(Part 1) UX Interview Prep: The Design Prompt!

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hey guys welcome back to the channel today we're going to be talking about what you might expect from a technical UX interview so usually when you're interviewing for UX roles there's going to be different phases of the interview process so typically you're gonna have to walk the interviewers through your portfolio right just so they can get an understanding of your UX process and kind of understand their level of UX craft and skills you have and types of types of projects you've worked on in the past and whatnot they'll also ask you some behavioral questions just to get a sense of like your leadership abilities and you know how you work under pressure like they might say something like tell me about a time you let a large design team or tell me about a time you solved an issue through design just to kind of get a sense of you know who you are as a person like they want to hear you talk and they want to see if you could maybe interact with clients and more of the behavioural part but what this video is about is more of that technical ux interview where you'll be given some sort of prompt and then either right there on the spot or you know in a certain time frame if it's a day or a week you'll have to come back with some sort of deliverable in the form of wireframes or a prototype or whatever they ask you to come back with but the idea is you'll usually be given a set of requirements and then they just want to see your process now this this might be completely interactive like day of like you might sit down with the interviewer and you might have the leeway to ask them a bit more kind of poke at them get a few more requirements out of them or they just give you everything up front and they say go design this and let's see what you come back with so this is kind of more of the ladder like they're just gonna give you a scenario they're gonna give you a bunch of requirements and they're gonna say design this this is actually not that different from a normal day in the life of a UX designer at least from my experience like oftentimes you'll come in as a UX designer there's especially in like these waterfall type projects there's already usually been a whole analysis phase right where business analysts on your team are working with the client to gather all the requirements for whatever you're building so these requirements come from users of the product they come from business leads and usually you're just sent usually in the form of a large ass Excel document just rows and rows of requirements and they say here translate this into wireframes or prototypes so sometimes you have something to reference already like if it's more of a redesign project don't usually have you know what was already built plus all the requirements enhancements that they want or sometimes it's completely net new so you're just designing something from the ground up so if it all differs but this is a pretty standard way of working actually so there's a pretty practical real-world example here so I actually came up with this prompt because I'm actually really into music production as well I kind of do it on the side so I figured this would be kind of a cool topic to explore but anyway here's the background I'll just run through everything with you guys real quick so a client needs your help designing the user interface of an online music production course the client has already created video tutorials and organized them by the most important digital music production topics there are six topics within the course number one learning the software number two and show two chords number three sampling for dummies number four melodies number five bass lines and number six mixing and mastering each topic has five lessons so I just made them all five for simplicity sake so these are your topics and then with within each of these topics they're going to be five lessons this is an online video course something like a Skillshare maybe off the top of my head that that could be something the reference here then there are some requirements listed so number one the user is able to view all the topics within the course and a short description of each topic before beginning the lessons for that topic number two a user is able to view their progress per topic and progress per lesson number three user has the ability to work in whatever order they choose and this is both for topics and/or lessons number four the user has the ability to seamlessly switch between topics and lessons number five when a user completes a lesson the next lesson will begin automatically number six when a user completes all of the lessons within the topic the next topic will begin automatically so those are the requirements we have to make sure we meet all of those requirements so your job so this is like what the actual deliverable is create a low fidelity prototype / user interface that incorporate that incorporates all of the above requirements use whatever design tool you desire limit yourself to 90 minutes and this this is 90 minutes here but this could really mean any amount of time for him just limit yourself to a certain timeframe essentially feel free to show / document any steps in your process so it's pretty vague and pretty open-ended and it seems like you're gonna have a lot of creative freedom to kind of display this however you want the goal here though is just to make sure we meet all of these requirements and we come up with the best possible user experience now it does say low fidelity so what is low fidelity well that doesn't mean just like do a shitty job that just means we're not really concerned about visual design we're not really taking into account colors and iconography shadows like these sort of icing on the cake cake type elements we are really concerned though with layout functionality user flows interactions these are the things we're gonna focus on now let's just pretend for the sake of this video series that we're doing this kind of on the spot so we don't have time to really go out and kind of reference and ripoff of other online video course type sites like a Skillshare or Coursera or these types of things which is why going into these interviews it's expected that you have some kind of idea about UX best practices and what types of interfaces work best for what types of scenarios if you will so a little caveat let's just pretend we don't have time to like do any competitive analysis here we're kind of just jumping right into a little bit of information architecture a little bit of sketching but jumping right into prototyping here and I think this is a great prompt because I'm pretty tired of seeing people on sites like dribble just like posting you know finished visual comps of you know these beautiful interfaces but they have zero context to them so without any context to the problem that they're solving like it's not that impressive to just share a finished project because you know this could not be what the client asked for you know if you guys are able to do this this is ensuring that you're not only able to translate requirements into wireframes or prototypes but you really kind of have a process driven approach to your design so now would be a great time for you guys to maybe screenshot this prompt because in the next video I'm gonna share my process like how I would attack this problem and I think it'd be cool to maybe compare our processes and our interfaces that we come up with because usually there's multiple ways to skin a cat as they say so yeah definitely screen screenshot this give it a shot let me see what you guys come back with and you know if you guys come back with something you want to share you can email to me I'll put my email in the description and maybe at the end of this video series I'll even share some of your work so I think that would be really sweet but in the next few days I'm gonna be posting my wireframes and how I kind of attacked this project and structured this so yes stay tuned for that video I'm really excited for the series it's gonna get progressively higher fidelity so I'm gonna first you know just do exactly what this says and then I'll probably keep running with it and you know see where this goes I'm gonna be using envision studio for this but you know you guys can use any design tool as this says so yeah stay tuned for more videos definitely subscribe for part 2 and possibly part 3 there's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm really excited for it thanks again and best of luck

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  1. kyle baxter says:

    Interested to see the next video. Also maybe a suggestion for another video would maybe be on "how to tackle the lack of team experience" questions in interviews. Having been freelancing for 10 years, I'm finding my lack of "corporate" experience is probably holding me back. It's becoming more and more difficult to see myself getting hired even though I know I'm qualified. I don't see many Jr roles available, just mid-senior.

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