

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