Nvidia GTX 1070 vs 1080 – 2019 Benchmarks & Comparisons

July 31, 2019 posted by

The Nvidia GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are both
fairly powerful gaming graphics cards, but which should you pick, and is it worth upgrading?
In this video we’ll check out a heap of game benchmarks at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p to
help you see the performance difference between them. I recently retested both the Nvidia GTX 1070
and 1080 graphics cards to compare against the 2070 in previous videos, but figured it
would also be worthwhile doing an updated comparison between the 1070 and 1080 to see
how they’re going going into 2019. Let’s quickly take a look at how the 1070
and 1080 actually differ in terms of specs, note that things like clock speed and power
will vary between specific cards, these are just the reference specs for each model. Important
differences to take note of are that the 1080 has more cuda cores, higher base and boost
clock speeds, and more and faster memory, so an improvement in most aspects. For the testing I’m using the EVGA 1080
FTW2 and the Galax 1070 EC, both come overclocked out of the box, so expect different results
with different cards, although I’ve only seen differences of a few FPS myself. The system that I’m testing with has an
AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU in an MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard running at stock speeds,
along with 16GB of T-Force Night Hawk CL16 memory from Team Group running at DDR4-3200
in dual channel. Check the links in the description for details on all of the components as well
as for up to date pricing. The same Windows version and Nvidia drivers were used for the
testing, and with all games I’ve only tested at max settings, as for most titles these
should be more GPU bound and help us see the differences, so with that in mind let’s
get into the results. Fortnite was tested with the same replay file
at epic settings, and this game saw one of the biggest performance improvements going
from 1070 to 1080 graphics. At 4K and 1440p the 1% low result from the 1080 was even above
the average frame rate of the 1070. With a 1080p resolution the average frame rate with
the GTX 1080 was 31% better than the 1070, and then just a little lower at 1440p and
4K in this test. Overwatch was tested in the practice range
so that I can easily repeat the same test run, and there was less of a difference between
the two in this game, although the 1% low from the 1080 was still ahead of the 1070’s
average frame rate at 4K and 1440p, but realistically still perfectly playable on either card at
1440p and epic settings. At 1080p there was a 20% improvement to average FPS with the
GTX 1080, a 24% improvement at 1440p, and then a 28% improvement at 4K. Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign mode
rather than multiplayer, as it’s easier to consistently reproduce the test run, and
even at max settings I found either card could play the game well at 1440p or below. With
a 1080p resolution the GTX 1080 was getting average frame rates 20% higher than the 1070,
22% higher at 1440p, and then 31% better at 4K. CS:GO was tested with the ulletical benchmark,
and there was less of a difference between the 1080 and 1070 in this game, and this game
saw the lowest increase with the 1080 out of all games tested. There was far less of
a change between the 1% low results at all 3 resolutions, and then in terms of average
frame rates there was just a 9% improvement at 1080p, 8% improvement at 1440p, and 11%
improvement at 4K. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, and the improvements here were also on the lower side compared to most of
the other games tested, although even at max settings and with a 4K resolution the 1070
was still able to average above 60 FPS in this test. At 1080p the GTX 1080 was averaging
18% higher than the 1070, 22% better at 1440p, and 25% better at 4K. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested
with the built in benchmark, and some nice improvements are seen here with the 1080,
this game saw the largest percentage improvement at 1440p and 4K out of all games tested. At
1080p the GTX 1080 was getting 26% better average frame rates than the GTX 1070, 31%
better at 1440p and 32% better at 4K. Far Cry 5 was tested with the built in benchmark,
and both were able to get above 60 FPS at 1440p or below in this test with max settings.
There wasn’t as big of a difference with this game compared to others, the 1080 was
performing 9% better at 1080p, 23% better at 1440p, and 27% better at 4K. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was tested with
the built in benchmark, and this game saw lower improvements with the GTX 1080 compared
