My Verdict: RX 5700 and 5700XT Review

July 28, 2019 posted by

my 5,700 XT and na HT reviews are a bit late to the party so I figured I'd give you everything in one lump sum and one advantage I do have in this regard is the ability to test right on latest offerings in terms of drivers and the most recent driver the one that I use for all of these tests was released on July 16th so it's rather modern I plan to test six different cards they're all in front of me you can't see them but it's a lot of them here and prices range from the low to mid to hundreds up to the high 400s depending on where you look so hold on to your pants the be quiet dark rock slim maybe small but it also packs one heck of a punch won't interfere with your system RAM because it's super slim it's also super easy to install and it looks mighty fine and virtually any brick oh and did I mention the cooler runs quiet I know nothing in the products name would have suggested it okay I'll be quiet now grab the dark rock slim via the link in this video's description by this point I'm sure you're already familiar with how both meet 5700 and xt reference cards look love it or hate it the xt variant sports the signature dent next to the right illuminated Radeon logo it also has a backplate whereas the 5700 the cheaper of the two does not both support an 8 + 6 pin supplement of power config and both run fairly hot to say the least I'm gonna get thermals out of the way first because I think it'd be unfair to compare reference cards which traditionally run hot to AI B's with custom air coolers out of the box Navi in its reference form is hot very hot this graph represents idle and low GPU temps for each card the load scenario until a 30 minute 3d mark fire strike ultra loop low temps our max temps in this case clearly our AMD cards are struggling a bit particularly the newest reference models the other cards on this chart come nowhere close to this temperature under load even our reference RT X 2060 this is technically a reference card I'll be it's also Nvidia calls of the founders of sedition cards but these are designed much differently and as a result they run a much quieter and cooler under load I do expect a I B's will perform significantly better in this regard and it's one of the reasons why I suggest you wait a while before buying one of the 57 hundreds by the way I'd take these idle temps here with a grain of salt some of these cards shut off their fans below a certain temperature so they're inclined to stay a bit hotter for longer under idle conditions and as you can expect the hotter cards tend to run a bit louder with the Radeon 5700 and XT models topping the charts at around 44 decibels apiece our mega 56 card that's this beefy card right here AIB from power color actually ran pretty quiet under load but was plagued with coil whine which brought it up to around 40 decibels this would have been around 38 decibels had the coil whine not been present it's that loud I actually just ran the card with fans to about the same rpm as what they were under load and of course the cards technically not under load when you're just you know spooling up the fans so that came out around 30 decibels so yeah bit of coil line there and it's detectable in this mega 56 variant but the other cards really didn't have much of that speaking of which I haven't properly introduced the other cards tested here first we have the gigabyte RTX 2070 super it's the most expensive card in our list but also the most powerful and if you're into realistic reflections and flashy lighting baked-in arty and tensor cores are a nice bonus it all depends on who you are and what you play now in addition to the 2070 super we have the 2070 from gigabyte and this one's in white so it's easy for me at least to distinguish between the two it has a noticeably smaller cooler you can see it's not as beefy as the 2070 Super but it still delivers excellent thermal performance and cooling metrics up next is the RT X 2060 this is the FE model and I've covered it in a dedicated video up here my thoughts really haven't changed much since then last we have the Vega 56 I just showed you from power color in the mix because why not alright Vega cards have come down considerably in price as of late and I'm curious how it stacks up to some of the bigger boys on this list it just might be able to punch above its weight class so with that out of the way the last thing to quickly address is our test bench 8600 K 16 gigs of DDR for a Z 370 motherboard from MSI and to be quiet dark rock slim our operating system is loaded onto a SATA m2 and all games were loaded from a 2 terabyte hard drive and for those wondering our core i5 wasn't a bottleneck in any of these scenarios I bumped up anti-aliasing and other things that are gonna put a heavy load on the graphics card in fact the only scenario in which the CPU was even being somewhat heavily utilized was in 3d mark where our our overall scores would include the CPU results as well graphics scores though are differentiated and I included those in our graphs so I started with remark firestrike and this will give us a general assessment of graphical horsepower in the dx11 api and to my surprise the 5700 xt did an excellent job keeping up with the higher price 2070 super there was a bit of variance in our CPU scores but overall things were virtually neck and neck and to be honest the 5700 wasn't far behind that's the nan XT variant moving on to fire strike extreme which bumps the res up to 1440p the gap is nearly identical I'm seriously shocked here you'd think for the price the 5700 XT would be falling behind as it becomes the bottleneck but nope let's hope this continues into our other games though but quickly our last fire strike testifier strike ultra in 4k and yet the two are trading blows yet again good news for the red team so far at least moving on to grand theft auto 5 you'll find a very similar trend the 2070 super