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20 60 2060 super 7070 super 8080 super and the 20 80 TI that's a lot of graphics cards in fact I don't think I've ever made a fort out of GPUs before but with such a big lineup it's also kind of confusing which ones you should actually buy and I guess more importantly which ones maybe you shouldn't buy so for my testing I'm using high graphics settings I mean you can of course always drop it to medium or low to get better framerate but I'm more interested in what frame rates I can get while getting a great looking experience at 1080p 1440p and 4k and also with ray tracing and ray tracing off now just to be clear these are all my own conclusions this is in no way sponsored by Nvidia or anyone else although they did kindly send through these review samples and if you do find this video helpful then it would be amazing if you could click that little subscribe button below so I know to keep making these sorts of videos warning this video contains a number of graphs price performance percentages and me saying the word r-tx 20 something about a million times do not watch this while operating heavy machinery as it may cause drowsiness and symptoms of narcolepsy is recommended to watch the whole video to understand my conclusions but for my final recommendations feel free to skip to this point in the video because local doctor if sometimes a very Tracey all the desire to lick these shines that will build the super carbs do not pass within three days okay I'm gonna hit you with one conclusion straight away if you're playing at ATP or 1440p and just want to hit 60fps you've got a basic 60 Hertz monitor using high settings in most current Triple A games and you don't really care about rate racing effects i would go with the gtx 1660 TI instead for most of my casual gamer friends this is the card i'd suggest that said if you would like something a little more future-proof or maybe you want higher framerate so you play a high resolutions then the r-tx line up makes more sense alright so let's get to the results and I've tested all and videos found edition 20 series and super cards at stock speeds but bear in mind with Nvidia's one-click overclock you can usually get about five to ten percent boost okay so in Metro the 2060 is good for 91 FPS at 1080p even 71 at 1440 so for a lot of people that will be just right but it's not really ideal for RTX but we'll come onto that for high refreshed ATP save 134 Hertz then anything beyond the 2070 super is diminishing returns but the toys empty super seems to be a great entry level 4k 60 card but it'll probably need a mild overclock or for you to drop a setting onto to hit it every time now let's turn on those fancy ray tracing effects in Metro and for this you'll want a 2070 super to get over 60 FPS with and without the LSS the 2080 supe is the next logical step if you want even higher refresh rates but don't expect it to do much more than 60 FPS of 4k of course the 2080 TI is a ray tracing monster but you can get similar results by simply turning on DSS with a twenty eighty super and in the process saving about 400 pounds in cash next up apex and interestingly there's basically no difference between a twenty sixty super and the older 2017 and there's also no difference between the twenty seventy super and the regular twenty eighty even though both the super cards are cheaper if you've got a 60 Hertz TTP or forty forty monitor then the 2060 is a great choice for high refresh though I go with the 2060 Super which at sixteen percent faster is a little more future-proof thanks to the extra two gigs of VRAM again though for higher refresh rates I reckon the twenty seventy super is where it's at beyond that again it's sort of diminishing returns pub G my favorite even though I'm still pretty terrible but here the 2060 is great 126 FPS at ATP any 4 FPS at 1440 both at Ultra settings which means that for most people this will easily be fast enough if you're after 144 Hertz tan TP though then you'll probably want to go for the 2060 super but if you are one of the not 0.5% of gamers on Steam playing at 4k and you want to get 60fps in the 2070 super is your entry point again there's not really much between the 2060 super and the 2017 and it's the same between the 2070 super and the 2080 despite big differences in pricing if you're looking for super high refresh rates though save 240 Hertz then the 2080 Super looks like the best value it's a similar story in battlefield 5 140 FPS at 1080p and 103 at 1440 using high settings with the 2016 that's seriously good performance for high refresh 1440p then I still think the 2070 Super is best value I also tested ba5 with high rate racing settings at 1440 and clearly the 2060 is ideal if you are limited to 60 fps and it would just be overkill at 1080p this really goes to show just how far our TX rate racing has come was basically unusable at launch and now here we are with the 2060 getting 73 FPS without the RSS enabled that's pretty impressive so with those results let's try and narrow the field a little bit for my money the 2060 super is basically the new 2070 so let's get rid of that the 2080 is also out the running as it's only 5% faster than the 2070 Super but it does cost 15 percent more so not the best value now the 2080 Super is around 180 pounds more expensive than 2070 Super but it's only about 50% faster on average which isn't great value but I'm going to leave this on the table and tell you why in a second and finally the 2080 TI this is 57% more expensive than the 2080 Super and how much of a boost 11% so yeah the TI is pretty terrible value for money although it does have 11 gigabytes of vram so if you're playing at super super high resolutions then I guess that's handy but still value for money ouch so let's look at it another way in terms of cost per frame the 2060 and a 2060 super offers similar value and the 2070 super also stands out as offering better value than the cards above it so then recommendations well for 1080p in my tests a 2060 will get you between 19 125 FPS high settings which is great and offers around a 15% performance boost and ray-tracing compared to the 1660 TI so most of us won't really need anything more than this now the 2060 super offers similar value actually but it's only worth considering if you've got a 144 host panel at 1440p again the 2060 will get you 17 to 100 fps in my test but that said the 2060 super with the a gig of VRAM would be a better bet in long-term and offers as I say pretty similar value for money so the 1440p the 2060 super is my pick now for high refresh 1440p and even 4k 60 gaming for now I'd say the 2070 super would be my choice it manages 60 to 70 FPS at 4k but as games get more demand it might require you to lower the graphics settings a little bit but if you're gaming at 4k and want a reliable 65 to 80 fps range or maybe you have a super high refresh to 40 Hertz 1080p monitor then I think the 20 80 super is the best bet for my money the 20 80 effectively becomes the new flagship card as the 20 80 TI at 1100 pounds is pretty poor value a quick mention of ray tracing and at 1440p 60 again the 20 60 super is the entry level card I go for but for high refresh rates or even 4k 60 with r-tx then I go for at least where is it the 20 70 super so this video has obviously been focused on team green and their RTX lineup but also consider aim DS RX 5700 which is between the 26 the end of 2016 so per in terms of price performance or even the higher 5700 xt which is between the 60 super-bright way tracing to the same extent as these Nvidia cards so you have to kind of weigh up how important ray tracing is to you thank you for sticking with me through that I know a lot to take in but I do hope it was useful and it gives you an idea of what card you should buy or maybe even if you should just save your money for now thank you so much for watching guys do hit that like and subscribe button below if you wanna see more of my videos and let me know what card you currently have and if you are looking to upgrade which one you would go for in the comments below thanks for watching I'll see you next time right here on the tech chat 5% faster than the 2070 super but it costs what if I just took how's that happened I was magnetic I'm not sure if you've seen my little tech chat plastic Eve figurine thing but I keep on my desk sometimes and it's just


