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hey there welcome back to my channel it's been so long since I've recorded something it's been crazy since I recorded last video I've been on bachelorette trips it works been crazy and I just bought it so we're currently in the midst of packing and behind this camera setup right now is the craziest box situation where spore actually starting to pack now because in the next few weeks we also have weddings to attend and so when I say it's been crazy it's been just ridiculous I went back to why I'm recording this video today I just wanted to kind of shake things up a little I know I started out you know recording more design videos but really my passion lives in so many different areas and so I just thought I'd try new different so we've been living it in this condo for about two years now and I realized that I never really appreciated it or shared it with anybody even though we put a lot of heart and soul into decorating it we're starting to take things down now and so in the midst of us packing and cleaning things up I thought I'd give everyone a condo tour address quickly some questions and we'd go right into the tour we've lived here about we lived here for about two years we right outside of a subway station we love the area there are so many different foods there's so many friend restaurants to choose from and it's a one-bedroom plus den when we first moved in rent was eighteen fifty and that is pretty good for an apartment in Toronto especially when it has more than one room and we do have two parking spaces a very weird peculiar ask for two folks that work in live in Toronto mostly people only have one car or no car at all but I did purchase a car before moving into the apartment and so we needed the two spots and it he went to spot so it was perfect we actually found the apartment through PadMapper which is a website where it's almost like a kijiji but just for apartment hunting and we were very lucky in that we only saw one apartment before this that we were super happy with and once this listing came up we got in touch with the property management company right away asked for an appointment the day of and I remember coming to the appointment to see the apartment with one other prospective tenant and he wanted to wait until his wife came to see it and the agent had said sorry I'm pretty sure these folks are gonna take it and sure as heck we did we love this apartment and it was the first apartment that we lived in to get there so I will always remember it but but yeah I just show everyone around and show you a different side of my life it's not it has to do with design but not directly and so thought you might enjoy so let's go on the tour all righty here we are everybody we're at my front door welcome in what you see here is our front foyer we also have some hooks set up so that you have easy access to hang up your coats to the right there's our laundry room we have a console when you first come in to put all your shoes fancy little chandelier lights here's our front closet it's usually a lot more packed than this but we just finished packing a bunch of our winter clothes we have a little shoe rack built in here so that we can have several layers of storage so we're making more up to the use of the vertical space the next thing you see when you first walk in is this little console table we got this from Ikea I'll put the link below in the a little place where we can put a bunch of our shoes clothes to drop our keys when we come in and just to check yourself in the mirror before you head out I actually bought that little rock at home sense because it was supposed to bring good luck this is how the storage looks like when it's opened up so you can see it fits quite a bit of shoes in there one thing I love about walking in is this sign here that says why hello there it's not too serious much like our personality we like to keep it casual in the house most things that you see hyung are held up by command strips we swear by these so if you're renting and you're looking to hang things up with up too many holes in the walls this is your friend next step is our little laundry room here you can see it's a stacked washer/dryer unit we also have an over-the-door closet organizer and you can see we can put a bunch of stuff on here and I'll just be out of sight out of mind but clearly and neatly organized on the back of the door nothing too fancy here just our stacked washer/dryer again some of our detergents we use the sides for storage because hashtag it small condo life this is probably one of our more unexcited parts of the condo tour our bathroom you've got your standard toilet shower and sink we didn't have a toilet paper holder so we bought one of these and a few things one of the things that my partner Ramin is very very proud of are these painting of animals and you picked out for the bathroom artwork they're pretty cute though no and that's it for our bathroom let's head on to the next room this right here is our den it is not a bedroom cannot be passed as one because it doesn't have windows but we've converted this into my maker room / walk-in closet right here is how I start my morning each and every morning at my makeup table the table was from Ikea and the lights in your custom made by Raman and I I also put some pictures in between the glass and the table just so I can have a reminder every morning of the people in my life and he was important to me it may seem daunting but you can actually build this herself you just have to buy the lights from Home Depot and a mirror of your choosing and mount it to the wall I also bought a dimmer and connected the two so that I control the light I feel like everyone has this table or I've seen it at IKEA personally I find it has too little storage but for this little condo it was perfect and maybe I'll upgrade to a bigger table let's begin to the new house next is this little storage unit also from Ikea I believe it's called the calyx it originally didn't come with those stores but we decided to buy it and install it so that we have some open storage and also some closed storage up here I have a little diffuser situation going and some artwork that I picked up from winners HomeSense always a great place to pick up cheap artwork that looks pretty expensive don't you think this first copy is where I have all of my perfumes I love me some Chanel perfume as well as Daisy I think I also have some other something there but my go-to everyday is the Chanel shots I believe the pink or the green one the next cubby here I have some books books I've read books that I want to read most of them I have read and now the trips just sitting there so I think you should donate them on a projector you can add very nice book write anything there again we have these doors that we installed after we purchased the unit so you can just put it here right now and buy these and install them into your existing calyx units and they open up nicely to reveal all the crap that you have hidden behind closed doors and on the right here we have some alarming stones and picture of us at Knott's Berry Farm on one of the rides and underneath that is my beauty stuff and my craft stuff and clearly I need to get organized get my life together code Z looks hella messy heading over to the closet side this is also something that ramen I installed in the apartment it has three rods so you can choose to configurate the way you want we decided to go with two shorter hanging areas for shirts and tops and then a long painting area for my dresses it also comes with a few cubbies where you can decorate it with various items I have here some knickknacks and little reminders and souvenirs when little trips that I've been on as well as some change that's the end of the dent war let's head out to the living room if you continue into the apartment you'll first reach the kitchen this is a view of our kitchen here pretty standard it was renovated when I first came in so we're super lucky on the left side here there was a big wall that was just facing the kitchen and we thought would be a really good opportunity to serve do an accent wall or a bigger piece on it we've got this huge wall clock from Umbra and what they are just stickers so you can stick the different numbers and you can go as bigger as as small as you want here's the view of the rest of the apartment from the kitchen this next little area here serves almost little to no purpose other than just being decor because we really didn't have space for a dining table so we didn't want to leave the corner empty but we also knew we could put a table so here it is decorated with a little bit of a console table we have some souvenirs memories of our first trip we ever talked together last but not least is the area that we spend the most time on our beloved couch but the couch we hung up three different pictures from various trips that we took and frame them with some Thompson Springs this area is my pride and joy my plants we also have a super nintendo concept that we leave down there because we don't get to play that much but it is fun this bench here is our makeshift off the table Ronnie and I actually fit that model tray from a slab of marble tile and two handles that we talked and handy fell also shout out to my friend for making you that cute little plant thing over there and this is the view from the window looking in I also got that throw at winners guitar I've really liked winners so that's the end of the condo tour I hope you enjoyed it let me know what your favorite part was in the comments below I love I think my makeup table the most in this house because that's what I use every single day without fail every single morning it's something that Robin and I built together he came out exactly how I had designed it and so that's my favorite part of the condo let me know if you like these types of videos I know it's kind of random from what I've made before but hey life's about trying new things so here I am just trying on new thing don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy these types of videos or design videos and alike just to let me know that this type of video is something of interest to you anyways I hope to see in the next video bye bye


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  1. Danielle Thé says:

    Omg I love your den!
    Also very neat how you made and customized some of the decor. Very cool. Can’t wait to get a tour of the new place!

  2. Han Bang says:


    Let me know in the comments what part or piece of decor you liked best! I've said in the video but I'll say it again – my makeup area never ceases to make my heart melt! It's the perfect design for functionality and aesthetic. One of the best things I've 'designed' to date!

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