of course comes out on top followed by its non-super counterpart followed by the 5700 xt interesting note here the two latest raid on cards struggled hard down low with the lowest one percent and point one percent of frames especially coming in at under 40 FPS suggesting infrequent and sharp stuttering our Vega 56 card came in last but it's also the cheapest card on this list by far and held its own even among the lowest 1% and 0.1% of frames up next f1 2017 literally flips the script with respect to our lower frame averages I was kind of shocked by this our r-tx card struggled a great deal here literally all of them and I'm not sure why exact same settings in 1440p I really can't even say I've seen this in some of my older tests so I'm not sure this is like the specific driver that's causing these issues or if it's a game update I have no idea when I can say however is that average frame rates fall in line roughly where we'd expect them to further down the list the 50 720 60 nearly taeyeon average and the xt actually outperforms the super across-the-board by the way all of these benches were conducted at least twice for consistency's sake if I thought numbers were a bit too far apart between runs I ran a third test to narrow down the variance just in case you're wondering or doubting these numbers I wanted to test a few games with newer api's as well and that that's where games like ashes of the singularity and shadow of the Tomb Raider come in here I honestly expected the RX 5700 XT to win and it did come awfully close in fact medium and heavy loads were nearly indistinguishable as for the 5700 well yeah it absolutely creamed the Arctic 20 60 and nearly tied our Vega 56 which mind you is a 100 USD cheaper on eBay in dx12 again shadow of a Tomb Raider gave us a win for the 5700 over the r-tx 2060 but a loss for the XT model over the 2070 super this is an Nvidia optimized title after all but it'd be nice to see things scale rather linearly here with respect to price and that is what we're seeing for the most part even 95% averages scale this way in 1440p with the highest preset and a bit of anti-aliasing another non dx11 title that I was sure to test was a doom in the Vulkan API everything performed incredibly well across the board and e-card struggled a bit more download to my surprise but the experience all around was definitely playable nailed to preset and perhaps this says a bit more about the API and less about the cards themselves since virtually every one of them was hitting in the 200 FPS cap at some point I should also point out that this benchmark is entirely dependent on my ability to retrace steps the idea is to be as repetitive as possible to introduce this little variance as possible and it isn't always perfect lastly a tested Witcher 3 is a pretty graphically intensive game and again our RX 5700 fell a bit short among the lowest point 1 percent of frames in fact it was definitely noticeable while benchmarking there were several stutters here and there and that said in terms of overall averages we don't see anything really out of place the 5700 ties of the 2060 and the xt keeps up with the 2070 nvidia cards do tend to perform a bit better here which is why i'm always sure to turn off things like hair works in the ultra preset what I ultimately think this comes down to though is driver optimization we're still in the early stages for these aren't our X cards for the 5,700 NXT and if you look at our Vega 56 actually that's a card that's been allowed to mature for quite a while now manage quite well even down low so we'll revisit games like these at a later date once the drivers have matured so from the games tested here my conclusion is this Nvidia cards by and large are still running a bit more expensive what you're getting though for that trade-off is a lower TDP which translates more effective cooling you get quieter cards in general as a consequence of that you get driver sets that at least in my experience aren't always as bulky out of the gate and yeah look that's I do think the RX said you said 100 and XP variants are great values despite what they give up and we're just talking about reference cards here I do expect a IDs to do better jobs in the cooling Department pretty typical and not an outlandish expectation I also expect drivers to improve with time certain games will fare better than others we saw the XT occasionally trading blows with higher price 20 70s but the fact remains that Nvidia cards at this point are more refined is that AMD's fault kind of but kind of not and to say all that to say this if I was buying a solid 1440p graphics card today I'd honestly pick none of these cards I still think the 27 TS are too expensive in their AI be forms justify the often marginal performance gains over early 57 or XT samples and even RT X 20 60s and in my opinion our Tech's 2060s are almost kind of redundant I think that the 1660 ti comes awfully close in many games and lacks RT and tensor cores to keep the price nice and low it can handle 1440p albeit with a few in-game compromises and stays nice and cool thanks to a low-power draw and thermal output as it stands the RX 5700 and XT are great values but they come with hefty compromises in their current forms which I expect AI DS to change it's only a matter of time and then we can compare true value for money cards speaking of which a bit off-topic here I must shift to this card I think that our Vega 56 from power color surprised me it actually would trade blows with the 1660 ti which I mean that's pretty good at this price point it is gonna consume more power but this one's got a beefy cooler to keep temps in check and sound didn't check worth considering if you're in the market for a used card that packs a punch that's all for this one though thanks for watching remember to subscribe click that bell and consider becoming a member if you're feeling fancy science studio thanks for benchmarks


