Oculus Rift Recommended Specs and Computer Requirements

July 30, 2019 posted by

For those of you short on time, here’s the
Reader’s Digest condensed version of this video: Mac user? You are f**ked.
Own a PC that’s more than a couple of years old? F**ked.
Recently bought a new computer for basic or mid-level gaming? You’re f**ked too. Basically, the majority of us are f**ked.
Want to get un-f**ked in time for your virtual reality headset to arrive? Today I’m covering the Oculus Rift’s recommended
specs, which covers you HTC Vive users too, and what they mean to your virtual reality
experience. And I promise not to drop any more f-bombs… in this video. bow dow, bow dow WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP bow dow, bow dow ba dum ba dum bum bum pewwww The minimum recommended specs for the Oculus
Rift are actually pretty simple: You need a video card *at least* as powerful
as the GTX 970 or AMD 290 You need at least an Intel i5-4590 processor,
which is a quad-core 3.3GHz processor with max turbo up to 3.7GHz
You need at least 8GB of RAM – ah finally, an easy one
You need to be running your PC on Windows 7, Service Pack 1 or newer; if you’re running
all of these other specs and aren’t 90 years old, that’s pretty much a gimme
You need at least two USB 3.0 ports And this is the only tricky one: You need
a graphics card that has HDMI 1.3 video output supporting a 297MHz clock via direct output
architecture The tricky part, particularly if you have
a gaming laptop, is the direct output architecture. Manufacturers don’t clearly lay that out
in their specs, so what’s the best way to know for sure whether or not your computer
can run the Oculus Rift? Go to the Oculus website, click the button
to preorder your Rift or add it to your cart, and there’ll be a blue notice at the top
of your cart where you can download their compatibility tool. Download it, run it, and
find out for sure whether or not you’re good to go. The really nice thing here is that Oculus
has promised these specs will hold true throughout the lifecycle of the Rift. But what if you want the ultimate virtual
reality experience? Will the minimum specs provide an optimal experience. The answer is no – and that’s why you see
several Oculus-ready options that have an i7 processor instead of an i5, 16GB of RAM,
and a GTX 980 instead of a GTX 970. The value drops off a bit for some of these,
particularly between the GTX 970 and GTX 980, but you’ll receive an indisputably better
virtual reality experience running an i7 and a GTX 980 than someone running an i5 and a
GTX 970. So if you ultimately decide to spring an extra
$400 or so like I did, you’ll absolutely have a better virtual reality experience than
the recommended specs. Now get out there and upgrade your PCs so
that we can all watch virtual reality porn together. Well, not together, because that
would be… awkward. I did that once with a friend in middle school
and… yeah I don’t want to talk about it. On a less psychologically painful note, I
hope this video answered all of your questions! If so, give it a thumbs up below and don’t
forget to subscribe so that you’re notified of my future videos. If you have any questions or feedback, leave
them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to reply within the next 24 hours. My name is Ian, I am the Virtual Reality Ginger,
and I’m trying to make VR easy to understand for everyone. Thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you in another video soon.


100 Replies to “Oculus Rift Recommended Specs and Computer Requirements”

  1. _ RaZeR _ says:

    Am I fucked if I have i7, gtx 760 and about 8 gb

  2. 2Flames says:

    lmao u the best
    make a other video saying that please

  3. SirShizuka says:

    Their compatibility tool is retarded as it ignores K cpus are not supposed to run at stock speed and show as unsupported even though they lap around their recommended cpu specs. And it also blocks if the pc has extra legacy usb 3.0 ports that it doesn't like even if the PC also has the standard integrated fully compatible Intel usb 3.0 ports. In large the oculus compatibility test is fully retarded. And lol i7 > i5 ?! Not in gaming NOPE!

  4. Green Goblin says:

    lol good video man subbed made me laugh quick ha

  5. thelastone7139 says:

    That's sucks, doesn't work with AMD, fuck intel!

  6. Vlad Marlica says:

    i recently both an Rift DK2, and i was thinking that my Laptop is good enough for the rift. I have an MSI GE60 2PC Apache with Intel® Core i7 Processor 4720HQ and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M, 16gb RAM . i have installed the rift in the computer and make account on Oculus com, but they dont let me to continue my instalation because the requirements aren't good enough.
    Do you think by any chance that i have an possibility to steel use the rift or i just have to sell them? 🙁

  7. cas home says:

    I have a i7 4770k oc to 4.3 and just got a gtx 1080 oc.. I for some reason still see pixels and not even close to the "wow" experience. I can't even play project cars from looking so bad, just viewing home in general is not sharp unlike I see in other video of the gameplay from the lense view by other people. I contact Oculus about the issues and got put on hold after I did a diagnostic test. Had not heard from in a month now so I'm stuck with a rift that's doing DK1 display.. And the tool kit can't help at all..

