Nvidia GTX 1060 – Still A Good Buy In 2019?

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The GTX 1060 has been the go-to GPU for midrange
1080p gaming, but does it hold up in 2018? Howdy howdy guys, ponchato here, and today
we’re taking a look at Nvidia’s GTX 1060 3GB graphics card. The 1060 was released back in August of 2016
at a launch price of $199 USD. It’s equipped with 1152 shaders and runs
at a core clock of 1506 MHz. The 3GB model, as the name implies, comes
with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM running at 2002MHz on a 192 bit memory bus, giving it a total
memory bandwidth of 192.2 GB/s. The 1060 is rated for 3935 GFLOPS of floating
point performance and has a TDP of 120W. Because of that, Nvidia recommends a 400W
power supply as the minimum and this card does require a 6 pin PCIe power connector. The specific model we’re looking at here
is the Asus DUAL-GTX1060-03G. This one comes with a dual fan cooler with
two heat pipes and is just less than 10 inches or 255 millimeters long – a fairly large
card, but still short enough that it should fit in most non-mini-ITX cases. This one, like most 1060s, comes with one
DVI, two HDMI, and two DisplayPort connections. The test setup today is my Tank build with
an i5-7500 and 8GB of DDR4-2400 memory. Let’s get started with the benchmarks. First up is Battlefield 1. On low settings the 1060 averages 172FPS with
1% lows around 90 and 0.1% lows above 50 – stuttering is rare and almost imperceptible. Medium settings bring the average to 136 with
lows around 80 and 60, high settings average 95 with lows at 64 and 45, and finally ultra
settings drop it just a bit to 87 FPS average, 1% lows at 57, and 0.1% lows at 41. If you’re aiming for 60FPS, the 1060 can
easily handle ultra settings, and if you’re on a 120 or 144Hz monitor, medium settings
will work well. Next is CS GO. Low settings hit 292 FPS average with lows
at 152 and 74, while medium settings average 274 with lows at 140 and 72. Maxing the game out drops the average to 242
with lows at 88 and 30, though you’d be hard pressed to notice stuttering in-game. Low and medium settings are so close that
I’m skeptical these are limited by the CPU rather than the 1060. Regardless, you can run the game on max and
even a 240Hz monitor won’t be held back. Though, if you have a 240Hz monitor you probably
wouldn’t be using a 1060 to begin with. Third in line is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
and I think this is the first time I’ve been able to get more than 60FPS in this game. On low settings, the 1060 averages 80FPS with
lows at 50 and 32. On medium the average stays above 60FPS with
a slight dip in lows at 46 and 31. High settings average 55 and have the strange
effect of bringing up the 0.1% lows; 39 on high vs 31 on medium. Very high averages 47 with lows in the mid-30s
and even ultra settings are playable; 39 FPS average with lows at 28 in the 1% case and
22 in the 0.1%. DXMD is still an extremely demanding game,
but if you’re looking for reliable 60FPS gameplay, the 1060 has you covered up to medium
settings. Fourth is GTA 5 and again we have the inescapable
horrific-stuttering-on-low-settings glitch. Average FPS is 123 but the game is totally
unplayable due to extreme frame drops. On medium settings though, things get better. Average FPS stays around 110 while lows hit
74 and 56. High settings average just under 100FPS with
lows again in the low 70s and mid 50s. The 1060 falls just short of being a good
match for 120 and 144Hz monitors, but can easily handle GTA 5 maxed out on a 60Hz monitor. Next we’ll look at Just Cause 3. On low settings the 1060 averages over 140FPS
with lows at 65 and 54. Medium settings average over 120FPS with lows
around 50, and high settings average 86 FPS with lows in the 40s. I got to say I’m pretty impressed with this
performance; the 1060 basically hits 144FPS on low, 120FPS on medium, and well above 60FPS
when maxed out. That’s not bad. Number 6 in the lineup is Overwatch. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the
1060 can basically mash this game since even toasters can run it well. Low settings run into the built-in 300FPS
cap which can’t be bypassed, so the “real” average would be somewhere north of 300. Until you hit epic settings, there’s really
not much to say since the averages are well above 144FPS. Even maxed out on epic, average FPS is still
above 120FPS with 1% lows over 100, though 0.1% lows take a bit of a nosedive down to
77. Though, it should be noted, 0.1% lows at 77FPS
would be extremely difficult or just impossible for most people to notice. Even if you’re shooting for 120 or 144FPS,
the 1060 can pretty much max out Overwatch. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is up next. Very low settings hit 141 FPS average with
lows at 71 and 29, low settings average around 120 FPS, medium settings hit 106 FPS, high
settings average just under 100 FPS, and finally ultra settings drop performance quite a bit
to 64FPS average, 42 FPS 1% lows, and 23 FPS 0.1% lows. Maybe it’s unfair to say ultra settings
