MSI Pro Cast #26 – Easy upgrade and Installation: Trident X Plus compact PC | Gaming Desktop | MSI

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Need to upgrade your rig Want the latest and best hardware How about future upgrade-ability And just for fun let’s make it really small We present the MSI Trident X Plus Hey what’s up everybody I’m Rick the host in this episode of MSI ProCast Today we’re going to be checking out the features of the Trident X Plus It’s built to be a powerhouse that will continue to stay up to date with your gaming needs With premium components handled by Silent Storm Cooling 3 slots for extra storage and the latest and best Intel 9th gen CPU with an top of the line graphics card this is a great system and we’ll be checking it out on today’s show The core concept of the Trident X Plus is easy upgrade-ability for storage or a new graphics card down the road And the very efficient Silent Storm Cooling 3’s tri-chamber design will keep it all frosty Let’s look inside In the separate top chamber the RGB illumination lights up your full sized GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB and it fits cards up to 300mm in length If you want to add an additional m.2 drive there’s a spot for it on the same side down below The X Plus has two SSD spots with one pre-installed and the caddies are easily removed taking off the three screws Heat from the GPU comes up and out of the top grill a combination slat-and-mesh design with lighting visible To upgrade your graphics card just unscrew the top panel for easy access to the cards’ screws and power After unscrewing the rear of the graphics card and two stabilizing clips to hold the card securely during transport to LAN parties a flat-head screwdriver will lift the PCI tab and the card comes out easily so you can keep up with the hottest new games To power the GPU and core i9 the 650 watt power supply is in its own Silent Storm Cooling 3 chamber Installing the pegs for the tempered glass just takes a moment and the magnetic latches make for easy access and cleaning The power supply CPU and graphics card all reside in different chambers having their own intake and exhaust This prevents heat transfer and leads to more efficient cooling And the Trident X Plus comes with the latest Intel core i9 9900K on a Z390 board with this eye-grabbing powerful RGB fan Two sticks of DDR4 26-66 8 gig ram come installed 16 gigs total beside the CPU The pre-installed m.2 is above No ethernet cable no problem as there’s Intel’s Dual Band Wireless-AC built in With an MSI monitor you can connect a USB cable and control the RGB accents with Mystic Light With the ability to take on the most demanding games and power out excellent framerates MSI’s Trident X Plus will deliver the experience you want today and is easy to upgrade for your future needs We also have a Trident X version with a Z370 chipset and a Trident A with the B360 chipset available please check MSI’s website for details Now we want to know what kind of component do you want with your new setup What features of the Trident X Plus attract you the most Please let us know in the comments and let us know any idea you have for upcoming episode If this guide help you or you have to learn something Don’t be shy to hit a thumbs up button Or please tell us what we miss to improve for next time Thanks to join us today and happy gaming See you all in the next episode


42 Replies to “MSI Pro Cast #26 – Easy upgrade and Installation: Trident X Plus compact PC | Gaming Desktop | MSI”

  1. Itz Katt Playz says:

    First to like first to comment

  2. Faf Dus says:

    Fuck this.

  3. Walter Challikis says:


  4. nightbreed141 says:

    This was exactly what I was looking for ! I wanted a small form factor slim case design that would be able to fit a full size GPU. Also wanted the case to have plenty of ventilation and cooling available with great cable management. This case also upgradeable which is a huge plus !!! There are plenty of other SFF cases out there but they all lack proper ventilation and cable management. MSI Trident X Plus has addressed everything with this case. The future is in smaller compact cases thats could fit anywhere ! The days of mid to full tower cases are finally over thanks to MSI !!!

  5. Spyder Logan says:

    Wow…had I seen this video a month ago, I would have made a completely different decision about having a custom system built…

  6. GamerLogic_ says:

    X299 Sli Plus

  7. Atem S. says:

    Game changer!!! I was praying for something like this and you guys hit a home run!!! MSI FOR THE WIN!! Mine: I9 Extreme, 16GB ram, 2TB NVME, 4TB SSD, RTX Pascal or 2080 TI! The best part size and upgradability!

  8. Wes says:

    He said 2080 tie

  9. Roney says:

    MSI for life !!!!!