  8. Allan D. says:

    Hi Ian. I just got my CV1 and my computer specs are: i5 2500k (OC to 4.2), GTX 970 (OC to equivalent entry level GTX 980), 16Gb 1800Mhz RAM. It runs butter smooth… I was so close to getting a skylake system but I decided to give my sandybridge a last chance… and man… this thing just keeps on giving… even after 6 years. Loving your videos and sense of humor.

  9. MikusTheDog says:

    does the amd fx 8300 work because i used the steam benchmark vr thing and it said that everything good with procesor

  10. Spectrumpicture says:

    It has to be Windows 7? That's BS dude.

  11. Raging Cow says:

    you deserve way more subs man!

  12. preditordrone says:

    so i just got an oculus and am pissed cause the way it seems is that i will have to change out my mobo and cpu for an intel one to use it cause i can't overclock my fx-8370 high enough to get enough single thread performance out of it how oculus suggests. just to know specs, i have the fx-8370, r9 390x gpu, asus 970 pro gaming mobo, 24 gigs or ram and windows 10 os. cpu is currently overclocked enough to get 5 ghz max clock and 1758 ish out of single thread performance. if there is anyone using an amd cpu plz tell me how and if you got your oculus to work.

  13. Kvgnx says:

    I have the asus gaming desktop with i5 gtx 750 and 8gb ram and I wanted to buy the vr 🙁

  14. Linus Aune says:

    The performance difference between gtx 1070 and the gtx 1080 isn't that big right ? I've heard somewhere that It's overpriced.. Is that correct?

  15. Leonard Cheri says:

    Im running i5 4690k with gtx 970 and 8bg of ddr3 ram. Cant I use that 400 to upgrade from gtx 970 to 1080 and get a much better performance than i7+980? Thanks in advance.

  16. kool Cycledad says:

    So what are the minimum specs for the DK1?

  17. M4STERof BUTTER says:

    I just need video card

  18. remix circle says:

    Can't u use a gtx 1060 it says vr ready

  19. mostafa eldaly says:

    I have pc i5 4400k with amd r9 270x vapor x
    I fucked up right?

  20. Hadyn steve says:

    I have everything on my laptop besides the hdmi bull crap output …

  21. Shreyansh Dixit says:

    i wanna buy i3 6100 will it be able to do vr

  22. Stellar says:

    I have a Xeon w3350 clocked at 3.07 ghz it's a quad core which is hyperthreaded. My gpu is a 1050ti, can I do vr? Is the 1050ti gonna bottleneck?

  23. austin butler says:

    this might be a stupid question to some of you… does your monitor affect the image on oculus.. like if you go with a 1080p over a 1440p with a gtx 1080?

  24. Acid Shot says:

    i don't have that download button 🙁

  25. Furious Fist says:

    those who bought PS4 they are [beep]

    but wait they are a lucky [beep] like srsly they need a better GPU but somehow Sony did something that made PC users unhappy and [beep]

  26. Cadetdude says:

    i have an i7 and a gtx 970 and 16 gb of ram so does thaat mean im just in the middle or something in terms of vr?

  27. Wh4t The Weaboo says:

    ….im ready. Because I've had this PC For 5 Years And It can Still run some games at 1080p 60fps so Am I ready to get it? And I also have the exact same specs on the list to im good….right?

  28. aussieGAMINGuncut says:

    would it run ok on my msi dominator with the 970m gpu

  29. MobileDecay says:

    I like being fucked. 😊

  30. Venonymous says:

    i got an i3 and mine works fine

  31. FreeLigt36 ftw says:

    vc gtx 1050 yes processor pentum 4 no ram 3gb no HDMI out yes Ultimate VR hell no Conclution i have a potato pc

  32. looney pox says:

    bruh the only difference is just lag but srsly lag means your VR experience will be okay but for gaming would be quite s**t!!!! so yeah better PC the less s**tty the gaming experience would be…

  33. BNG Studio says:

    I have no idea of what you just said

  34. BNG Studio says:

    Can you say it more simple?

