My (60 Lb) Transformation in Pictures! Before and After – Ketogenic, Low Carb

February 26, 2020 posted by

this is my journey of losing 60 pounds
after the birth of my third baby. I was sick my entire pregnancy it was really
hard because every morning I was throwing up and it made it really
difficult to eat the right foods and I found really all I could do was eat
carbs to feel better. Clara was born beautiful and healthy and we were all so
excited to welcome our second daughter third baby into our family. My c-section
went really well I felt great I was up walking around within a day we were excited to bring Clara home and
I got out and started walking right away even though technically I really wasn’t
supposed to I just felt trapped in my body I
literally just felt like this is not me and I can’t believe this happened to me
so it was just kind of like a feeling like I just I just want to make a change
so I did a little bit of slow things like walking and I decided to stick to
and begin the ketogenic lifestyle and so what I did was I started with 20 net
carbs a day and I had a bunch of fat coffee and really high fat nutritious
foods my milk supply was great throughout this time I didn’t have any
issues with milk I was basically following my body’s lead
but none of my clothes fit me and I just didn’t really feel myself still and I
was ready for this next chapter of my life so I took these before photos and I
was like devastated I couldn’t believe really that I let
myself get to this point even though I felt like it was out of my control
because I was so sick with my pregnancy I still just felt that that kind of pain
like that I did this to myself and I kind of let myself down it’s all worth
it in the end having beautiful babies and everything and I knew I would get
this off but this first day when I was given the clear to work out I was 4
weeks postpartum and it was really difficult getting back into lifting
weights and specifically cardio so I took it slow on that end it felt like
the the weight that I had gained just wouldn’t really budge like it was I
expected this but it just kind of felt like it stuck to me finally I started seeing progress with
my consistency I was following the 20 to 30 net carbs a day and working out
regularly not everyday yet at this point I was kind of building up to that point I didn’t work out at all throughout my
pregnancy so I was in terrible shape when I started really committing and
focusing on fitness but one day at a time and I knew I would progressively
get better I never cheated on the keto lifestyle because I really wanted to
make this into a lifestyle that I could stick to long term not a short term diet
or quick fix so I stayed focused on eating the right foods and taking care
of my body – to get back to where I really feel my most comfortable so
everyday I focused on trying to do twenty to thirty minutes of exercise and
just focus on getting better than the day before the scale started moving but it was not
a straight line down it had a way of going up and going down and going up but
I knew this from my previous experience of reaching my goals so I was very
patient with myself and every time I saw it go down I took a picture because it
was just kind of motivating myself that I am making progress and it is moving in
the right direction I started seeing changes in the mirror
and it started feeling really great that things are actually moving and I’m
reaching my goals Clara really is an amazing baby she was so easy and just
made the whole experience that much simpler whereas my other two little ones
they were very intense as babies especially the little boy I stayed on track even over holidays
which is the hardest time for most people so I was really proud of myself
for achieving that every day I started feeling better and
better in my clothes and the things that I was wearing and I actually wanted to
go shopping again which felt really good especially after being pregnant and then
going through the whole changes of my body this is my last baby so this time around
I am fully committed to getting into the best shape of my life and just taking
this time to really transform into what I want from myself doing this for me and
no one else I started waking up early and doing my
workouts in the morning it worked out well because Clara dropped some of her
night feeding so even though she was still waking up at night I was able to
get up and I had the energy to work out early in the morning and spend time with
them I really started noticing my fitness level improving and it felt
great finally I was really enjoying working out every day I look forward to
it it’s no longer something I have to do but working out really became something
I want to do my speed improved my stamina improved and has that happened
I started doing more intense workouts and it really did develop and build my
confidence the scale started slowing down right
around 164 and but even though that happened I still was noticing huge
changes in my body so I knew that my muscle mass was making a shift so I was
building more muscle and I was losing more fat even though the scales not
showing it I could definitely see a difference in my body and the way I felt
and so I started not really looking towards the scale for progress anymore
but just based on how I feel and how I feel in the clothes that I’m wearing it took me about four months to get the
majority of the fat lost and then from there it’s basically toning and building
upon the muscle and and firming up areas so the majority of the weight lost was
in the first part of my journey and then I really just focused in on making sure
I’m lifting weights everyday and that I’m staying focused on my nutrition and
I’m staying on track once I basically met my goal I started you know
introducing more things in like the occasional cleaner cheat meal which
basically is just eating ketogenic ly but then having a little bit higher
carbs every now and then I really started noticing my stomach
getting smaller shrinking and my clothes started getting baggier, I introduced a
little bit more fruits but berries only and I continued to stay committed to the
ketogenic lifestyle and it really stopped being and feeling like a diet
and just really just felt like this is the way I eat and this is how I feel my
best and so it really didn’t feel like I was deprived at all throughout this
entire journey I feel really great I have so much energy I feel alive I just
feel good for the first time in a long long time my fitness level has improved so much
just within the first six months of getting back to working out regularly I
feel like my body really made that shift and I built some great muscle and my
lung capacity is increased I can go longer with cardio and I don’t
need to take as many breaks I just feel really good so where I came from and
where I am now is awake at night and day I I have no issues sleeping I feel
really good my mood is amazing I’m looking forward to the future and this
is just the beginning like this is the start of something incredible and I’m so
excited about what’s to come and and the future of just taking care of myself
and improving my fitness level and improving my body and just feeling
better for myself in my own skin and so this transformation really is just the
start of what’s to come for me and in my life and I’m so thankful for everyone
that’s a part of this journey alongside me you


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  1. Ashley Salvatori says:

    Thank you for watching my transformation video! I hope I inspired you today to stay focused on your goals! You are welcome to join my private facebook group for support with this lifestyle here:

    This is just the beginning for me! follow along with the rest of my transformation in Instagram

  2. Jen S says:

    WOW!! Thank you for sharing this journey with us!!! This is so motivating and comforting!!

  3. Randi Fisher says:

    Just came across your channel. You inspire me to start a keto lifestyle. My son was born 2/21/19. At first I lost 20lbs after I had him. Then after I went back to work four months after I had him I started gaining. I work a desk job and now my sons almost 9 months old this week and I am almost back to how big I was at 9 months pregnant:( educating myself first before I start the keto life. Thank you for your videos that help. Hoping to loose 30 plus pounds and becoming much healthier

  4. Fred Harvey says:

    Beautiful baby. Great work, sister.

  5. TofuCutie says:

    I understand not feeling good in your own skin but I mean you just had a baby and your body provided a nurturing place for your growing baby and went through a lot. Many women after pregnancy feel such a need/pressure to get weight off as fast as possible but I think it's important for women after birth to rest and cut themselves A LOT of slack. You brought a living being into this world 💗💗💗

  6. Karen On Keto says:

    So motivational- thank you! Also, I follow Ed Mylett thanks to your recommendation on your other channel – he had an awesome interview on Longevity today with David Sinclair who is absolutely a proponent of intermittent fasting/time restricted eating. If you haven’t seen that episode yet, you’ll love it!!

  7. Tor's Asmr says:

    I gained 50lbs when pregnant, had an emergency c section. I lost 37 on three weeks by pumping then lost a total of 60lbs then gained back 23 putting me at 183.5… just started keto Monday and I’m 179.5 really hoping I can get this under control

  8. Alexandra Rodriguez says:

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    Please feel free to subscribe and support me as I start this new year off with a whole new me!!

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