Not everyone can BBQ graphics card

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Hello! This is the lastest GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 graphics card from the ultra high-performace XTREME GAMING series There is something special about the XTREME GAMING graphics cards Today I am going to introduce one of the unique features the XTREME Protection, which is an aerospace-grade coating applied to the PCB Let me show you more about this coating It is a transparent coating, so you cannot really see the difference from other cards The coating is not applied on parts that would affect connectivity and cooling So there is no coating on the I/O connectors, power connectors, and the golden fingers Other than that, the entire PCB, back and front, is well covered The coating offers three types of protection against moisture, dust and corrosion Here are two graphics cards that have gone through the salt spray test in the lab after 48 hours The one on my right is not coated, and the one on my left is coated With a close-up comparison, you could clearly see the difference between the two Next let us put the graphics card to tests Now, from the monitor, we could see the graphics card is functioning properly I am going to pour water on the card and let it drip As you can see, the PC is still running fine even when subject to water Next we will do something even more extreme! First get the backplate out of the way The purpose of removing the backplate is because there is an extreme test awaiting So let’s insert the graphics back OK Now that the PC is on. What exactly is the extreme test? Tada. BBQ sauce! Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner. Happy holidays! We will use the BBQ sauce to simulate how well the graphics card is protected against dust. Well guys, what kind of flavor would you like? I am not going to brush too much because… I don’t like it too salty. Bring the camera closer. Now the PCB is covered with the BBQ sauce A lot of components would be short-circuited by now had there been any protective coating This video shows… Wait! Just now someone called in and asked if we could add water to it XD Let’s mix water with dust and see how the card fares Now there is a pile of water on the PCB Next let’s see if the PC is still running Yes, it is still running!


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  1. Loretai Mods says:

    if use english title speak fucking english

  2. ot63 says:

    dat screen resolution

  3. Samuel Riveros says:

    Ok you guys convinced me…. ¿When we gonna see a Gigabyte Windforce R9 Fury???

  4. MaaartenMusic says:

    Cool dvi to vga adaptor.

  5. Joshua Pierre says:

    delicious pcb

  6. McRom37 says:

    GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming:::what is it waterproof and bbq grill

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