1. Veiss seven says:

    That hair tho.

  2. Minh Phạm says:

    3:15 6:42 that lee sin must be a brilliant

  3. Wilson Solano says:

    Code Geasss mi anime favorito de todos ok me suscribo :).

  4. Neodeleux says:

    Fogged you are a treasure for this community, keep on being awesome, love your vids.

  5. Tyler Fehr says:

    AP illaoi is complete garbage

  6. Ghostpixel says:

    I thought gunblade and death dance's passive are the same so the healing wouldnt stack but i guess you get it for the other passive on deaths dance. If im wrong please say so not trying to say this is wrong or bad just curious thats all.

  7. E Matordoor says:

    Isnt lifesteal kinda make trynd ult wasted?

  8. Eduardo Escarlon says:

    I know there is a lot to ask but i like subs in spanish to learn more, cheers from Argentina

  9. Ompharus says:

    Fogged: finishes vampire build
    Enemy team: Shakes in their boots

  10. Ompharus says:

    You just see level 18 tryndamere with a gigantic straw just sucking everyone out lol

  11. Ferdinat Manu says:

    Nice video ,u lern me how to win lane in low elo with tis build u have erly 100%.

  12. RsgDragon says:


    7.98 seconds of stun literally you have been effectively taken out of the fight

  13. Tiago Meireles Casagrande says:

    do u have myanimelist?

  14. Saiful Islam says:

    Nice! Code Geass is a great anime.

  15. Shadowmaster625 says:

    lol 15 minutes into the game and she's worth less than a siege minion. She could literally trade her life to prevent you from getting a cannon creep cs and she wouldn't be feeding.

  16. I Am Mars says:

    The healing was hilarious. I may have to try this.

  17. Sebastian Amador says:

    "You guys should know right?"
    Me: uhhhh…. (well now i do)

  18. Nigel says:

    You seriously need to stop looking at the leaderboard every 10 seconds. It's so fucking annoying dude

  19. Brendan Adams says:

    Awesome vids as per the usual, i vote full tank yes and maybe for next vid after tomorrow, a challenger video on what to do to get better at league, like simple tips and things that can help you get out of lower ranks? Thanks for all the awesome content!!

  20. Ozan Kurt says:

    So which build is best?

  21. metalman20 says:

    how the hell did they go that long without buying items with grievous wounds, i mean i expect that kind of shit in bronze/silver not freaking diamond

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