  10. Blue Cherry says:

    Right on my heart, MSI

  11. PokeTheBear TTV says:

    Do us all a favor….make pc chassis for the masses, and make your monitors cheaper

  12. Maxx Koggen says:

    X370? Why not 470? While you're at it, just wait the X570 and upgrade then.
    A 9900K with 2666Mhz memory? Why? Why not 3200Mhz? Makes more sense since it's an unlocked oven.

    Have more options for lower end GPUs and maybe the 8700K? It's not the newest but overall had a better "design"

  13. Fangmaster 1 says:

    will the MSI X470 motherboard support the Ryzen 3000 series, (mainly the Ryzen 3600x)

  14. Phil Mitchell says:

    I'm still running the MSI Z68A-GD55. I've never had a PC component last so long. That is a serious punch for a small size.
    One thing I'd like you to cover is on board, is it up to par with a stand alone card?

  15. Ian Chang says:

    looks good but only supports up to 32GB of ram instead of 64GB of ram…

  16. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Maybe design the case in such a way you can do vinyl skins since its small form factored like a large console?

  17. Bruh Noob says:

    I’m buying this 100%

  18. Alejandro Varela says:

    Wait, wait! 2:53 is that white cheap thermal paste on the CPU? Oo

  19. Death Ray says:

    I want to know if I get the i7 version will I be able to upgrade to the i9 later?

  20. Edgy Libertarian Pro Second Amendment says:

    Can i put water cooling on the cpu?

  21. Need4Loop says:

    ok that looks very cool but I want to ask to be sure, I can upgrade GPU, and RAM as I understand. However that, can we upgrade CPU? and of course PSU if it required?

  22. Mahmood Mohanad says:

    Because of this 2080tie i will not buy this device, respect a little and put person know what is computer parts, besides the camera quality is bad

  23. The Wild Hunt says:

    You lied. Mine came with ONE 16gb ram instead of dual 8gb sticks…. everyone knows dual channel is better. Why cheap out?

  24. Death Ray says:

    just got mine. this thing is freaking awesome!!!

  25. Tommy Lin says:

    Those who got yours how did you get one. I have one preordered for almost 2 months now and it's sold out everyone. MSI why is this setup not available anywhere?!

  26. Daily Dose of YEET says:

    Good thing I didn’t buy The Corsair one lol

  27. Somnath Ghosh says:

    Can I upgrade the ram upto 32gb or is there any other model of the trident x that comes with 32gb of ram pre-installed?

  28. nightbreed141 says:

    I really want MSI to start making small form factor cases just like this and sell them on their own so people can start building their own PC's as well. Nobody else has anything like this case not even close so you guys did a really good job.

  29. King Salalah says:

    Hi I want buy but I want sil 2080 ti . Do you have sil 2080 ti ? I hope you have

  30. Sandeep AJ says:

    is it coming in India

  31. Muhannd Al Thaqafi says:

    Does it support SLI ?

  32. Philip Keiter says:

    Can it fit memory modules with heat sink fins?

  33. Marcos Javier Rodriguez Campins says:

    Will the msi rtx 2080 ti gaming trio fix by size??

  34. Neo Kang says:

    I’m trying to upgrade my single kit of Samsung pc4-2666Mhz 16gb to double kits of 16gb 3200mhz, can I just randomly buy a normal size memory card and install it? Like Kingston HyperX predator 2*16gb?

  35. Ayush Chandra says:

    I think liquid cooling for CPU and GPU should be there to make it a perfect choice

  36. another peice of skin on earth says:

    Can you do a tutorial on what parts it needs and how to put them into the tower?

  37. Hawk Hawk says:

    Are you able to upgrade the motherboard?

  38. Hamda alyafie says:

    oh yea yea

  39. A55tech says:

    Please replace that Intel wifi chip with something from Broadcom or anyone else. Intel chips are the worst I've ever tried. Slow speeds, frequent drops.

  40. Entretaiment Tracer says:

    Well my laptop is dying so I will change to a desktop, what I liked about this one …. right now it is cheaper than building one but still i easy to upgrade , packs a lot of power and isn't to big … nice!

  41. Sertan Yılmaz says:


  42. J-E Double SS says:

    Question: for the future can i upgrade the power supply.?? Please let me know anyone cuz that is a deal-breaker for me cuz if I can upgrade the power supply of im going 2 buy this.!

    Please and thank you.!

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