My Design Process Of A MINIMAL LOGO DESIGN *Step By Step*

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in today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial
follow along with my design process for a negative space logo design just like
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check out skill share and link down below now before we designed today’s logo I
briefly want to talk about the logo design process
today’s negative space logo isn’t for a client or a company so I’m not going to
be doing much no way of research however many people often ask me how to come up
with logo design ideas you absolutely must conduct research if
you’re working for a client and you need to look into their industry of work as
well as their audience I cannot emphasize this enough as this is going
to help you better understand the brand and the people they market their
products and their services to you want your logo to be 100% relevant for
maximum results so after research which can actually take numerous days if done
efficiently I then start to brainstorm ideas on paper but this can also be done
digitally too everybody has their own method and the key here is for me to get
down some words or aspects associated to their brand the concepts then come from
the research and the brainstorming of ideas and if the previous two steps had
been done completely properly you’re going to end up with several concepts
that are on points with the brand now from here it’s just a case of knowing
which concepts work best and then refining them into the final logo design
solution is realized this is a very brief rundown of the logo design process
but I will make a video completely dedicated to this process if you want to
see that so if with today is a negative space a
logo design I’ve chosen to go for a single letter design that utilizes
negative space on a shape and this is going to generate the illusion of one
letter form now if you check out my video linked at the end of today’s video
you can learn all about the different types of negative space logos but now
I’ve got my type of logo in mind it was then time for me to start sketching
ideas and concept down on paper some designers negate this stage and sure
they can technically come up with a logo totally on the fly however to be fully
equipped with multiple ideas and concepts I personally prefer to spend
time working on paper first and foremost this doesn’t just mean sketching it also
means like I said start the video writing down words and phrases or even
emotions relating to the brand and this can really help to create some solid
conceptual ideas so as I’ve established I’m going to make
a one single letter form logo incorporating negative space to make a
shape appear as a letter and the letter of choice that I’ve chosen is a so what
I’m going to do is I’m gonna come up to the polygon tool here and I’m simply
gonna click and drag like so if you can’t see a triangle you can simply
press the up and down arrows which will change the number of sides on your
polygon but when you finish up with three sides hold down shift and then
your triangle be fixed in position like so then press command or control way to
enter into outline mode we’re going to press command or control C to copy the
triangle and then command or control F to duplicate it then resize down the new
triangle by holding down shift and the alt/option key at the same time and
clicking and dragging like so then press C for the scissors tool which can
actually find here in the tool bar menu then click each of the anchor points on
the new triangle press V for the selection tool and then click and remove
the bottom parts we’re going to use these two lines here as guides for the
next step of the tutorial you can select the original triangle and
press command or control to which is going to lock this triangle down in
place but then simply use these guides to create a foundation of our mountains
which I’m going to cut into the triangle later you can hold down the alt/option
key then click and drag to duplicate like so as you can see I have magenta
smart guides activated telling me when I’m completely in line you can press
command or control you to activate the smart guides now I don’t want this
bottom area over taking the design I wanted quite a minimum quite small and I
think this is going to be the right size but when you’re ready select these
shapes here and then press command or control to to lock them these are only
going to be guides so now press P for the pen tool and then press shift and X
to make sure you have a stroke selected and not a fill now what does I draw in
the shape of my mountains I use these guides here in correlation
with the shape of the actual original triangle so the lines actually match the
complete degree and contour of the original shape I can now bring the shape
off to one side and then press the alt or the option key command and then 2 to
unlock everything and finally remove these shapes here I’m now going to take
the pen tool and draw in some areas though act as snow for my final design at this juncture you can press command
or control Y to exit out outline mode then select this shape here and press
shift annex to flick the stroke over to a fill finally select these shapes here
open up the Pathfinder window which you can also find in the window section here
and then use the minus for an option then we’re going to lay the shape over
our design like so and then again use the Pathfinder option – France so as you
can see we’ve already got the kind of a shape but to make sure that it really
looks like an A I’m going to add a star in the sky here which will represent the
middle section of the a let’s normally cutouts so then select the star tool and then
again click and drag and hold down shift you can also use the arrow keys to
change the number of points on your star when happy change this to white so you
can see where it’s going to be applied on your design and I’m pretty happy with
this outcome here so I’m going to select everything again and then once more use
the minus one option but first you have to ungroup this selection here and then
you can use the Pathfinder option as you can see the logo is cut out as a one
symbol and now it’s just a case of adding some logo type I remember if you want to join the
Skillshare community up over 7 million creators check out Skillshare down in
description box below for the first 500 people to sign up are going to receive
two months free of Skillshare premium let me know what you guys want to see on
my channel as I always like to hear your opinions and your feedback on my content
if you haven’t done already subscribe to my channel to boost your skills as a
graphic designer and for weekly graphic design content and until next time guys
design your future today peace


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    Every time I use the 'minus front option' in the pathfinder window, I suggest using a compound path instead, as to not commit to a destructive workflow
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  12. Andi Irawan0828 says:

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