to most of the other games that were tested. The frame rates at ultra high settings aren’t
that great as this doesn’t seem to be a very well optimized game, although at the
same time I don’t think it needs a high frame rate to play. At 1080p there was a 16%
improvement with the GTX 1080 over the 1070 in average frame rate, a 20% improvement at
1440p, and a 24% improvement at 4K. PUBG was tested using the same replay, and
at 1440p even with ultra settings the 1070 was almost able to average 60 FPS in this
test, though of course expect much better with lower settings. With a 1080p resolution
the GTX 1080 was scoring 24% higher than the 1070 in average FPS, and then almost 29% better
at both 1440p and 4K. Watch Dogs 2 is a fairly resource intensive
game, but I can play it perfectly fine with a solid 30 FPS average, so 4K with the 1080
even maxed out actually mostly went ok for me, and then perfectly fine with either card
at any other resolution and settings. At 1080p the GTX 1080 was giving us average frame rates
16% higher than the 1070, 20% higher at 1440p, and 28% higher at 4K. The Witcher 3 was tested with Hairworks disabled,
but ultra settings are still pretty intensive compared to the other settings in this game.
Despite this though even at 1440p both graphics cards were able to average above 60 FPS at
ultra settings. With a 1080p resolution the GTX 1080 was getting average frame rates 30%
higher than the 1070, 28% higher at 1440p, and 27% higher at 4K, so one of the only games
to lower the gap at higher resolutions. Shadow of War was tested with the built in
benchmark at ultra settings, and once again there were some fair improvements seen with
the 1080 graphics. There was a 24% improvement at 1080p, 25% better at 1440p, and then 28%
better at 4K. In terms of overall improvement, over all
of the games tested at max settings with a 1080p resolution on average the 1080 is performing
20% better than the 1070, although we can see there is quite a big difference between
the various games. At 1440p on average over the same games the
1080 was now performing 23% better than the 1070, but again it really varies depending
on the specific game. On average we expect the performance gap to widen at higher resolutions
because higher resolutions are more GPU bound. Finally at 4K the 1080 was now on average
26% better than the 1070 in these games, but again this really varies based on the specific
game, and we’re seeing the biggest difference here as 4K gaming is much less CPU dependent. It’s worth noting that the newer 20 series
did introduce newer features like ray tracing and DLSS, however at the time of recording
both features are pretty scarce in games, but this should in theory change over time
and hopefully the technologies see further improvements, as at the moment both still
feel like they should be in BETA. I haven’t tested overclocking here, as results
aren’t guaranteed and will vary between hardware based on what overclocks you can
get, although as both are pre overclocked cards we’ll likely only see a small difference
of a few FPS. Now for the final difference, the price. I
suggest checking updated prices using the links in the description, as prices will change
over time. At the time of recording new 1080’s seem to be going for around $500 to $550 USD
on Amazon, while the 1070 is around the $400 price point, but you’ve also got the option
of paying even less with the second hand market, and of course prices will vary between region. You can do your own math based on the prices
you find, but if we’re going from a $400 GTX 1070 to $500 1080 that’s 25% more money
for the GTX 1080, which seems reasonable when considering we saw a 23% improvement on average
at 1440p. So which graphics card would you pick, the
1070 or 1080? When it comes down to it I think either card is still capable of giving you
a great gaming experience going into 2019. If you’ve already got a 1070 I don’t think
there’s that much benefit in upgrading to a 1080 today, it still gives decent FPS in
most games, up to you if you want more of course, if you sell the 1070 there’s not
too much of a price difference for some fair gains. If you’re buying today, realistically
neither are 4K cards, but both are able to give good 1440p performance, even with max
settings tested here, you could of course get even higher frame rates at lower settings.
If I was buying today I’d probably go the 1080, which is pretty much what I did around
a year ago when I bought it new, I only got the 1070 second hand just for benchmarking. Let me know which card you’d pick down in
the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for more comparisons and tech videos like
this one.


