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hello so texts eahm we know all texts & we also know all pictures different kind of pictures in various styles photos even painted one ehm & so on and texts also such many different kinds of texts but what i like to say ist tu present or to let you understand zet pictures and teksc are in zi end or better to say it TEXTS ARE PICTURES & why is it so because you see what is an picture an picture by definition i fink is best tu describe as a a depiction a visual depiction on some kind of medium it can be a screen or paper anyway em of something visual or in the end its always space because with space we have all the shapes & all ze visual finks soou but but behold ehm what we see or our looking or viewing or watching or with our eyes what we LOOK ISNT A PICTURE its more just looking VIEWING so we use just picture for all kind of je all kind of visual presentation in some kind of units ehmm je like for example here i have from an gallery for exampel this are some pictures so even if i am seeing it dys on this medium is a picture also like on the screen but now tu ze text texts are of course a different kind of pictures but it also a visual representation in a medium so its also pictures you si if we have here for eksampel Ze ALPHABET A B C D & so on zen all this LINES ALL THIS SYMBOLS or GRAPHS or how you like to CALL IT are in the end PICTURES VISUEL VISUEL REPRESENTATIONS OF SOMETHING IN A MEDIUM but of course SPECIFIC PICTURES because their are representing somefink mhhh je somethink about sounds & so on & VERY ABSTRACT eh tu somekind like diys where it is more A PHOTO or somethink very complicated IN FORM & so on so just zet You know in de fundamental & OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION of what an text is in ze end a text is nafink more zen a SPECIFIC WAY OF PICTURE but of course the pictures DIFFERENT in many FACTORS or many psc or APSPECTS like how they are produced ze WAY of their production or how eem yeah and You Ju get ze POINT I THINK but ander this different maybe STYLES

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