30 Replies to “NEW Graphics Comparison! Call of Duty 4 vs Modern Warfare Remastered (2007-2016)”

  1. Arif Fahriza says:

    ok grapichs

  2. Just Lennie says:

    LOl this is not true. Cod4 looked way better on high settings, this comparison is not real.
    When i take the latest cod and put all settings on low and take cod4 and do all settings on high, then i can say LOOK WOW cod4 was much better ;

  3. Arturčiks 29 says:

    Cod 4 mw Using grapichs mod > cod 4 remastered 2007

  4. Mew Nya says:

    Where is the anti aliasing and the anisotropic on the older cod ?….

  5. Devy Jons says:

    Cod4 is most pushing game for fps shooters. Its split gaming on before and after. Epic memorous singleplayer campaign, next gen multiplayer mode. This is an iconic game.

  6. PvG Gameplay says:

    Why did you record cod 4 in 480p?

  7. ken ken says:

    Better like the original

  8. Ivan Svetlov says:

    2007 nicer, brighter, clearer. 2016 more details but dull picture. I like the first COD4 MW.
    2007 приятнее, ярче. 2016 больше деталей, но унылая картинка. Мне нравится первая COD4MW.

  9. Stamos Warriors says:

    It's like " half life 1 vs half life 2 "

  10. EL CHAPPIE says:

    I prefer original because of the memories

  11. StormKnight says:

    turn on cod 4 super contrast cheat by gathering intel and you don't need remastered version for the campaign and i personally don't really care about online.

  12. CALL OF DUTY ITCUM says:

    Does anyone else miss the blueish tint that the scope on the snipers had? Especially the Barrett 50cal!

  13. Chandler Smith says:

    There’s no way I would remember if they we’re that bad

  14. Alexander Simanovsky says:

    CoD 4 is better than MW remastered.

  15. Dani Mc says:

    i feel like og 4 has a greenish glow to it lol i prefer it specially in single player it gives a lot of atmosphere

  16. Ligia Torres says:

    =01 Download Call Of DUty 4 Modern Warfare http://tiny.cc/mtzyry

  17. Abhishek Dubey says:

    Which is best for me

  18. Brock the Gamer says:

    I love ak-47 I like the 2007 one the most

  19. Niko SuaVe says:

    Nice video. But very poor music selection.

  20. airsoft rq says:

    2007 IS best modern warfare

  21. gentlemen. says:

    COD Modern Warfare Remastered: meh not gonna buy

  22. Kyjo says:

    Back then, the graphics felt like they were as good as the new game

  23. Michael Rodriguez says:

    No difference

  24. Eric Leighty says:

    just picked this up , am a happy camper, this is the only type of this game war FPS I played the story to the end looks so amazing

  25. Harrys Chrysan says:

    Dude when you are comparing these cod4 Original looks like there is no AA enabled and the textures are on their lowest.. What's going on?

  26. Harsh Operator says:

    Activision basically iPhoned you people by selling you the same game for full price with just a graphics upgrade lol. Its like buying madden 18 for $60 when you have madden 17…just paid 60 bucks plus tax for a roster update lolol

  27. Bandar’ S says:

    What is this song ؟؟؟

  28. Amir Angas says:

    awesome is 2016

  29. A.J. Deutsch says:

    I was amazed by Battlefield 1s graphics.

  30. Masoud Kh says:

    Next remastered game should be black ops 1

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