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Hey! Wassup guys? How are you? I know I have been gone for quite some time now and I am really sorry for that. I know no excuses, but I am really for that! But none the less, I have 500 of you watching me now. So yea that’s a good news! Yes, I will be making more and more videos on this channel because I have quite some people watching this channel. Anyways, keeping that aside, let’s just talk about this thing. Shall we? Now I have been using an old second generation Intel i5 Processor with 16GB RAM and this. This is the NVIDIA Geforce GT 240. A 1GB DDR3 V-RAM to edit my videos, compose my videos and do all that good things, until now. There is this something weird that happened last night or rather last week and my GT 240 broke down on me. Meaning, it’s time for a new graphics card! Now getting the GTX 760 or anything higher than that for my second generation i5 along with 16GB of RAM was a little overkill for me. So I wasn’t looking anything beyond Say 384 Cuda Cores and something that would fit my budget. Considering the fact that I will be making a new video editing PC and I will be building that PC sometime very soon on this channel. My budget for this particular graphics card upgrade on my old PC was something around a $100 or say Rs 6000. So for that money and for this PC, I think the GT 740 is the perfect buy. If you are into video editing or video composting. And if you are using the Adobe Creative Suite to do all these things. So the GT 740 perfectly fits my budget. And in this money I get 384 Cuda Cores of shader memory, 128-bit memory interface, 80GB/Sec Memory Bandwidth and a DDR5 memory interface. Also with the handy-dandy 1GB V-RAM for your user applications. Anyways, here are some benchmarks and test results of NVIDIA GeForce GT740. Now I am not dealing with 4K out here. I am not shooting in 4K, I am not editing my stuff in 4K. I mean everything I am doing now is at most edited at 1080p. and this card and my current PC is doing a pretty decent job for that 1080p configuration. But… I know I need to grow and I know I need to upgrade my CPU and I know I need to upgrade my GPU. But for now, this thing is absolutely perfect for my budget. I know people go Cuda hungry whenever they are trying to buy their graphic card for their video editing purposes and video composting purposes. I don’t know why they don’t realize the fact that a graphics cuda core isn’t the only thing to consider when you want one only for your video editing purposes. The Memory Bandwidth, the memory bandwidth interface, the gpu interface All these things equally important when you are looking a new graphics card to suit your absolute video editing needs. I know there are a lot of AMD competitors out there. I know there are a lot of significant cards by AMD. But then, if your budget is $100. If your budget is around Rs 6000-Rs 6200 If the primary work of your graphic card is to edit and process videos Then this one is probably the best one out there in the market Period.



  1. Devansh Arora says:

    Man Fantastic Video ! Really Liked your Editing Skills ! 🙂

  2. Jashan Aulakh says:

    can it run battlefield 4


    Hi Bhattacharya ! Is this result will be same if the processor is AMD 6300 or 8350 ? 

  4. varun raul says:

    Whats the price? & where should i get one? Please provide a link.Thanks in advance.

  5. watchyourst3p says:

    shit, I can't understand a word you sayin, damn!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paramjit Singh says:

    Hi Mayank, I have HP Workstation XW 6200 with Double XEON 3.0 GH Processor and 4 GB Ram…I want to use it for FILM/TV Shows dubbing with the help of one 32" HDMI TV monitor and 1 VGA Projector…Will NVIDIA Geforce GT 740 be good for me?

  7. Zatoichiable says:

    I love the entrance, going side view then face the camera. Absolute classic.

  8. HitManHey says:

    Wouldn't a Quadro K600 or even K2000 be much better at these prices for video editing?

  9. AqDs Gaming says:

    Was your old gt-240 good

  10. Bhushan Kulkarni says:

    Hi Bhushan Kulkarni here, I like your presentation. I just brought assus 2 gb, gt 740 ddr3, found it very nice – working good. I am using sony vegas for video editing…… www.youtube.com/samruddhimedia and www.youtube.com/marathicomptraining.... It will be good to in touch with you…… bhushan kulkarni 8055819181 

  11. Bhushan Kulkarni says:

    Violent Sheeple
    We are Indian ……… First study about Great India ….. and then speak….. I don't know from which breed are you …. come to discuss…. you will find you are nothing in front of us…. 

  12. Lava 90 says:

    Cant understand word ur saying.!! Blah blah blah.

  13. John Doe says:

    Half the time I have no idea what you are saying you should try to slow down when you speak because of your heavy accent.

  14. Serge Taran says:

    What language is this?

  15. 2019 DE says:

    I'm Scottish and I caught every word he said, stop being so fucking racist. Jeeze what a shitty world we live in.

