Opti-Solve Wall Graphic Vinyl

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Welcome to Advantage Sign Supply’s Application
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In this video we will show the proper use of the Opti-Solve Wall Graphic film.
Opti-Solve Wall Graphic is designed for temporary application of decals and graphics to wall
surfaces. It is removable up to 6 months and can be removed and re-applied.
Opti-Solve Wall Graphic is available in a 6 mil and 8 mil for easy application.
Opti-Solve wall graphic is Latex, UV, Eco-Solvent, and Solvent compatible.
This product is suitable for applications to gloss or matte painted drywall, smooth
wallpaper, wood paneling, glass, metal, and doors.
This product is not suitable for use with brick or concrete block, unpainted drywall,
outdoor applications, and any rough, textured, or porous surfaces.
Before installing your graphic, the wall should be cleaned with water. Do not use any chemical
cleaners. Allow for plenty of dry time after cleaning.
In this example, we oversized the graphic by 2 inches. We recommend a 1 inch overlap
between the panels. Position your graphics with tape to ensure
proper alignment and panel spacing. Hinge the panel about 1 foot from the top,
peel the vinyl and cut the release. Work from the top to the bottom from the center out.
Use a soft felt sqeegee or a soft, plastic squeegee with a felt cover.
Trim excess as a final step using a sharp blade and ruler if necessary.
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