My Creative Process with Milanote – Plan & Organize UI/UX Design Projects

July 26, 2019 posted by


25 Replies to “My Creative Process with Milanote – Plan & Organize UI/UX Design Projects”

  1. M. Wasif Zaki says:

    Edward, can you share the followup video on "Wireframing using Milanote "

  2. sayeed hossain says:

    This program is excellent can I get any app/software of this program ? I am from abroad ( Bangladesh ) but I am very very interested in web class, pls reply.

  3. Anthony Rivera says:

    great app! and awesome video showcasing this app with an ui/ux perspective

  4. Rachel Oberholzer says:

    You can also use for free (Windows and Mac)

  5. TheWebStylist says:

    For us Visual Designers 💯this looks IN$ANE!! #winWIN visual work efficiency and though I've fist pumped 24/7 Trello for over 5 years for my own and all client Web Design and project communication, I am def tired of ever since they sold out for $423 million, not a single advancement in their progam/app in a few years, while many of us work daily to advance our skills and tools for our clients/customers as much as possible SO time for the new work/creative/project platform and Milanote looks like THE ONE! #justsignedUP Thank you Caler for the head$ UP! as well as amazing tutorial walk thru

  6. Nasir Uddin says:

    Great app. I will try it out.

  7. Hildegerd Haugen says:

    I have started using it and it really is an impressive tool

  8. moviemagic says:

    Glad to see this! I have been looking for something for my case study!

  9. Isak Hejnesen says:

    Milanote is basically Trello on crack!

  10. A.h Asif says:

    wow, I think it has much more functionality than other regular apps/sites

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Bjorn van Velzen says:

    Milanote looks amazing! I was looking for an app/software with these capabilities. Unfortunately I couldn't find one so I'm definitly trying out Milanote!

  12. Mika de Bruijn says:

    Hey Caler! Great to see you got a sponsor. I came across this video from a dude with a lot of subscribers that kinda just remade your surfing site video. i dont know if he asked permission but i just wanted to let you know.

  13. Lucas Silva says:

    I'm Brazilian and I love your videos <3

  14. Arif billah says:

    Thx sir
    After a long time

  15. GAMER 4LIFE says:

    congrats! , good vidéo too, _

  16. Yevgeniy Khaimin says:

    Interesting project. Thanks for review!
    Anybody know alternatives?

  17. Daniël B says:

    Keep up the good work Caler! I really like your video's and your designing skills! ;D

  18. Adnan Amin says:

    Great! Will use Milanote from now on… 🙂 Thanks for this TUT!

  19. Yover Rosado says:

    Que hermosa plataforma, herramienta para nuestros trabajos, eres un pro, saludos desde Ecuador.

  20. Marcos Cortes says:

    Very Gooooood !!!!

  21. Alvee K. says:

    Well, 10$ per month is quite expensive for me. But this app is awesome and review is so professional!

  22. YoArnold says:

    I love your content!

  23. Alex Marin says:

    It seems pretty cool! Will be sure to check it out! Thanks

  24. Zaryab Waseem says:

    BTW, I already requested you on instagram to make a UI Guide type of UI Kit for Adobe XD. Please make it possible!!!

  25. Zaryab Waseem says:

    This is <3… A super booster for productivity!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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