P-bROCK Digital Bagpipes

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P-bROCK is a unique digital tool, designed
specifically to assist in teaching and learning the Great Highland Bagpipe The chanter uses touch-free tone hole sensors
and sampled acoustic recordings, providing superior sound quality and a highly responsive and realistic playing
experience It can be used with or without the built-in
air pressure sensor, either as a practice chanter, or in place of a traditional Highland
Bagpipe Chanter So you can practice every aspect of your piping
technique, anywhere, at any time When connected to a computer, the chanter
forms part of a complete digital system to help piping instructors and their students The P-bROCK software allows performances recorded
using the digital chanter to be displayed, examined, compared… and played back from any point, at any speed The software also incorporates unique piping-specific
features, such as identifying false fingering and automatic detection and evaluation of
the full range of Highland piping embellishments, such as birls, doublings and taorluaths This provides piping instructors with a powerful
tool to illustrate and describe their feedback to students, and can also be used by learners
as a solo practice aid, to avoid introducing bad habits
between lessons The ornament recognition algorithm also allows
automatic performance scoring in a musical game environment giving younger players a fun and engaging
way to practice and measure their progress In addition to supporting traditional Highland
piping practice, P-bROCK can also be used for extended performance techniques such as polyphony, pitchbends and wah effects alternate fingerings to open up the possibility
of playing the bagpipes to people with the use of only one hand and even automatic transcription of bagpipe
music, including all embellishments, directly from performances recorded using the P-bROCK
chanter P-bROCK provides cutting-edge technologies,
tailored specifically to meet the needs of the Highland piping community respecting tradition, while creating a new
range of possibilities for the next generation of bagpipers

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