52 Replies to “Nvidia GTX 1070 vs 1080 – 2019 Benchmarks & Comparisons”

  1. CoolBoyGaming says:

    Which one should I choose?

  2. JattTinka says:

    bro..do you play pubg mobile or pc?

  3. ダブステップは私のコカインです says:

    Waiting for that 2060 beachmark review.

  4. Shivansh Khatri says:

    Hey I am thinking of either buying a GTX 1070 or RTX 2060 laptop can u tell me which one will be better i cant find any good comparisons between them MSI GL73 8SE-039IN 2019 (RTX2060) ,MSI Gaming MSI GE63 8RF (GTX 1070)

  5. Thimble Tack says:

    can you give me that evga gtx1070..?

  6. manan jain says:

    which laptop is next on the list @Jarrod'sTech

  7. Shawn Paul says:


  8. Matt Christie says:

    CS:GO always has the lowest performance percentage difference, no matter what cards are compared!
    You're right, don't forget about the used market. Lots of people are upgrading recently, and the deals are out there.
    And yes, either card would be a good choice. Sometimes people even sell them in pairs with an HB-SLI bridge for reasonable prices. Good work as always Jarrod.
    Have a great day!

  9. halistine jenkins says:

    thanks for doing this. i have one of all the 10 series cards. it's good to see where they still stand. i'd like to have seen the 2060 thrown in the middle of this little showdown but i'd say it and the 1080 would've just traded blows. gj!

  10. CrabbyGamer says:

    I am good this generation…maybe after 3 years

  11. brad morris says:

    1070 is memory bandwidth restricted compared to the 1080. Overclocking 1070 vram gets a significant boost in performance if you run the memory at frequencies above 9GHZ (+500 in afterburner) in many situations. Overclocking the 1070 GPU itself to run at about 2080Mhz on the curve with 9Ghz+ vram seems to be a sweet spot that will exceed stock 1070TI performance and just about match a stock 1080.

  12. Octavian Cservid says:

    I had to decide either get a rtx 2060 or the gtx 1070 and at the time I didn’t know anything about how performance looks with rtx 2060. I got the 1070 MSI Gaming X for 380 USD the card is 1 Year old. Does a great job on my ultra wide monitor.

  13. Jäger says:

    @Jarrod'sTech Is it wise to add on an additional Crucial 8 GB DDR4-2133 SODIMM RAM to my gaming laptop (NL8E) [i7-6700HQ, 1x Crucial 8 GB DDR4-2133 SODIMM RAM, GTX 1060 6GB Laptop] to increase the amount of DRAM by 2x so that I can free up the page/ swap files located at my SSD (SATA M.2, no provision for PCIe/ NVMe) and enhance the system's stability when playing demanding games

  14. Loki&Phoenix says:

    Sorry but i had to dislike it was kinda of a pointless video

  15. Hendrik visch says:

    This is gonna sound strange but…

    If you drop Textures from Ultra to high in BFV you get next to no quality loss but it improves performance quite significantly. First game in years i have seen that does this. normally this setting doesn;t matter really, unless you are Vram limited. not the case with these cards really, but performance increases will be had if the setting is dropped one notch.

    What AC:OD is concerned, the game it self is decently optimized considering the old engine that really struggles here, The presets made by Ubisoft just doesn't make sense at all. there are settings you can drop to gain performance benefits whilest having decent performance. There are youtubers whom have made a video about this, its a recommended watch for odyssey players.

  16. Senor unich says:

    I picked up a new 1070 for 275€ and am still very happy with it. You can get them used here in Germany for around 220€.
    So it's enough for me as I am only playing at 1080p.

  17. lionelsioco123 says:

    thank god i bought that gtx 1080 last year, still happy with it <3

  18. The Quantum says:

    Whats the price of both the graphic cards?

  19. Jeremar Legaspi says:

    1070 all the way 😋

  20. Dei_Nemudda says:

    What can one do if the driver always crashes? Tried reinstall of driver with DDU but it did not help. Got a +70 +300 on my GTX 1080 with 120% power limit

  21. Steven Han says:

    Any chance you do a review on Triton 500 RTX 2060 version? It's probably one of the best value for money RTX laptop. Would like to know what you think

  22. Brian. - says:

    Can you review the Acer Predator Triton 500?

  23. XGiveMeLibertyX says:

    The moral of the story here is if I wanna run games on 1440p I would be better off going with a 2080 over the 2070 right? I’m gonna be in the market for a new desktop by July maybe August and I’m thinking about getting that corseair one that has a 2080

  24. naveen pandey says:

    u should have include1070ti in the mix…but still good video.

