OpenGL: How to Check OpenGL Version? (OPENGL CHECK + RENDER OPENGL)

July 31, 2019 posted by

yeah (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) what’s up guys i’m back with another way
into you see how to check opengl version of you running Windows
operating system so first of all this is my channel and
if you are a new visitor (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) you can check out my channel for tips
tricks and hacks on windows linux and (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) four and for Android ok so subscribe now to get notified
whenever I post new with you so how to check out opengl version in
you’re running Windows operating system it’s quite simple first you have to open
a link which you can get from the description it’s located in the soft .
server and simply hit download and select the server to get download the
file and wait ok so it pops those start download and
now with the let’s get finish so simply open software and follow the same rule
which as usually needs to perform for (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) every software next next next and
install and that’s all now you can hit finish to run its opengl extensions we
were so okay so here is the complete panel with full details you can check
out that it’s running on HD graphics – tall’s and and forward concession
context 3.1 so my of engineering version is 2.1 and if I check out the forward
and text 3.0 is 310 and all otherwise (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) it’s 3.1 so if you see here are the details which
is usually convince in its property size so that’s all in this section so you can show all the course settings
each and every core contains every detail is performed by each and every
unit texture size so this is the detail and if you want to
check out updates for its driver you can instantly check and it will quite take
you to its official website otherwise you can check out manually or you can
see its display module where you can check out to the display connector this
place and you can see rendering for when the into running on graphics two
thousand and version 3.1 . you and memory is one its duty about two people
bites ok so its implementation specifics and maximum viewport size 8 19 to buy it
192 and some more details so you can check out its each and every
details running with extension types of 3d effects which requests 1.1 Open GL
ARB framework for uniform detector and France with until andrea and that’s
extra for windows also ok it’s quite messed up so you can also
check out its frame drops ok so if i rendered you can see I’m
gonna check rendering ok so I’m going to (AUTO GENERATED TEXT ) play so you can see my in internal energy
graphics 2000 is running with frame per second of 368 380 about clothes a bit so
you can see the results its first one opened year 310 running on
372 and 3.1 is 370 fight ok so you can check out its transparency
user click panel format framebuffer etc and that song it contains each and every detail so
this is how you can check your opengl version by using this free to opengl
extension of us I hope you guys enjoyed and don’t forget
to Like share and subscribe this video and once again I’m not telling you to
subscribe this channel because i’m putting my all effort thanks for watching goodbye


16 Replies to “OpenGL: How to Check OpenGL Version? (OPENGL CHECK + RENDER OPENGL)”

  1. Maxim Perevuznik says:

    It crashes everytime, I try to run it

  2. MH4K says:

    in this video you will see how to render open GL graphics and how to check its version

  3. YT/XVShock says:

    Simply Go to minecraft.Install OptifineHD. run minecraft. Go to settings. look at the bottom. and check it XDDD

  4. Wiиcнєรтєя- ツ says:

    my OpenGL Extensions Viewer 5.0 show (OpenGL Extensions Viewer Stopped Working) Help Me

  5. FUSION BURST says:

    i just love the begging song

  6. FUSION BURST says:

    sorry i mean begining song

  7. Zido Tech says:

    Help Me my OpenGL IS OLD Me Needs To Update This Open GLVersion Thankyou

  8. dukeanthony reyes says:

    need it for mincraft

  9. md Asjad khan says:

    7 mb dikha kr 11mb leter ho

  10. Medusa says:

    nice cars on the background 😉

  11. HecTiicLord says:

    I dont have Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000

  12. Thearith Neth says:

    Thank you so much for your good illustration. Good luck!

  13. It's all about YouTube says:

    man you can solve one big problem of me
    that is
    how to update opengl 2.1

  14. AGUN BOY says:

    Does geforce gt 1030 support openGL 4.3

  15. Daniela Michelena Navas says:

    padrias hacer un video de como instalar la version 3.1 de OpenGL?

  16. Abid Al Mahmud says:

    My PC's open gl version is 4.0 can I install geforce gt 1030 2gb ddr5 graphics card?

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