Nvidia 1070 vs 1080 Max-Q – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to be benchmarking two laptops to compare the Nvidia 1070 against the newer 1080 with
Max-Q design to see just how much better the newer card performs, and find out if it’s
worth upgrading to. First let’s discuss the other differences
between these two laptops. The laptop with the 1070 has 16GB of DDR4 at 2,400MHz, while
the laptop with the max-q 1080 has 24GB. Although the difference is small, I’ve previously
run benchmarks with different amounts of memory and found that in general additional memory
can improve overall frames per second in games, however the increases seem to tail off after
16GB. Basically just be aware that a small percentage of the difference may be due to
the difference in memory as we’re only testing at the 1080p resolution here, as that’s
the display both laptops use. Other than that both laptops have the same
Intel 7700HQ quad core CPU and use an SSD for the primary hard drive which is running
Windows 10 with all available updates applied. No manual overclocking was performed for any
of these tests, and G-Sync and V-sync were disabled. The main difference here is of course that
one laptop is running with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, while the newer laptop has an Nvidia
GeForce GTX 1080 with Max-q. We can see straight away that the specs are a bit different, in
particular the max-q 1080 has more cuda cores than the 1070, but it’s clocked slower to
keep it cooler and quieter. With that in mind let’s take a look at our
benchmarks and find out how each of these cards perform! We’ll cover both real world
gaming benchmarks, as well as the results of some benchmarking tools. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds we can
see some interesting behaviour, where the 1070 is actually outperforming the max-q 1080
at the lower settings, however at medium settings or above the 1080 with max-q pulls out in
front. This interesting behaviour was also observed
in Rise of the Tomb raider, which is an automated benchmark and further supports the last result,
which is great as PUBG is hard to benchmark consistently so I was concerned my results
were just bad. None of the other tests performed this way though, so I’m thinking it’s
something to do with these specific games rather than a general trend. Again only at
the higher settings does the max-q 1080 take the lead, with DirectX 12 giving a slight
edge over DirectX 11 in most cases. Watchdogs 2 saw a nice little boost with the
max-q 1080, even at ultra settings we were able to hit the 60 FPS sweet spot, however
with that said I still found the game completely playable at ultra settings with the 1070. Shadow of Mordor was almost hitting 120 FPS
and above in all tests, quite impressive, only that ultra result from the 1070 let it
down. Either of these graphics cards are pretty much overkill for this game unless you’ve
got a display with fast refresh rate. DOOM is another game where the differences
aren’t that great, the results are all fairly close together. Regardless of the settings,
both the 1070 and max-q 1080 consistently gave me over 100 FPS. In Ghost Recon there was a larger difference
between the two graphics cards at the lower settings, then it seems to come much closer
together at very high and ultra. This game loves CPU power, and at the higher settings
we were starting to become bottlenecked, resulting in the little difference between the 1070
and max-q 1080. The Witcher 3 follows a similar pattern, where
we can see the larger gap between the two at the lower settings. In either case even
at maximum settings both options do well above 60 FPS which should be fine for most people
in this game. Ashes of the singularity performed fairly
similarly between low and extreme settings, only when we step into crazy territory do
things start to degrade more noticeably. Additionally, in most cases DirectX 12 gives a nice little
boost over DirectX 11. Now onto the benchmarking tools, while a useful
indicator note that these results are less practical compared to the real world gaming
tests previously shown. In Heaven benchmark there’s a much larger
difference in the frame rate at the lower settings compared to the higher settings,
whereas in Valley benchmark all of the results are about the same apart regardless of setting
level used. With the 3DMark Time Spy and Firestrike benchmarks
there’s much less of a gap between the two, this is most likely due to the fact that these
are synthetic tests where performance scales much better when compared with actual games. As expected the 1080 with Max-Q came out on
top in most tests, performing 10.15% better on average compared to the 1070. I was surprised
that the 1070 performed better for some of the games at lower settings compared to the
Max-Q 1080, I’m thinking that those games prefer a higher clocked card rather than more
cuda cores at lower settings. So is it worth upgrading to the Max-Q 1080
if you already have a laptop with a 1070? Definitely not, based on these results that
really doesn’t seem worthwhile, you’ll only be looking at a small improvement overall
and it’s an expensive upgrade as in most cases you’d probably be replacing the entire
laptop. If on the other hand you’re considering buying a new laptop with either of these cards,
then it depends on what you’re after. Both of these are generally overkill for 1080p
60Hz gaming, however at 120Hz or perhaps larger resolutions both start to make more sense,
it depends on the games that you’ll be playing, as we’ve seen the FPS can differ quite a
lot. Basically if you can afford a laptop with the max-q 1080, want something powerful
that will use a little less power than a full 1080 while being quieter, then go for it,
but in most cases I think the generally cheaper 1070 is more than up to the job for most games,
and it’s what I’d personally pick out of the two. The 1080 with Max-Q should use less power
and produce less noise, however as both of the laptops I’ve tested are completely different
it wouldn’t really be a fair comparison here, I’d need two laptops of the same brand
and model to do that justice. Regardless, I’m sure people will want to
know what I got, so keeping in mind that these results are basically useless as both laptops
were from completely different companies with different cooling designs, these are the results.
We can see that the max-q 1080 actually ran a little hotter than the 1070, however it
was also much quieter, which is one of its selling points. I hope that this video has shown you the real
world differences in performance between the Nvidia 1070 and Max-Q 1080 laptop graphics
cards, and helped you choose between them. Let me know down in the comments which graphics
card you’ll be getting in your next laptop and why, and leave a like on the video if
you found the information useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe
for future tech videos like this one.