  35. feelsoezy says:


  36. TenLetters says:

    Have Upgrade to a GTX 1070, but still have my i5 2400 (3,1/3,4 Boost).
    Can I play all the basic VR Games ?
    Can I play Race Games like Dirt 4, assetto Corsa etc. ?

  37. BR Tech says:

    Will it work on i3 laptop

  38. gibby says:

    windows 7 only? :{ fuck me

  39. Tango says:

    I have a gtx 1050 ti and I7 3440 is that ok

  40. l Lawliet says:

    i have macbook air is that good enough?

  41. Sir. Vapenation says:

    i have higher then all these but my VR screen still Spazzes out. It is like it is having 2x screens.

  42. Favio 138 says:

    Pls help me mine is intel i5 but is 1,6ghz an the video is intel 5000 or something like that, 8gb ram my pc will run oculus??(not htc vive)im alright with 35fps ;c

  43. MrEagle says:

    What about the Ryzen 7, is that ok

  44. Recon.777 says:

    I've got a high-end gaming laptop. ASUS Republic of Gamers, G751JY with an i7 4870HQ and a GTX980M GPU. Now, with the minimum recommended GPU of a GTX970, I assumed I could not do VR because that outperforms the 980M. But when I downloaded the tool you suggested, it says that my system meets the specs! Is the 980M sufficient? Also, how can I find out if my HDMI port is the kind you were talking about? It's possible that this laptop could actually do VR. If that was the case, I might go ahead and get a Rift. If not, then I'd have to wait a while to get a proper gaming desktop.

  45. xFrai says:

    Help, I have a gtx 1070, i5 7600k, 16 ram, 4 cores two 3.0 USB ports, and I have windows 10

  46. Yodarules2 says:

    Sorry, but can anyone translate this to english for me? XD

  47. lolongamer 1 says:

    Can someone tell me if i can get ok FPS with a i7 7700HQ and a 1050 with 4 gigs of GDDR5 graphicsmemory?

  48. mstepansky64 says:

    Will Occulus Rift dk1 work on my Dell Optiplex 9020, i7-4770, 32 GB RAM, 256 gb SSD? its a small form factor with a mini dual fan nvidia gtx 1050Ti installed. i just wanted to explore 3D simulation and 3D flythrough scenery. not into hardcore gaming, so where can I download like these vr worlds to flythru/walkthrough for Occulus Rift dk1? thx

  49. Mike says:

    I have a GTX 670 and a 3.70 GhZ AMD processor. Can I run this?

  50. Jorn ten Kate says:

    i have a gtx 1060 6gb. will that be enough for a comfortable experience? i also have an i5 7600k and 16gb ram.

  51. NTG says:

    Will my computer work, it is a Asus model: i7-173dx

  52. KAW GAMING says:

    So I'm F*cked… I have 16gb of ram, an I7… but my GPU is a GTX 960m… My Rift arrives tomorrow :[

  53. Z GAMER says:

    I can use i3 8100

  54. Mrsnickers says:

    Great video, maybe leave out your childhood porn experience, but include pricing on the hardware? Thanks.

  55. selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry says:

    Can't use my new Oculus Rift. I have Core i5 7500, 16Gb DDR3 RAM, new Gigabyte GTX 1050 video card (bought for VR). My PC just crashes and restarts when I plug the headset in. RRRrrr…

  56. Wafflecat says:

    i have a gtx 1050 and a i7 and a whole lot of ram

  57. sr 7 says:

    currently oculas rift minimum requirement is downgraded by oculas ….check official site…so except Mac users some numbers of fucked user is at least decreased😂😂😂

  58. Skyturtle says:

    I have everything above the minimum but my graphics card is 970m

  59. Americans Cant Drive says:

    I desperately need a new graphics card and I was wondering witch one to get. I have a fairly low budget of €200 to maybe €250 or should I wait and save a little more to get a better graphics card

  60. Sickwhitehawk says:

    So no one is going to talk about how this guy jerked off with his friend?

  61. Honeybadger3876 says:

    Mic quality?

  62. Weeman 3147 says:

    with a mac arent you fucked anyways unless you are internet browsing and photo editing

  63. Edgar Lindo says:

    I just bought a desktop which has an i3 7100 and video card gtx 1050 will it run almost steam vr

  64. Bennett Marcelo says:

    nope.. not compatible goddamnit

  65. MrBlimbo says:

    I have a fx770k quad core. Ran steam vr. Test. Allright. But the compat test no. Will it work anyways?