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  1. The Tech Chap says:

    Hey Chaps! What GPU do you have at the moment (and what would you upgrade it to?) 🤔

    (oh and if anyone knows how many times I say 'RTX 20XX'' or 'Super'…i'd be impressed hah!

  2. daroth sovan says:

    I have Alienware 1440p gaming monitor OC to 120hz. Just picked up MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio, love the look and smooth gameplay!!! I always wanted to wait for RX 5700 XT aftermarket model but when I checked all the previous aftermarket models of other AMD cards, they don't look great. So decided not to wait.

  3. Franz Peter Tebartz van Elst says:

    not really helpful without showing amd cards results 🙁

  4. Myth Gaming says:

    I have rtx 2060
    Im poor

  5. T G says:

    Let's not forget about the fact that the 2080 Ti has approximately 4.3k Cuda Cores vs 3.1k on a 2080 Super. It should go a long way towards games in the future if you chose to keep the card for that long.

  6. Justin Donegan says:

    Getting a used rtx gigabyte windforce 2070 for 300 usd next week. I'm okay with that.

  7. Dimitrij Glasow says:

    What about those people who wanna play hunt showdown at 4k 80 fps ?? I got an acer x27 ….2080 ti sli Benchmarks please !

  8. lalit shrinivas says:

    I am disappointed that you call yourself "tech" chap but this guide does not help AI practitioners or 3-D modeling, all you have compared are the rtx 20XX series which are basically GAMER oriented.

  9. Dylan says:

    This is a discrase I paid 780 for my 2080 on release

  10. r4dius says:

    Sell one to me

  11. Mike Coshan says:

    The Tech `Chap …..Super Man 🤔

  12. Aleef Mohammed says:

    1080Ti still a beast of a card at a good value …. for 1440P gaming too.

  13. Paz Levi says:

    what about a similar video with the new gtx series?

  14. LFly R says:

    The Tech Chap : HAAAAHHHHAAAA….what a bribed video from Nvidia desperately trying to jump start almost non existing RTX Pascal refresh sales :). The RTX Pascal refresh cards (for original non Super editions I know from personal experience with my clients) are still massively failing due to overheating and artifacting GDDR6, 1350 MHz gpu core lock bug and numerous BSODs….so there shouldn't be any kind of RTX buying guide since they are hardware wise flawed products :). I am continuing to keep my KFA2 GTX 1080 EXOC and my EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 iCX (that I got for 50 % of its original price) and completely skipping this RTX Pascal refresh crap products since quazi raytracing is already unlocked in drivers for Pascal cards and so is the FreeSync :).

  15. Aoyagi says:

    Raytracing important? Just make a video comparing games with it on and off. That's enough to show how much of a waste of performance it is.

  16. Anxius says:

    Awesome video, thanks man 🙂

  17. PsimanUK says:

    Great video, Tom. It was very helpful to see all of the RTX games stacked up against each other. Especially because you used two of my favourite games; Apex Legends and PUBG. The 2070 Super is looking to be good value for money. However, I noticed on your chart that you had it listed at £520, whereas that model costs £475 direct from NVidia including shipping. So, that means it’s better value per frame than the 2070 you had listed at £440.