  16. Jim Abels says:

    How important are cuda cores? I plan on editing 4k timelapses that I will be producing and future recording of 4k as well. What do you suggest as a graphics card and options on editing software?

  17. Sou Su Be says:

    Hi brother, First of all, Nice Videos. Thanks.
    And i want to ask is, I'm not going to be a serious Video Editor, but I'm a serious Photoshop user. Would this Card will work fine as you said. I was thinking of NVIDIA Geforce GT 610. Please guide. 

  18. Stephen N says:

    Awesome vid! Thanks for the insights bud. 

  19. crazy4dive says:

    holly shit ! good that you wrote sometimes something on the screen and provided some table with information. What was the point to speak in… Ind-lish ? many of us can not understand what you are saying (English is my second language) and you speak freaking gibberishy fast. Slow down. Make sure that you have been understood, speak clean as possible and you review will have a huge value.

  20. SFM - scary content says:

    Your voice is adorable 😮

  21. Ice Bear says:

    Is the Batman shelf custom???
    Would really like to know and see more of it

  22. VibesAndSmiles says:

    Hey Mayank! I'm trying to buy a new graphics card for video editing.. I noticed there are different companies making the Nvidia cards eg. MSI, Asus, etc. which one would you reccomend? 

    Also is GT740 and GTX740 the same thing?

    Can you provide a link to get this at the cheapest rates? coz I only found this on  Flipkart for Rs. 8,120  http://www.flipkart.com/asus-nvidia-geforce-gt-740-2-gb-ddr3-graphics-card/p/itmeffpy9rc9g6ub?pid=GRCEFFPYGJ3GANNV&ref=L%3A-2537827314039830891&srno=b_30

    I also heard that AMD is much cheaper for the same specs. Would you suggest any equivalent alternative?

    I'm going crazy researching this! Please help! 🙂

  23. LBAC says:

    I'm from Belgium and I understood every word of it! I think y'all need to clean your ears!

  24. kb productions says:

    dag your video is clear!

  25. Nate Pinkston says:

    Ha "Cuda-hungry" that's an awesome term

  26. Korupt Tactics says:

    i feel like im listening to a tech from verizon.

  27. Netraraj Pun says:

    I just don't understand what is this channel about..? :-/ some tech, fitness, lifestyle… bla bla bla… get some goal…

  28. PeppePascale says:

    talking about lower budgets in 2016…
    960 or 770?
    770 has more cuda cores, even if has lower gpu freq,
    it seems a little bit better in most cases (benchmarks) than the 960 but, for video editing experience,
    what about H265 encoding/decode? can't find info on 770 h265 workflow/compatibility

    960 have h265 native function encode/decod included, it will enhance workflow experience in Premire better that a 770? which one you suggest to buy? thanks if you answer and..sorry for bad english

  29. Emanuel Porić says:

    M8, this is greath video and you have new sub.
    What graphics card would you buy today, in 2016, for 70-80 USD for video editing and adobe software?

  30. yosoyalbertico says:

    Asus GeForce GT730 Silent 2GB GDDR3 is good for editing?

  31. Tufayel Talha says:

    its not even editing gpu

  32. Pedro Hartmann says:

    Man, you are not Batman

  33. Rohit Patel says:

    Keep in mind "fps" when exporting

  34. arslan humayun says:

    Hey bro i need your help

  35. arslan humayun says:

    please tell me can we use nVidia gt 730 card for video editing purpose?

  36. red fm says:


    I am an amateur user and i have the following configuration, which graphic card should i buy?
    Nvidia GT 710 or Nvidia GTX 1050 ti

    the price difference is of double and i just use premiere pro cc 2017 for learning and fun purpose.

    will Nvidia GT 710 work well enough?? as it is much cheaper

    my system configuration
    1. intel i5, 7th gen processor
    2. gigabyte h110m motherboard
    3. 120 gb ssd hdd
    4. 1 tb hdd seagate
    5. 12 gb ddr3 RAM
    6. cooler master cabinet with 450 w smps

  37. Kafi Mollik says:

    can I use element 3d in after effects? plz replay…….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. KHoon Sleggy says:

    Man, I must say.. you know what you need.. I'll buy quite the same card with by budget right now, prolly GT 1030. It's 2018 yo..

  39. Leo Lembo says:

    Thanks bro great video! if someone don't understand how he speaks just slow down the speed to 0.75 and he will sound like an english teacher

  40. AMAZING ANDRO says:

    Can we ran photoshop cc 2019 all effect???

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