Nvidia 1060 Max-Q Laptop Benchmarks – 2018

July 30, 2019 posted by

Nvidia’s 1060 is a great option for laptop
gaming, and the newer Max-Q version is designed to run with slower base and boost clock speeds
to keep it cooler and quieter. Here we’ll see how the Max-Q 1060 performs through a
series of gaming benchmarks to help you decide if you should get it in your next laptop. I’ll just quickly mention the hardware being
used before we get into the benchmarks. The Dell 7577 laptop I’m testing with is of
course running an Nvidia 1060 card with Max-Q design for the graphics with 6GB of GDDR5
memory, with an Intel 7700HQ quad core CPU and 16GB of DDR4 memory at 2,400MHz. Although
the main goal is to benchmark the graphics, the CPU will play a part, especially in games
where it becomes the bottleneck, so keep that in mind, however this is currently a pretty
common laptop CPU. All games were tested at a 1080p resolution with no V-Sync or G-Sync. Overall the Max-Q 1060 is a great option for
1080p 60 FPS gaming on modern games even with high settings. I’ve found the regular 1060
to perform about 7% better than the Max-Q version in previous comparisons, but this
can of course differ as the Max-Q base and boost clocks depend on the laptop itself.
As mentioned I’m testing with the Dell 7577 here, and it seems to have a good cooling
solution so it’s probably operating on the higher end of the scale. It’s definitely
a great option if you want something cooler and quieter than a regular 1060 without much
of a performance loss. So what do you think about the performance
of Nvidia’s 1060 with Max-Q design? Will you be getting one in your next laptop? Let
me know your thoughts down in the comments, and leave a like on the video if you found
the information useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future
tech videos like this one.


52 Replies to “Nvidia 1060 Max-Q Laptop Benchmarks – 2018”

  1. Alister Giles says:


  2. Lord Vader says:

    Time 0:30
    What id the name of this game

  3. Today's Grail Tomorrow's Beater says:

    Is the dell 7577 a laptop you own/ personally use full-time?

  4. YouTube Algorithm says:

    Not first 🙁

  5. Nischal Shrestha says:

    Can you do a blenchmark?

  6. JAG says:

    hey Jarrod i have a bench-marking idea if you're interested since i play on a 15.4" 1080p screen i usually scale down my resolution to 1366×786 or 720p since the screen is small the difference is noticeable but just barely, i have a temporary gtx 1050ti laptop and i easily get wayyyy above the 60fps refresh rate playing games on maximum settings.

  7. ross_ rusher02 says:

    Hey Jarred could you do 980M vs 1060 max q or 1050ti please. I've been looking for a 2nd hand laptop (cause i'm a cheap scape) on gumtree and are tossing up a 980m or 1050ti but don't want to go far from the performance from my desktop (i5 6600k and gtx 1060 sc evga 6gb). Love you videos keep up the great standard. (My check daily list is Jarred's Tech then Linus then Dave Lee then Jaytwocents)

  8. Carlin Ngai says:

    I have the i5 version of the 7577 and am very impressed with thermal performance. I don't run any applications that rely heavily on multi-threaded performance, and most (well optimised) games are GPU limited anyway, so I was happy to trade some performance for a cooler and quieter laptop and a few hundred bucks

  9. Fellar 031 says:

    Why dont you Benchmark fortnite(?)

  10. Jose Garcia says:

    Great video! Waiting for 1060 vs 1070 max-q!

  11. irakli Mgeladze says:

    I know we can undervolt CPU but can we undervolt GPU?

  12. Joseff Joy says:

    Waiting for Dell G series…😀

  13. İlker Eryılmaz says:

    Great review as always. Some comments:
    1. How much difference does Nvidia Hairworks affect FPS?
    2. Doom is heavily optimized and usually works great on any GPU. I'm surprised to see loads of stutter in the screen capture. Is that some kind of glitch?
    3. I'd buy 1060 MaxQ over 1060 any day as the performance gain is marginal yet you get better battery life, slimmer chasis and more silent laptop.

  14. Asif Shahriar says:

    I've used primitive age laptops so far and hopefully will be buying one soon. And looking forward to the 7577 as the price has got down/will get down more soon. So do you think the extra 100/150$ is worth for the i7? Or should I just go for the i5 one?
    Will the i5 bottleneck the gpu in gaming?
    And what extra benefits will I get for hyperthreading thing in i7? Bigg ques this time tho'

  15. GhostMaxis says:

    0:44 Wow. Didn't know that the 7700HQ already bottlenecks a 1060 Max-Q in some games (or any current mobile GPU in general).

  16. Владимир says:

    I would like to see a review on the MSI GL62MVR NVIDIA 1060 3Gb vs DELL 7577 1060 Max-Q.

  17. Sumith Bhat says:

    Hey great video you got there 😉 Not sure why it doesn't appear on my subscription tab :/ Personally the Max-Q is the perfect sweet spot for me as higher temperatures and fan speeds are a frustration. But unfortunately there are still so few options available at the lower price segment (way overpriced in the name of tax). I wish Acer launched a Max-Q variant because a lot of people have been complaining about hitting the 95 degree mark on the Helios 300.

  18. Rap-Rap says:

    Does the 7700hq cpu bottlenecks gtx 1060 above gpus? Care to elaborate? Thanks!

  19. J P says:

    Can you please review the new dell geries laptops if you get your hands on them????

  20. Harsh Chaudhary says:

    Can you do mobile gpu vs desktop gpu

  21. Noobish says:

    Bro you should have compared it to desktop that has the same specs

  22. totoro._. says:

    can u do it for rainbow 6 siege?