  18. Sakib Shahriar says:

    Overall , for long time usage , 2080 super is the best GPU if we compare the price and performance ratio .

  19. Rene BT says:

    This is just the video i needed to see. Thanks

  20. Zipzeolocke says:

    I'm currently using the Asus GTX 1080 and it's the perfect card for my Asus 1440p 144 Hz display. I can't quite reach 100 Hz in every AAA title with it but I'm still happy and going to wait may be a few generations for a large performance leap before replacing

  21. Rohit Mehta says:

    What a great video…Good job mate. Everything summarise in 1 video 👍🏻👍🏻

  22. Dinesh Raj N says:

    Great Video, pal! At the right time for me and it helped a lot. Thanks dude. I admire your work and great love from India.

  23. Chance Neel says:

    Don't forget Freesync with the AMD

  24. EuRoHazArd PL says:

    SOMEONE EXPLAIN to me how 8GB Vram is future proof for rtx? tomb raider uses 7.5 GB vram on max setting with rtx at 1440p, i'd feel like a fool spending 700usd on this when probably the next series will have 11 to 12 GB or more

  25. Illya Laurette says:

    1080p 60fps? 2060
    1080p 120fps? 2060 Super
    1440p 60fps? 2060 Super
    1440p 120fps? 2070 Super
    4K 60fps? Maybe 2070 Super… but 2080 Super is better.
    4K 120fps? Absolutely 2080 Super


    I have a low-end graphics card, I might be upgrading it to 2060 super in the next couple of months

  27. Eaton Zhou says:

    Why didn't u test RTX at 4K?

  28. Triyan 1998 says:

    I need RTX 2080ti Super

  29. Bruce says:

    I prefer 1440p at high refresh rates on at least a 32" screen, so I'm going with a 2080 super for future proofing. The 2080 TI still seems like a monumental waste since there's not even a high refresh rate 4k monitor above 27"

  30. Hero1117 says:

    2080 ti rulz

  31. Patrick D. says:

    I'm selling my 2 RTX 2080s NVLinked Founders Edition and upgrading to 2 RTX 2080s Super. It is a much better value than a single 2080 Ti. nVidia GPUs are very easy to re-sell which allows to me to upgrade my GPUs every generation at a lower cost. My 2 GTX 1080s were sold $400 each card which was 2/3 of their original value back in October 2018 before RTX launch.

  32. Siege 5 says:

    I can't reach fps that high in these games with my 2060 super (founders edition) i think something is wrong with my pc or gpu

    My system :
    Msi B450 Tomahawk
    Ryzen 5 2600x
    16gb 3200mhz gskill ram
    GeForce RTX 2060super
    600 watt bequiet powersupply

  33. turrky11 says:

    thank you very much now i know what i want
    yes 2080super upgrade from 1070 thanks TOM😍

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    I would go for the Samsung galaxy note 10

  35. chillerinstinct1 says:

    very clear and understandable video. Solid informations

  36. Fenway says:

    What would you recommend for a 49 inch ultrawide LG? I'm not doing any hardcore gaming, more for productivity, but I do love all the Civ games, Total war games, and wow (classic)

  37. Leonard Tatenda Maridzo says:

    Much needed information, thanks.

  38. Arun M.I says:

    Great video as usual..that DISCLAIMER bit👻👻 any info if rtx 2060 super will be releasing for laptops soon or any timeline..

  39. Flying Monkey says:

    I bought 2080ti 😍

  40. Ognyan Sarafov says:

    GJ bro, great video actually. I highly recomend it😍

  41. HELL ON EARTH says:

    Well I bought the 2080 as I got it cheaper, but you know this generation of cards is not the best choice what ever you buy.

  42. Anmol Mehrotra says:

    Wow I saved a lot of money and was excited to get ASUS ROG laptop with 2060 for gaming and streaming but looks like I might have to save some more and go for 2070. Bye Bye ROG I guess lol

  43. Kishore S says:

    Tech Chap has really uping his
    Excellent review
    never seen such good comprehensive review

  44. Kishore S says:

    One of the best concise & precise review

  45. Manu Cousin says:

    I ahce a gtx 1080 and it is fine to me. I don't need to upgrade considering that the games I play turns at 100-110 fps on it…

  46. Gage Bamber says:

    1660 ti or rx 570 8gb

  47. enby-girl says:

    I'm building a Mini ITX build in the S4 Mini right now and had to go with 2070 because there's no other mini cards that are better. If a 2070 Super or 2080/Super Mini is released, I may upgrade in the future because I want to do 1080p 240hz but will be sticking with 144hz in the meantime.

  48. gaming world says:

    You should test ac unity to actually test their limit….

  49. Latest Songs says:

    Can you give me 2060 ghraphic card I'm also your follower

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