  66. Mynamejeff L says:

    thank you i guess im not fucked !! im gonna b a weeb in vr chat with vr

  67. Gab&Gab says:

    hahaha vr porn parteey hahahaa

  68. Rick Jones says:

    I heard a 1070 is the sweet spot and awesome on a 1080ti

  69. 3zoozMH says:

    I have an i7-8700k , gtx 1070ti , 16 ram , will it run it good ??

  70. John Brown says:

    Damn Nerds making everything so complex…. Where is the pay to play? Like a console. Just unbox and play.

  71. Joseph timeisallwegot says:

    I think you did a real good job on this video.

  72. Metallifux1888 says:

    It answered my questions.

    Well, it's back to the shop for my brand new MSI 'VR Ready' gaming computer because it doesn't meet the specs.

  73. Ayden Espinoza says:

    Ive got a gtx 460 and an i2 will that work

  74. Acensioner Banshee Spade says:

    Mac user? you are fucked. Lmao

  75. ツEnma says:

    turn on the caption, listen to intro music and read the captions

  76. Kassabeleg - says:

    it sais my graphics chip on my laptop isnt ready 🙁

  77. Doge Gamer says:

    I use a Ryzen 3 2200g 16 gb ram and a 1050 ti 4gb

  78. riccia888 says:

    nice vid ian. im building a desktop pc. does i5 8600k good for oculus rift pleas anser ASAP

  79. Moosedog says:

    Do you need ddr3 or ddr4 ram

  80. Nicolai R. says:

    Where’s the oculus quest when you need it?

  81. Gary Denory says:

    So u can use it with an Xbox one x

  82. 3 Bar Motorsports says:

    i have an [email protected] and an MSI GTX1060 Gaming X and 8GB RAM.Can I run it?

  83. WilfordMays says:

    I got a 1050 ti, and I'm running Oculus just fine.

  84. SIDVIC1234 says:

    MY pc is lower than the minimum spec and and all runs well without any lag 🙂 amd 8320 cpu, twinn forzr 7970, 16gb memory.

  85. lian nader says:

    Can u unfuck my mind rn?

  86. Mateo Marin says:

    Hey guys, Marry Christmas to all, I recently got the oculus rift, I built my computer 1 year ago with the help of my friend, I started to install the oculus and everything was going fine until the part where you have to connect all the usb ports and the hdmi port for the oculus. My usb ports all work fine my only problem is that I only have one hdmi port working and thats is the one I use to display the image of my desktop on my tv, the other hdmi port doesn’t work i dont know why. So basically when I am setting up the oculus I cant get past that set up because I dont have anywhere to plug the hdmi for the oculus. Please help me it will be much appreciated.

  87. Yasuoevolved says:

    I have a pc thats, I7 , 16 gb ram , and i got nvidia graphics card gt 730. is it possible for it to work?

  88. MSYT - Don’t Subscribe says:

    https://imgur.com/a/tBDI1PY Are these good specs?

  89. ChetVlogzz says:

    can you use a computer with a gtx 1030, an intel i9, and 16 gb of ram for vr? i also upgraded my gpu a few months ago. for vr.

  90. Bluecool97 says:

    I have a AMD ryzen 7th gen, 32 GB ram, gtx 2070, an ASUS motherboard, 500 GB storage, 750v power supply, and fan cooling. So I should be able to run VR fine.

  91. Cho_ Zen_1 says:

    Can someone give me a link for a computer that has everything he said?? Please Thank you

  92. Toby Hill says:

    Lmao nice vid. I’ve had my two 980s for quite awhile I7 4770k 16gb ram. Bought the Rift when it came out. I love vr but I’ve found myself mostly disappointed with the 980 performance vr wise. I wish there was away to use sli in vr.

  93. Dimas Said YT says:

    I wanna ask….can i play on these spec

    Proccesor intel i5 2500k
    Vga nvidia gtx 660 2g
    Ram 8 gb
    Psu 450
    Hdd 500 gb
    Can i play vr games?

  94. Epic Croisant says:

    This is cringy af

  95. harry kemma says:

    3:08 thats f up man hahaha

  96. Douby Jocelyn says:

    Please no more f bombs

  97. Slimebojr 1 says:

    Hmm I have nothing so…

  98. Ravyn Seelye says:

    On the Oculus Compatibility Check, it says that my USB ports do not meet the USB 3.0 requirements for Oculus Rift S. Why would that be?

  99. Sung Jin says:

    I have everything besides the vram do you think this will be ok?

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