My textile design home studio tour and top 5 tools for digital textile design home studio setup.

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hello hello my amazing creative friends at Sansa here again today I am welcoming you into my home studio where I run my textile design studio busines creative business oxide sir so this is my study of guys let me show you I have been changing it around a little bit so it used to be in there under this wall over here you stay down there over here and then I changed it here so it basically sometimes I put it here sometimes I put it there I like to switch up the location of my desk from time to time for now is here but yeah so this is it the point why I am not the point the reason why I am talking to you about my home studio today is that I've been receiving a few comments and questions from my amazing creative friends on my email list and on the Facebook group and over here and the YouTube channel the – to tell you a questions about which tools do I use because people are considering investing in the tools in the special tools so I was thinking to show you guys what I have and to tell you guys if what I have is enough and basically what my experience was the setup of a digital textile design studio alright let's jump right in so I will turn around this video ok so you can guys you can see better and so this is it this is basically I'm going to be talking mostly about the digital tools today so are more interesting for vector artists and Photoshop artists and digital artists in general and yeah let's jump right in so the first one is my computer over here is an iMac and I really am I am a big fan of I really like it and before that I used to have an Apple laptop with a Dell monitor with a probably the same size Dell monitor attached to it which was kind of good though I really like that set up – not before today this is the setup that I'm using for the last few years and this is actually a refurbished iMac that I got in when I just moved to California in 2012 I believe so it was actually it's been working pretty well still and my husband did upgrade the and put in the some memory in it and over time but just probably a year ago and some I think there is a upgraded hard drive in that one if I'm not mistaken but overall the computer has been performing very well and even five years into his life and daily use so I'm really enjoying it and but I do I can tell you that in general these kind of things are an investment and you need to think if you are ready for it and if it makes sense for you financially but you definitely for as a beginner for example as setting up your studio you can just use your whatever you have a laptop or a computer as long as it works reasonably well at least alright so the next one on the list is the Welcome tablet so this is a Wacom Intuos tablet and let me show you guys yeah there is with the pen tool it's already pretty old I think it's around five years now it's actually a welcome into us for and what you do is just you draw here and then you can see the mouse is moving over there so basically this is my setup for drawing vector patterns for example like this one this is the mousepad that I use and the mouse which will be an our next tool to so I do have a my Apple keyboard over here so yeah and I have some some brushes just mostly for decoration and my water bottle and here I have boxes one of them is for my receipts whenever I collect receipts for tax time and basically all the time I collect receipts for tax time I mean physical receipts and another one is just random tools and kind of like similar to this but some oil storage for little tools and glue and these kind of things so these are this is a copy that I got an episome and I have my scissors here and the highlighters that I use whenever I'm studying something this note the sticky notes and the glue that I have here and I also have some earplugs whenever it gets too noisy outside some headphones and and some paper clips in there okay so coming back to the mouse the mouse is actually a Logitech mouse I will link it in the description below and under it in the blog post that I have going together with this video where I show some more pictures and the basically more in-depth description of this my setup alright so it's the logitech wireless mouse that I do recommend only getting the wireless mouse if you can okay so I realized that I didn't talk enough about welcome let's go back to this guy so welcome tablet now let me maybe switch to myself and tell you guys although I'm experimenting with this kind of a vlogging style today so let me see if you like it alright so welcome tablet I've been getting a lot of questions about tablets in general and if you guys need an more Intuos tablet or a Cintiq tablet or a cheaper tablet and my question my answer is whenever whatever is your budget just get something and start with something but if you do have some money to invest and you're serious about your business I would recommend a Wacom Intuos tablet but they're cheaper models can be just as can work just as well and to be honest I used to have their bamboo it's a they don't sell them anymore but it used to be interests bamboo line so I really liked that one too and it was I think this one is more definitely more responsive and kind of accurate but for a vector artist and the stuff that I normally work in a pretty sure that even bamboo would have worked well I mean the bye-bye bamboo I mean the current cheaper into US models Wacom tablet models so I do not recommend you getting too hung up on the tablet if you can invest in interest or if you cannot invest in something cheaper which has good reviews that would be if I were starting now today and I had a limited budget as many people do and I used to do have a limited budget as well I would recommend looking what has good reviews and just going with that one so I hope this information helps you and what considering the size I do recommend getting something I will show you guys so this is basically the size of mine now and it's not this model is not for sale anymore because it's a five-year-old model or at least maybe even more but I I do recommend some medium sized however you can get away with a smaller tablet if you are a vector artist but depending on your style and the how you are used to working that will depend so I prefer a medium size for myself and the last part is the int the interesting chick tablet I used to have it I used to have interests in thick tablet and to be honest it was I really liked it it was good but the problem is that I didn't get the hang of sitting properly I will link the video somewhere in the on the video here I will link the video about my interest feedback about the interest tablet and interest sorry feedback about Cintiq tablet and Cintiq experience and i get i can say that i liked it it was nice but I wouldn't say it changed much when I switched back to in test the only thing is that my posture became better and I didn't have as many as many shoulder and neck problems that I used to have so I talked about it in the another video which I will link below and on the card alright so this is this you guys oh wait yeah no not that's not it I do have another cool tool that I'd really like to use let me switch you guys over and this is this guy this is my printer and I really enjoy using this one is the Canon printer let me show you that it is so this is the size of it it's a Canon printer that I really enjoy using for my printing job work and a lot of things that I can print on it turn out pretty well which I really enjoy and the point is that for the printer is I really like the printing qualities especially for my office documentation but a lot of things sometimes you need to create a packaging for example using your patterns or some kind of paper product this works very well so you can print out and test your prototypes but the most of the useful thing that I found is that I can scan my sketches and artworks for my especially for lifetrace option in adobe illustrator but this is an optional tool so you don't really I would not recommend you getting it right away it's just something that super house I have super super healthy sorry super handy to have in the studio if you kind of already know the type of your business and how you're going to be working and just for Texas and for all kinds of printables and print out the worksheets that you use to for study which I do I do a lot of studying for my business for my work so this is basically that's been super helpful to so another digital tool that I do recommend and sometimes if you are style if you are interested to working more in Photoshop or even in the W Strader was more of a painterly style that you paint your artwork on paper first which I do sometimes too and then you can a live trace it from your scans that you would do on your printer or scanner combination or just a scanner problem that could work to that after that just to start it out I would recommend trying taking pictures with your phone first and then adjusting them in Photoshop and from maybe even just using your phone or camera or and hide the digital if you have a DSLR or a good quality camera you can even the proper light and the proper arrangement you can take good photos of your artwork there too so basically yeah basically this is it so then though this is my little studio I have a darker side of it this is basically my conditions are still here even though as you can see I am bundled up so it's getting a little bit chilly here in California in the Bay Area which is nice a to be honest I enjoy it now it's sunny and not hot so I have to get rid of the air conditioner but still you never know that how days might come back yeah what else can I show you here in my chair let me show you it's cute I will show you so it has this little cute back to it little oh my goodness she's little cute boughs on this little snaps yeah it's pretty cute I like that I like the chair a lot and this is a chair from Ikea I will maybe find it and try and find it and link it down in the description box too and it swivels and it rolls so it's a cute chair I like it alright you guys so what else can I show you oh all right you guys let me switch you one more time and I just want remember that I wanted to show you that I created a blog post with this video over here and what I this are just some pictures that my husband took of my studio and I took some more of them that I created a list of tools so that you can find all the links over there and the last thing that I actually thought of creating so that is more in everything in one place with explanation is this top five tools guide let me turn off the lights you can see better so it's top five tools guide that I created for my studio set up and I talked more about the things that I've been telling you in this video and for those got you guys who like to have the list and the links and explanation to save them for future use you can download this free guide that I created and you can request it down here in my blog post yeah so I have it a little bit more information and some photos in here alright you guys I think this is it thank you so much for watching once again I've been really enjoying making these videos for you guys and all your nice feedback about everything and please let me know if you work from home or if you work in a studio or if you are interested if you know of a cool tool that you find absolutely useful in your studio please let me know and I would love to check it out maybe if I test it out for myself and yeah thank you very very much for watching you guys and drop love and create bye bye