  25. ShadowRomeo1784 says:

    Difference between both is not that huge to be honest. You can also OC the 1070 to get even closer. But of course you can OC the 1080 too.

  26. themanwhosold theworld says:

    I have gtx 1070 should I buy rtx or wait for navi

  27. Breeze's Toy Review's says:

    picking up a GTX 1080 for $300 today.

  28. Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant says:

    Right now on cinebench r15 it says my 2100+ mhz OC'd 1070 is in the number 1 spot at 93 FPS, but I am wondering #1 out of what? #1 out of the last week? #1 against similarly rated GPU's? Surely my GTX 1070 can't be the #1 of all time?

  29. Diamond Gaming says:

    Random Question Where do you put the graphics card in the motherboard the upper or bottom one?
    what's the best and what differents does it make when it comes to performance?

  30. Moses says:

    Hey man, do you have a really cheap gpu that you could send me? I want to get into pc gaming lol. I don't mind 30 fps at 720p low.

  31. Arsenio Ortiz says:

    Buy those gpus used theres a lot of 1070s going for around $220-$250 on ebay(or get a 1660ti its $280) and 1080s for around $350ish. So far I've bought a 1070($250) for my friend and a 1080($328 I got lucky lol) for myself and the gpus have been running great.

  32. Axel Rosa says:

    dude i love your graphs, so clean and easy to read, ple keep it up

  33. John Wick says:

    I like your videos. Keep up the good work.

  34. Perfectly Balanced says:

    My 1070 still killing it 3 years later👌🏽

    Will be upgrading at the end of the year so hopefully 2080ti prices drop during Christmas.

  35. Oblivion Technopat says:

    When launched, 1070 was considered 1440p card and in years slowly become 1080p card. This card has more longevity.

  36. Michael De Santa says:

    My GTX1080 still kicking ass. Still runs all the latest games well above 60fps easily. The Divsion 2 for example all max 1080p and ultra 1440p. Not quite a 4K card but nothing is ready for that shit yet.

  37. Syed Muhammad Ammar says:

    after watching this, im even more happy to be owner of gtx 1080, almost 2 years old still works like a gem. WC version

  38. Bazoo says:

    GTX 1070 at 2100 mhz core clock and 4600 memory is the same as gtx 1080 stock perfomance…

  39. twinrix one says:

    questions from a noob: my 1070 oc to almost 2000mhz. is it faster than a 1080 which runs @1950mhz?

  40. Kristan says:

    gtx 1070 in our country cost only 175$ cheaper

  41. Elpida says:

    @Jarrod'sTech you should do a video on how you built the testing PC!

  42. yellowboy623 says:

    Buy a 3 year old card new I think not

  43. Stuff3 says:

    I could get a used 1070 for $200 and a used 1080 for $300. Can’t justify going a full 100$ just for an extra 10-25 frames. Besides if you are upgrading this late in the game you might as well go 1070 since your card will likely be replaced in a few years for better RTX cards.

  44. Rayxz says:

    GTX 1070 is still kicking.
    1080p 60Hz monitor and this thing never fails to reach what I need.

  45. MilitantMindz says:

    I bought a 1080 for 550 right before the big crypto boom then put an evga hybrid kit with liquid metal on it and shunt modded. Trades blows with the 2070 when clocked at 2250mhz.

    No need to upgrade for a few years

  46. CEE JAY says:

    gud video ur gonna be famous in the future i promise you

  47. Some Asian Pilot says:

    You have the same specs as me lol

  48. Tacoma M. says:

    you get way lower fps on your 1070 than I do with a i7 7700 and 1070.

  49. Legendary B1itz says:

    I’m really happy with my set up but don’t know how to overclock my 1070. I’m also deciding if I should upgrade to a 1080 so I can get more FPS. The current FPS I’m getting is 350+. What should I do? Try and overclock it?

  50. GeneralBacon 74 says:

    But can it run Crisis?

  51. FORS4TAN says:

    Same setupthese resoults are spot on… G skill ram though and b450m aorus m motherboard. Running 1070sc evga… Extra 10-25% performance, or 6-18fps is one pointless thing considering the price and power consumption ofthe 1080.

  52. RoYaL Kebab says:

    I got a 1070 founders edition for $200

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