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  1. Ali Aydinel says:


  2. Juan Pabunan says:

    Great video again!

  3. Zachary Goterch says:

    I was looking at the 1080 Max-Q Alienware 15, and while it looks impressive spec wise, the CPU is going to hold it back in most cases, also an issue is power draw where you’re only provided a 240W external power brick, and I feel it’s the same with the 1070 laptops.

  4. doudoune1067 says:

    how about a comparison when overclock both. I guess the difference might be even lower as the 1080 is power limited.

  5. Haseeb Rana says:

    I have MSI GT62vr 6re with GTX 1070 on tom clancy ghost recon Ultra setting 57FPS.

  6. Tommy Tran says:

    I was picking between the 2 laptops. How convenient. Thanks for the video. Going for the 1070

  7. Jason Nemeth says:

    Dell 7577 is now available here in Aussieland 🇦🇺 for $1999. If a review is possible that would be sensational ☺️👍

  8. Sean O’Hara says:

    the point of the max q design is to cut down on heat and noise. The max-Q 1080 should be around a desktop 1070 but much quieter.

  9. danwat1234 says:

    4:20, I wouldn't say a 1070 or 1080 max-q is overkill for 1080p 60HZ gaming; it increases longevity. In a few years with new games, they would need all that GPU power to keep satisfactory FPS at high detail settings.

    One benefit of getting say a 1070 max-q over a regular 1060, is more video RAM, and if thermal headroom allows, you could overclock that 1070 max-q to make it closer to a regular 1070. Same thing with a 1080 max-q, but why not just overclock the 1070 more, since no more RAM on the 1080 or 1080 max-q.

  10. Aztec Wolf says:

    Hey Jarrod the 7700hq and 7820hk which is better for gaming and what you think about the new omen x laptop

  11. Er_Chris says:

    Hello. Firstly, money are not a problem for me and I decided to purchase a gaming laptop due to the fact that I travel for work. I'm deciding to buy the Alienware 15 with the gtx 1080 inside, but I read on some forums that It's not worth the money. What I'm looking for is a laptop which I can use for the next years without compromises for gaming performance and to use at high/ultra settings from 1440p to 4k resolution. I need a 15" monitor due to the dimensions, and I found a beautiful aesthetic in Alienware , so I prefere to avoid the MSI. So, gtx1070 or 1080 for my gaming laptop?

  12. Motul Autech says:

    1080 Max-Q = 1070ti

  13. Rambo John says:

    nice done

  14. Eduardson Lansangan says:

    Great Video bro. Keep it up!

  15. Brown & Green says:

    Very high quality content! Enjoyed the video.

  16. MontyGamingDE says:

    Nice Video even if I dont rly care about max-q yet its nice to see the possibilitys

  17. WarryLettuce8204 says:

    Damm this saved me a lot of money


  18. abdulrahman albinali says:

    The laptop is on a single stick of RAM 0:48 and that affects the FPS alot.

    It is preferable to have it on Dual Channel.

  19. Sarthak Garg says:

    What is the device brand and model number at 4:15

  20. crxtodd16 says:

    Thanks for the review!! Good info and comparison.

  21. Air Espenilla says:

    Happy with my alienware with a 1070. I'd say even the 1060 should be good for the next couple years for 1080p gaming.

  22. jenomsedivam says:

    i hope you end up in hell for swtiching the fucking colours in the graphs…

  23. Garbhán Myles says:

    Good lord that was a fabulous video. Concise, very informative, does exactly what it says on the tin with no added waffle. Truly wonderous. The last laptop video I just watched was four times as long with four times less information. Thank you!

  24. cesar ramirez says:

    Would you sell a acer predator Helios to get one of these 2 laptops on the video??

  25. Alexandru Badic says:

    Asus rog 503 Scar edition, is coming monday. Opinions?

  26. Lo Mack says:

    Hopin you can help ASAP. I just purchased the Alienware 15 with 1080 maxQ, 16GB memory, i7 7820 290ghz. want to return for the new 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-8750H
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit English
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 OC with 8GB GDDR5
    what computer will last a few years an be the best?

  27. WiNdRoId says:

    WTH is yehhQ? jeez

  28. paquettejm1 says:

    Thanks for the research.