25 Replies to “My Verdict: RX 5700 and 5700XT Review”

  1. Addicted2Gaming says:

    Bought a 5700xt and ended up returning it due to lows dropping in most games, textures popping in and out with tons of stutter in far cry 5, and GTA5 wouldn't even launch lol. Got a 2060 super instead with 2 free games and average performance is lower but lows are a good 20% higher in most cases. Lastly, the cake on top, is the gigabyte gaming oc I got doesn't sound like a jet.

  2. Let's Cat says:

    ok i'll BE QUIET now. That was sooooo incredibly bad….

  3. MrKunzzi says:

    So what I got from this review: If you want to play games that are actually popular and played on Steam charts/other platforms: Buy Nvidia
    If you want to play synthetic benchmarks and dead on arrival games that have more reviewers than real players at any given time: Buy AMD

  4. Seth NoWai says:

    RX5700/5700XT both feel like AMD rushed them out to meet 07.07.2019 for that 7nm thing. Plus they decided to use blower cooler. It is like they wanted to shoot themselves in the foot. It would be fine if they matured drivers bit further and actually try with cooling, to get better results for reviews or just get reference models out at the same time as partner. But nope. Otherwise the only really great card is RX5700XT, I think once partner models come and drivers mature, it will be really great bang for the buck. And RX5700 kind of missed its point, because it really is 300USD card we didn't get, because it costs 350USD. Still, finally we have at least some kind of competition. And to be fair, prices will likely drop a bit within first year, AMD pumped pries up to go into price war with nVidia. And they will have more coming out, at least I never seen series with 70 or 700 being top model. Plus not to mention this card is bit in between, new architecture, but using older instruction set, which makes me feel full RDNA card might do better.

  5. JTCPingas says:

    Wait, I thought the 5700 and XT were supposed to throttle at 85C.

  6. aCID sPAZ says:

    On the 5700xt temps did you have the blower fan at 100%.? I'm thinking about purchasing and don't want 95c at 100% fan… Awesome video.

  7. Baron von Limbourgh says:

    Always undervolt amd cards. Should be the first thing anyone does when installing a amd gpu.

  8. Fano Lasno says:

    Sadly there is no real competition, there is only illusion of it between these two corporations, AMD allows Nvidia set astronomical prices on its cards and own the market, people accept it because there is no choice, then AMD after 2-3 years to introduce some crappy cards for almost same price tag as Nvidia lol

  9. The Shape says:

    With Nvidia making such sleek looking, quiet reference cards now i see no point in paying an AIB tax for a sujectively uglier gpu that performs barely any better if at all. AMD though have cheap looking, trashy cooler, ugly reference cards. You will have to pay the AIB tax to get a nice experience there. We'll have to see what the price differences end up between AMD & Nvidia when the AMD AIB cards are equipped with a cooler that can operate as well as a Nvidia ref cooler. Then we will see the true price differences for the performance they give.