drop it “quite a bit”; the 1060 still averages over 60FPS on ultra. It’ll even work for 120 or 144Hz gaming
on very low or low settings. Considering PUBG’s history of horrific optimization,
these numbers are pretty dang good. With PUBG 1.0 released just a little while
ago, performance actually has gotten a lot better from pre-release. I’m also working on a full PUBG 1.0 benchmark
for every current budget GPU with comparisons to pre-release performance, so be sure to
subscribe to see that. The last game on the list is Rocket League. It’s an e-sports title so big numbers abound:
low settings average 366FPS, medium settings hit 263, and high settings average 163 with
1% lows at 126 and even 0.1% lows at 107. That’s means even if you’re using a 144Hz
monitor, the GTX 1060 can max out Rocket League and still have performance to spare. Now to give a general feel for performance,
we’ll look at the combined FPS averages of the esports and non-esports titles. First up, the esports average. These numbers come from CS GO, Overwatch,
and Rocket League at 1080p. Low settings average over 300 FPS with lows
around 210 and 140. Medium settings average around 260FPS with
lows around 180 and 150, and finally ultra settings average 176 FPS with lows at 106
and 71. Basically, the 1060 can max out esports titles
with no trouble at all. Next we’ll look at the non-esports averages. These numbers are the combined results from
Battlefield 1, Deus Ex, Just Cause 3, GTA 5, and PUBG. On low settings, average FPS is 132 with lows
in the mid-50s and mid-30s, though the lows are thrown off a bit by GTA 5’s low settings
quirk. Medium settings average 108FPS with lows at
63 and 45, and high or ultra settings average 74FPS with lows at 49 and 37. Based off this you can expect the 1060 to
max out most games at 1080p and 60FPS, and handle 120 or 144FPS on low-ish settings. Now for power consumption and temperatures. As usual I need to point out that comparing
GPU temperatures is difficult because almost every single graphics card uses a different
cooler, but these results are good for a ballpark estimate. Temperatures were taken in a room at 24C,
power was measured at the wall for the entire test setup, and temperatures were allowed
to stabilize for 15 minutes before being recorded. Sitting idle at the desktop the GTX 1060 settled
at 49C and drew 31W. Under load with Unigine Valley the 1060 peaked
at 77C and drew 161W – quite a bit more than most other GPUs I’ve reviewed, but
it’s also quite a bit faster. One note on the idle temperature: the default
fan curve allows the fans to completely turn off, which is why the idle temperature was
so high. After setting my own fan curve and leaving
the minimum speed at 25%, it idled at 37C which was much closer to other GPUs I’ve
benched. It’s really just up to personal preference
whether you want to do that. I do want to make a quick note about this
specific model: if you set the fan speed to anything under 20% but above 0, it doesn’t
maintain a constant speed. Instead, it spins up and then slows down every
second or so (depending on what speed percentage you set) which is kind of annoying. My guess is they screwed something up with
the PWM controller, but the good news is it’s an easy work around: just don’t set your
fan curve to go below 20%. Even at 25% speed the fans are only spinning
at a few hundred RPM so they’re barely audible. Now the part I like most: FPS per dollar. These numbers are the combined average of
all 8 games at 1080p and medium settings, divided by the current market price for the
GPU. Just under 0.7 frames per dollar puts this
a good bit under cheaper GPUs like the 1050 or RX 550, but if you need the performance
the 1060 offers, your only other option is an RX 580 which will cost you about twice
as much. With computer components, higher priced parts
typically have worse price to performance than their budget counterparts, and the GTX
1060 is no exception. In its performance bracket however, the 1060
is actually a pretty good deal. If you’re looking for a card that will basically
max out any game at 1080p, Nvidia’s GTX 1060 is the cheapest and really, the best
choice. The next step up in performance would be a
1070, which go for around $500, and the next cheapest competitor is the 1050 Ti, which
is about 40% slower. I’d like to see something like a 1060 Ti
in the $300 range, which would be particularly great for people running on 1440p setups,
but we won’t see anything like that until (maybe) the GTX 2000 series. If you want to pick up a 1060 for yourself,
click the link in the description. If you want to get notified of new videos
as soon as they’re up, hit subscribe then click the bell icon to enable notifications. So guys if you liked this video hit the like
button, if you want to see more hit subscribe, and if you have any questions on the 1060
or these benchmarks, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching, I hope I helped, and
I’ll see you in the next video.


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