  29. Ed Ahmed says:

    RAM is too big a differentiator… useless tests

  30. Ciao morte says:

    Zephyrus M GM501GS-XS74 (1070 full)
    Zephyrus GX501GI-XS74 (New Model, 1080 max q)

  31. moddedimlose says:

    Unless it was something driver related and has already been accounted for, then I am quite sure the weird benchmarks results for PUBG and ROTTR and due to the Asus not being as sufficient at cooling the 7700HQ compared to the what looks like thicker Metabox. As you lower the settings, you will of course become more CPU bound, putting more stress on the CPU means more heat, enough heat means thermal throttle. Being that the 7700HQ is an absolute beast to keep cool, this seems like a reasonable explanation.

  32. y m says:

    is the slow CPU not limiting laptops in any way ? compared to what it is supposed to show i found vastly underperforming graphics on my laptop 6700HQ + 1070 like 45FPS against 90FPS according to various tests

    i am wondering if the 1070 isn't a bit overkill for current laptop CPU do you have any thoughts ?

  33. Umiyyo Masamune says:

    10 gap between both of them

  34. Harsh Chaudhary says:

    Please 1070 vs 1080

  35. GuyX2013 says:

    1070, only because most thin laptops offer this card with a 6 core intel cpu these days and I'd rather get a well rounded laptop with thunderbolt vs just a GPU monster with a 4 core cpu

  36. Pavan Aiyappa says:

    I don't even have money to buy a normal phone , but I never understand how I end up watching such YouTube videos 😀

  37. Ebram B says:

    Which one is better for Renderings? 1) i7-8850H, GTX 1070, 16GB 2) i7-8750H, GTX 1080, 16GB

    Just for 3D softwares (3ds MAX, vray, MAYA) I will not play any games.

  38. Robert B says:

    How about the 1070ti vs 1080 max q? Thanks

  39. J. Roossien says:

    Nice detailed video. I really like your channel buddy. You've got a new sub. 😎

  40. Bboy Tyby says:

    7700hq botleneck both gpu. Try 8750h with 1080 max q vs 7700hq 1070 again and compare

  41. Harry Desai says:

    Bought helios 500 having 1070 and 8750h . 144 Hz

  42. Santi Avila says:

    Which would be better i 7700hq max q 1080 or i 78750h 1070 non Max q

  43. Terryss says:

    4:14 May i know which laptop is that? It does look nice, unlike the horrible Aorus x7 v8…

    Also, is it possible to overclock the 1080 Maxq in order to reach the same performance of a regular 1080 (non-overclocked), if one doesn' t care about the laptop' s lifespan or constantly monitors the temperatures and takes his/her responsibilities?

    I think to have seen somewhere that it is possible to replace the fans of some gaming laptops, with louder but more powerful third party ones…

    Congratulations for the channel which i think that, toghehter with NotebookCheck website' s reviews, is the most useful combination for people searching for a new powerful laptop, without wasting money on useless gimmicks that manufactures do come up with every now and then.


    Can' t support your channel finantially at the moment, but maybe i can support you morally to help you keep going, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9ueHdNh5nE

    Hope you like it.

  44. Juan Magaña says:

    Did you try GX501GI vs GM501GS? I'm between these two and it seems that GX is not worth for what I've been reading in a lot of sources. I would like to get the most value but everybody seems to be inclined for the GM. Same dilema with the 1070 (GM) and the 1080 Max-Q (GX). The other problem seems to be the max amount of RAM. GM can handle up to 32GB meanwhile the GX can "only" handle 24GB. Does this make a difference?

  45. IamKrishna says:

    Man listen as u have experienced with gaming laptops, Can you suggest me which brand is most durable ? Means no hardware issues like graphics memory damage or hdd damage ? I'm planning to buy one with gtx 1070 ! And also… Give some news about rtx laptops to arrive in 2019 ?

  46. kevin chaudhary says:

    Hey Jarrod I am looking for a mid tier laptop for around 1100 dollars with GTX 1060. How is the G7 or G5 and lenovo y530 and HP omen 15? Any heating issues.Do tell.Thanks

  47. Decard Cain says:

    Can the max q card be overclock ? What if 1070 oc vs the 1080 max q oc ? Im getting helios P500 with gtx 1070 soon…

  48. Ambro says:

    After research and not too concerned with pricing, I went with the 1080MaxQ and the I9-8950hk. Im a bit worried about cooling. I do have a cooling pad, I know I could undervolt the CPU or replace the thermal paste (bc dell uses some shitty Thermal Paste)

    Are there any other suggestions you guys could think of?

  49. Danny Pin says:

    Hello. Thank you for that video. It is a great comparison. Notebookcheck also shows a difference of around 10%.

    As i know there are options to undervolt/modify the GTX 1070 with MSI Afterburner. Do you have any comparison between an undervoltet GTX 1070 (Which can clock higher than on default settings) vs GTX 1080 Max-Q vs GTX 1080 Max-Q Undervoltet?

    Thank you

  50. niektoznamy says:

    Let me not agree with this – *both of graphics are overkill* Yes if you are stuck in time 🙂 new games are coming each year u no, and performance demand will be increased – so there is no such thing as overkill in terms of graphic cards in laptop (sure if you are not buying new laptop every 2 years, then you don't have to care about this at all 😀 )

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