  10. Austin Horne says:

    What a Joke. AMD needs to step it up. Who would buy one of these garbage pails. lol

  11. Josh12342 says:

    Also AMD measures the junction temperature, the junction temperature can get to 110 degrees Celsius and would be about 90 degrees on where Nvidia would measure the temperature on their cards

  12. Josh12342 says:

    Got an ad for the RTX super cards for this video 不不不不不

  13. Brad Jackson says:

    Are those at stock? Idk if I caught that.

  14. Daniel Senti says:

    I have the same PowerColor Red Dragon Vega 56, and I've got no noticeable coil whine.

    As an anecdote, one component of my PC setup that had a bad coil whine was my secondary monitor. The coil whine was obnoxious when it would idle with no input signal and flash the power LED. However, I recently switched from a surge protector to a UPS back-up battery, and I have my entire PC setup connected to the battery outlets on the UPS. That change alone completely eliminated all coil whine, both whatever small amount was coming from the PC and the noticeable amount that was coming from the monitor.

  15. LOVE LIGHT says:

    better late than dead? Am i rite

  16. Negiku says:

    I wonder why blower style coolers are still a thing in 2019? Why can't they just put normal fans? A little cost cutting vs all the people who'd just buy other cards such as nvidia.

  17. ROCKSWOT says:

    With extensions 20 Hdmi cable and 20 usb-cable I put the 5700xt to another room: I skip buying watercooling and the noise is totally gone. I wanna save my "water-cooling-money" for the next iteration of new and up and coming GPUs. In this perspective to invest into watercooling is not wise: there is no return on investment for the money invested. Count how much premium it would cost per frame to get that 10% and you could relatively as well buy 2080Ti. Overclocking here is mainly for people to get something to do: exciting to play with something, that's all?

    Just only the block Ek-vector costs 190. Let's say you get 10 frames for that 190. With that price you pay 1140 for 60 fps. And would you even get 10fps up in 4k?? And that is only the block 190. You must buy the other stuff too. Overclocking is only for fun and only for those who got the extra money?

  18. TheBlackPoet says:

    I just completed my build 2 days ago. Initially, I wanted to stick to a budget of $1200 but ended up spending around $1800. shrugs

    Case: Lian LiPC-011Dynamic
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900x punches air
    Motherboard: AsRock x570 Taichi
    GPU: AMD 5700xt She's a little blower, but so is your mom 0_0
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 16 GB 3200MHz
    Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB adding 1TB this weekend
    Power: EVGA 650 G+ 80+ Gold
    Keyboard & Mouse: Razer Cynosa Chroma/ Corsair M65 Pro RGB
    Cooling: 6 Thermatake Pure Plus 12

    The 5700xt isn't as loud as people make it out to be. I mean, unless you have it turned up to 100%

  19. anastu says:

    Fantastic review! I agree that card prices right now are too high for what you're getting and it is indeed best to wait until prices lower, and for AMD's new cards, for MSI, EVGA, et al, to put better coolers on 'em.

  20. EvilTurkeySlices says:

    The Vega 56 and 64 are like the 7950 and 7970 of today. They punch way above their class and compete with way more expensive cards.

  21. Baltho82 says:

    Yes its AMD fault why it come with this stupid single fan card if amd have a better cooling system it will be the best card

  22. Leon de Blaauw says:

    and mmmm here in the netherlands there are vender cards idk wy but ok (!sorting=11&limit=30&view=grid )

  23. Leon de Blaauw says:

    the fun thing is here in the netherlands i can get a 5700xt for cheaper then a rtx2060 (not the super). the price difrence between the 5700xt and the rtx2060 super is around 70 euros so

  24. jared zimmerman says:

    Question: wouldn't the 5700xt and 5700 perform better with AIB coolers because the heat wouldnt throttle the levels or is that just for NVIDIA cards? like wouldn't less heat yeild better performance? i understand comparing them to other cards but that one fan to cool the whole thing is just a mess. compared to all the other AIB cards except the reference 2060 but even then, the 2060 has twice the fans

  25. Jasper Boleyley says:

    Cant wait for the sapphire version…

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