  23. n9tsky says:

    @Jarrod'sTech Please add Counter-Strike – Global Offensive (CSGO) to future benchmark videos. 🙂 Keep up the great stuff.

  24. RC51 Dream Bike says:

    hey Jarrod i have some worries about gaming laptops these days, specially since you rarely see removable batteries
    how can I maximize my battery's life (*literally its life not the energy saving thing*) if I'm using the thing 14 hours every day?
    in older laptops i can just plug it in and take out the battery but not on Macs, gaming laptops etc.

  25. Osama esmat almustafa says:

    Buy i5 8250u or i5 7300hq
    Two they have gtx 1050
    Whats your suggestion?

  26. boxcpl says:

    Jarrod, on your 7577, did you by chance notice your graphics clock speed on heaven?

  27. Sora says:

    Hi JT .. i have one question .. then nvidia have GTX 950M 960M 970M .. what the meaning of M ?

  28. C7 says:

    Please compare Max-Q vs Max-Q overclock performance!

  29. Rinka says:

    1060 next! Using the helios 300! Thanks

  30. skirmich says:

    How the hell did the MAX-Q made almost 100FPS AVERAGE in BF1 at Ultra 1080p? My laptop with full fat 1060 struggle to reach 80fps with the same CPU and 2666mhz 16GB DDR4 memory…

  31. Justin Thomas says:

    Can it play wow diablo 3 and overwatch max settings 60fps?

  32. Zenur Cadir says:

    i7 7700hq with gtx 1060 3gb maxq 16gb ram OR i5 7300hq with gtx 1060 6gb maxq 8gb ram?

  33. megat aiman irfan says:

    which one have better performance ? 1060 max q or 1050ti ?

  34. Daniel Galdames says:

    and how about the max-q of 3gb? it is convenient? Does the performance go down a lot or can it be compensated with the main RAM?

  35. Tech4Hi says:

    Please can you make a video abut overclocking the GTX 1060 Max Q ? i want to know how it will preform on overclocking

  36. Beniii Steve says:

    Do you have a review about the dell g7 7588 with i7 8750h with the same gpu(1060 max q)?

  37. Mr.MakeYourDay says:

    So im guessing it would be pretty foolish to buy a razer blade 15 with a 1060 max q huh…?

  38. Graham O'Neale says:

    Hi Jarrod, may I ask you a question, what are the stand out differences between the new Dell G 5/7 series and the "New Inspiron 15 7000" (7577) series? And which, in your opinion, is the better buy for gaming & cpu work? For me I see the G series lacking the M.2 SSD, but a boost to 8th gen processors and 2666MHz ram over the Inspiron 7th gen i7-7700HQ, 2400MHz ram but both running a 1060 with Max Q. Both coming in around 2.5Kg? I'm looking right now at a hopefully 15" < 2.5kg, GTX 1060, Intel 8th gen, M.2 rig but not sure what to go for. Your review on the Metabox P950HR seems to be the best candidate right now; I'm not sure if I can justify shelling out for a New 15 XPS just to come under 2kg. Love your thoughts. Thanks from a fellow aussie!

  39. The Social Cuber says:

    Hey ! I have the same laptop but with I5 ! I get like really high frame drops on battery ! Is that the same case with you ! Btw awesome video!😍😘

  40. Mait Rebane says:

    Bought lenovo Y520 with i7-7700HQ 8GB RAM(can be boosted up to 16GB, GTX 1060 Q max 6GB, 128 SSD and 2000GB HHD- 1099€. Too expensive?

  41. Hossam El-Shrbiny says:

    I bought this laptop from 3 days
    My problem is when i touch the metal part around the keyboard and around touchpad by one finger and move it while using the 180 watt adapter
    i feel a kind of electricity
    Is this normal or what ?

  42. Filip Papoušek says:


  43. Pratyush says:

    I don't get what that "1% low " thing is? Can some one explain me

  44. Lordemarin 21 says:

    lenovo legion y520 the same with 8gb ram

  45. GrinchOLad says:

    Jarrod thanks to you I have made my decision and it was the Dell g7!

  46. HAMEDkhosro says:

    I have this laptop too …I wana play r6 siege in very high and TAA4X in maximum quality 100%… full hd …but I get about under 20 fps…can I do any work for play in 60 fps ?? can I overclocking my gpu without harm ??? my adapter is about 19.5 v ….?

  47. S L says:

    better wait for the 2070 max q

  48. Anatoly Vergun says:

    1060 maxQ 3gb ??

  49. J. Dhcovet says:

    i'm lost. Bought G5 with 1060 max-Q. But finding the right drivers is hell.I can't seem to play watch dogs 2 with a stable fps. Can somebody help me out with a stable driver? Not all nvidiadrivers support max-Q apparently…i5 8300h – 2x 4gb ram version.

  50. Your opinions are worthless garbage. says:

    can you help me i have that same exact gaming laptop and All I like to do is play overwatch and TF2 so it's pretty nifty. anyways does anyone know why my TF2 game feels really slow and sluggish? It never use to happen on my old laptop but idk if its cuz of the graphics card trying not to overheat or something but i would rather it look and feel nice and crisp while hearing the heat then the reverse. Someone help how do I get to my graphics card settings and change it so that it doesnt care if it oveheats or not

  51. omar ahmed says:

    Did anyone get the Razer Blade with 1060 max q? This guy is selling one with 144hz screen 2 tb ssd and 32 gb ram with a core x enclosure for 1300 and I want to know if it’s any good without the core x

  52. Dave Bouchard says:

    Got the Dell Inspiron 7577, it's pretty good. Does what I need it for, basic video editing and gaming. Picked it up for $1,050 only a few months after it was released. Just wish the display was a whole lot better…

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