13 Replies to “My textile design home studio tour and top 5 tools for digital textile design home studio setup.”

  1. Madalina B says:

    What is the Facebook group?

  2. savya mallick says:

    Can I work with you through email

  3. mah music santos youtube etc. says:

    Omg!! Thank you!!! I was trying to figure put what kinda tool am i going to use for spoonflower so i can start designing. Thank God i saw this video!!

  4. Ursula J. St.Louis says:

    Hi…Thanks for sharing. I am a color consultant and create custom color palettes for clients to shop with. Can I use my Apple iPad Pro as my tablet to create designs. I have an Apple Pencil. Haven’t used it much. Not sure what program I’d have to be in to draw on my iPad and ha e it show up on my iMac. Do you find photoshop is better than illustrator? Thanks so much, Oksancia.

  5. Ramon Carrasco's Art Vlogs says:

    love all the lights

  6. Irfan zahid says:

    thanks for sharing….Can you please make a video on how to work like a textile designer. I am a old textile graduate but have not worked in the field so please let me know what employers expect from textile designers these days because i want to go back in my field

  7. Dinah says:

    thank you for sharing your work space , i like it so much , i hope one day i would have a place like this maybe after graduating this year , thanks for sharing your experience and information, you're an inspiration to me <3 ^^

  8. Nancy Spicer says:

    would inkscape work instead of illustrator just to start. Inkscape is a free open sourced version of illustrator??

  9. Arkky Anindita says:

    Lovely studio! Loved watching other creatives setup their office. I have used the bamboo and now i'm using the intuos, both are great, the bamboo last a long time until it broke down on me. My husband use the mobile studio pro, and he like it.. I will try borrow his one of this days to get the hands on.

  10. AnaPilar Caballero says:

    Thank you so much, Oksana, for this wonderful tour of your studio. I very much appreciate your sharing the tools you are using to create designs, it helps me as I am in need of replacing my computer soon and would love to have the correct equipment to begin a new career! You have been a fantastic inspiration to me. <3

  11. runedance says:

    Amazing! Many thanks for sharing!

  12. ravi kesharwani says:

    Very helpful video.. Great

  13. Kristen // k.becca says:

    I always enjoy seeing how designers and artists have their studios set up. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check out your video on the Cintiq since it's something that is on my tool wishlist. I still have a Wacom Bamboo on my desktop but have been using my tablet much more lately for drawing and digitizing. I like being able to draw right on the screen. The Bamboo is great, but it's a small surface and there's a bit of a disconnect between what my hand is drawing and what comes out on the screen, and I've never gotten completely used to that.

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